Belief and Influence for Success

Belief and Influence for Success

Among  the most important factors and that more determine a positive change in the life of a person and a level of increasing and constant success we find the belief and its highly positive effects to transform lives.

Everyone at some point in life we ​​believe in something or someone, and although the connotation that it is done can vary from positive to negative, the belief finally manifests sensory experiences and visible to every human being.

But belief involves defining both the role of thoughts of emotions as influencing in a very deep level the horizon of time and experiences in people.

Accordingly we say that belief is the sum of existing and repeated thoughts about a particular subject and is highly influenced by repeated acts and the more intense emotions are will become anchors purpose for creating events in the visible world. 

Although the belief is often directly associated with spiritual life and faith of a person or superstitions, its meaning is broader and actually involves the whole inner world invisible mental and emotional understanding and projection of physical reality.

Many prominent leaders in the field of human development and business in the world place the belief oriented or directed as a basic element of success. And without it is really impossible to come to fruition especially when the starting point was a belief but also based on a mental and emotional model inadequate and imposed by a negative environment or set of unfavorable personal experiences that determine a form of life that annuls and restricts the goals and the most noble and useful aims for a healthy development of the individual and the society.

In the first belief is a mental state that predominantly influenced by emotions and experiences, so we need to warn the conscious mind is the part of the mind that takes environmental recognition of the type of information you receive, repeats and let the subconscious level that is ultimately what determines permanent behavior and creating daily life experiences.

For most people a belief is a mental process, emotional and sensory mostly because they receive or permit involuntary without questioning all sorts of influences from their environment and the media especially the TV, radio and press as issuing agents are those known and used to inject into the minds of the general public too much problems and conflicts mostly oriented to the complaint and not the solution of the negative events that occur daily in the world’s societies.

Another important negative influence involuntary belief is that people are not educated and oriented in the need to feed their mind or have a proper mental diet and consistent with information that neutralize, change and transform those mental models or paradigms that reduce the self-esteem and strengthen social decay.

And as a result there are unhappy lives, homes and societies predisposed to anxiety, depression, stagnation, frustration, violence and anarchy.

Nevertheless some of them will think that it is not possible to live in an ideal world and certainly that cannot assure it him, but the certain thing is that the daily experiences are determined in his great majority by the mental models and emotional influences that we have, so that though it does not want it, for the individual the results that it obtains and the events through that it lives are highly influenced and leaked by this invisible program that limits or extends the scope of his actions and this way with this the achievement of dreams, aims and goals.

In summary belief acts defined in the lives of all and in turn is divided into two main streams:

  • Directed belief: that is one determined, selected and trained by a conscious mind alert that does not let any information that affects, lacerate and miscarry deepest desires peace, prosperity, balance, progress and development.
  • The involuntary belief: it is the default that many people bring implanted default, selflessness, mental laziness, ignorance condescension or receive everyday highly damaging information from his socio-cultural environment and the media responsible for building a commercial pattern neglected minds are bombarded with all the problems and conflicts of a world which they say is increasingly less arrangement. This is clearly reflected in the constant propagation of a news programming sensationalist melodrama and tragic novels, music with melodies and lyrics decadent spite or behaviors that strengthen social disorder prevented, depressive, aggressive and uncontrolled children both as in youth, middle and older adults.

Therefore the belief like mental and emotional lasting good needs from our attention, breath and government to avoid to turn into one more victim one problem of mental and emotional carelessness spoiled and established in the thickness of the population and that it turns into a false projection and conception of a world that before that nothing spends for the conscious decision of orientation, acceptance or mental omission of the reasons and facts that produce it.

There is also another cause widespread in man that stimulates the conscious development of belief as leverage for success and is trying to understand it as a process of externalization of the senses rather than a process of internalization of perceived reality.

This is not to say that what is experienced through the five senses what matters most to produce belief. But what happens in our brain and nervous system when external information is captured, transformed and assimilated.

Since the belief is formed from thoughts that are processes of modelaje mental boarder of the world and of emotions that are sensations tied to the thoughts, and that have as aim affirm the thoughts that repeat themselves and increase his level intensity to construct paradigms at the time or models of thoughts who led to the part execute subconscious of the brain of constant form a certain conduct, and they do that the new received thoughts are interpreted from a mental established and blased reality.

As for the type of beliefs that people establish common are those that produce a level of transcendent importance in life as spiritual, personal and professional development and other staying and limit the understanding and assimilation of new ideas as omens , fetishes and personal and social prejudices that impede the progress and development of new initiatives.

Look then useful recommendations to exercise the Power of Belief and Its Influence for Success:

  • Make a list of your values ​​and moral and ethical principles and establishes your beliefs agree with them.
  • Keep in mind that every thought in your mind repeatedly generate a belief and behavior she said. So choose those thoughts that are consistent with the guiding principles of your life.
  • It is not desirable either affirming thoughts that stimulate harmful emotions and can hurt your self esteem and your mental and emotional stability. Therefore avoid environments that generate this pathology paranoid.
  • If one or more beliefs have hindered your progress, especially in the areas: personal, social and economic, must neutralize the impact caused by changing the interpretation of them have. For this it uses our resources and books with a minimum of 15 minutes a day for at least a period of not less than 21 days time in which will create a new response pattern and you change so the results you get.
  • Use the power of the claims made ​​in the present tense. View .
  • Paradigms are the raw material and parents beliefs must therefore identify those repetitive thoughts and mental models that bring development and progress in your life and those who do not. The goal is to become conscious an unconscious process and freedom of choice to choose with whom they have worked for your life and what yes. View .
  • It is important to practice the isolation of sources that cause the assertion of negative thoughts, especially the real and virtual environments that occur. This involves people and places that encourage violence, depression, sadness, skepticism, the status-quo, moral disorder, envy and rivalry. In this have to do many times relatives or family members, friends, TV, radio and newspapers.
  • The goals are catalysts that construct the belief and avoid the dispersion of thoughts therefore elaborate your goals and aims at high place because as well as the goals must change and increase with the passage of time, the belief will expand with them.
  • The achievements are also great builders of belief. By make a serious purpose to obtain steady progress in your regular activity: personal, social and economic. As your accomplishments increase your belief and self-esteem will rise and you will drive valuable new targets.
  •  Associate with successful leaders and seeks the company of people who move in life in an ethical, moral and legal way. This has nothing to do necessarily with economic or social level because being an entrepreneur is a definite mental and emotional condition and economic performance arising under these parameters necessarily come with time.
  • Actively participates in the meetings of your church or religious community. The spiritual level is essential to strengthen your overall stability.
  • Practice regular physical activity. Sport also plays a very important organic-neurological to stimulate directed belief, because it produces endorphins which are the body being hormones and strengthen the immune system, giving your self a sense of scope and achievements. Which induce your mind to focus on the possibilities of life and avoid negative emotions.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “Belief and Influence for Success”, know and use the following:

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