Achievement or Waste of Opportunities for Success

Achievement or Waste of Opportunities for Success

The vast majority of people in this world want to have success and access to opportunities to progress in life, personal, family and social and especially in the economic field. However the use or waste of opportunities is an exciting fact for some, but tragic and disastrous for others.

Unfortunately for many opportunities in different fields of human and economic action go unnoticed and if they present, the vast majority of them do it in a way that is only visible to those whose minds are trained and prepared to recognize.

The opportunities are not normally the way you expect or desire, or according to our rules and require training and mental effort to recognize and seize them, and not waste them.Additionally always have a share of risk involved and so many people let them go even if they recognize them, because they are afraid to face uncertainty and not having control over all the variables that come into play.

One reason that more spoils the exploitation of opportunities especially in the economic field are paradigms or unconscious thought patterns that have been grafted into the minds of people from childhood to adulthood.

Among these models are wrong thinking thoughts like:

  • You have to study and study and study to access decent and lucrative economic opportunities.
  • Employment and investment in traditional education and careers in academic programs that take several years to graduate and postgraduate courses as the best and most proven ways to succeed and economic wealth in life.
  • What is new is dangerous until proven that a large number of people have done.
  • Better the bad known than the good to know.
  • Risk taking but not going to be fixed and general risk aversion.
  • Doing business is not easy and is for favoured that or they inherit a large heritage or have mental supercapacities, influences and luck, or star as say others.

All these thoughts paradigms that are grafted, affirmed and repeated by the individual as well as their family, work, social and sometimes by the media such as TV, radio and press condition the human mind in such so only you can see and recognize the opportunities that have been previously registered as such according to this mental programming.

This is how many people talk about economic opportunities with phrases such as: I got the opportunity to work for this or any other company in a position where I get pay more!, or I am going to begin to do such course of postdegree to climb in the company where I work and to enter to a better post!, etc.

And although many of these expressions are not lies, because of course those are the rules that follow economic rise of traditional companies, not the case now in the XXI century when we are in the Information Age and the Digital Revolution.

The Industrial Age that began from the second half of the 18th century and which sequels have remained to the present day has been the person in charge on one hand of many advances as for mechanical and technological advances that have stimulated significantly the quality of life of the man, but also of the creation of obsolete paradigms that last still in these time, as we have named and go blind and disable people to identify opportunities for the information age.

The Information Age and the Digital Revolution moreover officially begins in the early nineties of the twentieth century with the invention and introduction of the global information network Internet and improved computer equipment increasingly higher capacity and smaller like laptops, and communication tools such as cell phones and latest Technology Committees.

Thanks to all this leverage technological information human beings in general has leaped so great that in less than 20 months and doubles as new technologies are introduced the process accelerates.

So as technology advances so dizzying, it is necessary that the mental models or paradigms of man evolve with it.Y this becomes especially urgent need in the field of economic opportunities.

Right now the World Trade Organization (WTO) states that in 2012 there will be two hundred million unemployed worldwide. A very high number when you consider that we are talking about employment as a primary source of income and in many cases of chronic dependency reflects an outdated mentality of the Industrial Age commissioning bodies: education, specialization and ascent the corporate ladder to get equal or greater economic opportunities.

Nowadays for nobody it is a mystery that the Internet has turned into a powerful and effective way for spreading the information to any level into text, image, audio and video and that this allows intensively the interaction of the persons in the whole world and the trade of products and services.

For this reason all the major companies and those who are in way of recognizing the national and global public today are required to have a presence on the net.

So today the Internet is the way where the trade of products and services is the most accessible platform for local and international market.

Nevertheless to take part of the benefits of the Age of the Information the companies seem to be better informed that the persons of the economic opportunities, because many of them believe that the Internet does not have still the sufficient credibility or capacity for offering to the public a labor stable alternative and of projection.

Internet today pays more than eight billion dollars a month to those who sell and trade goods and services across the network. This includes companies and individuals as in the case of entrepreneurs who decide, start and nurture an online business. So this figure surpasses any view you take on if you have credibility as a cost-edge.

But perhaps the greatest fear of those fledgling online business is that they believe that the Internet is what most are false promises and scams, and on the other hand they need to study a lot as a Systems Engineer to take a chance Internet business.

Nothing could be further from that, first because while there have been scammers through the network and fraudulent sites, today’s search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask and other tools, let hear more about the truth of a proposal is announced and conditions or rules that are required in the virtual environment to pay and trust companies and / or individuals that provide opportunities, products and services.

Moreover the online education is something that already has a very advanced approach to minimal economic costs that yields timely and effective, which is known as practical education, as there are thousands of tutorials and resources that teach proven methods step by-step example showing how to make an online business and promote products and services effectively.

This makes the investment in both time and money are minimal compared to the investment that people make as Robots in traditional education that costs both in terms of money and time, and does not guarantee economic performance.

So do some brief recommendations to seize the opportunities of the information age and avoid wasting:

  • First of all become aware that your mental model of economic progress have been learned and often inherited from a tradition that comes from the Industrial Age that while certain aspects are still valid as being employed to achieve a decent lifestyle, are no guarantee to build wealth in the Information Age.
  • If you have a job and looking for greater economic opportunities to start a part-time business, or as a multilevel or an online business, instead of spending more money on specialization to climb the corporate ladder as recommended by the great financial guru Robert Kiyosaki.
  • Do not fight internally or externally as a megatrend Internet because it is the medium that has revolutionized revolutionises and revolutionize information and businesses across the globe.
  • Traditional education is too important evolutionary process to the brain but especially economic basis have not only what you learned in your career or profession to be successful (a) today in the information age.
  • Invest time and money in practical education resources. See how this new knowledge is integrated into your life and allow you to optimize the time, maximize your earnings and better identify economic opportunities that arise in the Information Age.
  • Especially using resources and self-help books and Overcoming because they are the key tools to break paradigms, reduce resistance to change and stimulate your mind to recognize and seize opportunities.
  • Learn to take calculated risks to explore and exploit the rewards that come with the correct opportunities and strategies in the process of continuous improvement towards your goal or economic target.
  • When you submit an Economic Opportunity assesses the essential aspects, makes a decision and goes into action , correcting the direction on the way to your goals.Do not get paralyzed (a), analyzing without acting since they it do all those who die before time and lose options of change in his lives, opportunities that when they realize nevermore will return them to present.

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