Conditions to Have a Successful Multilevel Business

As we have said in different articles, multilevel businesses are the fastest, most effective and economic way to create wealth and economic freedom. Understanding economic freedom in having a constant passive income and not having to rely on a job or a slave business to live and even more to achieve a different lifestyle to which one are accustomed.

However in multilevel businesses there are a number of very important conditions that should not be overlooked in order to create a lasting business over time, and that guarantee the launch of the networker and its team before starting work or efforts, not to have to face disastrous losses of time and money when these conditions are omitted voluntarily or involuntarily. Read more

Opportunity and Risk Two Intrinsic Factors for Success

Opportunity and risk are intimately related in any human process that leads to success, and this is part not only in what has to do with economic or professional achievements, but in any field of action that affects the quality of life of man. For many people the opportunity goes unnoticed because the risk entails an adventure and for many it´s a warning of problems and difficulties, which translates into their minds in losses, failures and uncertainty.

And this happens particularly in the economic field where the risk of obtaining a result that few have achieved or should be achieved differently than most people do by social conditioning, is a great challenge and a whole headache for a large majority of people.

As we said in previous articles, opportunities usually do not appear by the way Read more

Frequently Attitudes Before Defeats and Failures


For humans in dealing with the defeats and failures is generally not a simple or easy matter. Despite all the work that positive thinking can develop in the minds and hearts of those who are tested on their projects and ambitions.

This is mainly due to losses and failures are part of a series of tests in a sometimes uncertain universe since it has an unknown number of possible variants which show weaknesses in people or sudden and unknown changes that seem to stifle the good intentions that they have at any given time.

But those who make an anchor of positive thinking to solve the hard times are far better equipped than those who do not use it because this approach provides greater tranquility and less wear during the process. Read more

The Labour Safety one Myth in the Age of Information

The Occupational Safety one Myth in the Age of Information

The labour safety has stopped being in this epoch of the age of the information a great aspiration to turn into a great worry.

Current employees already cannot aspire to the job safety since it was happening in previous epochs where the longing of many was to have long-term employments because in this epoch the majority of labor contracts are to a definite term or of free removal and appointment, since it does not suit for a company to accumulate in his employees a great based load.

On the other hand since it began the great expansion of Internet at the beginning of the nineties, the pension funds received great force and began to invest on markets of variable revenue the voluntary contributions of the workers in the different sectors of the economy that they were aspiring to withdraw in the age of pension agreed by the legislative Read more

The Price of Success

The Price of Success

We defined success over several articles such as “the progressive realization of a dream or a goal that is worth,” meaning that while there is steady progress towards achieving something, it is successful. This definition implies a continuous movement in a process of continuous improvement that leads to a specific goal.

But once you achieve the proposed objective you should pursue a new motivation and a new process to run successfully to develop a new dream. This vision of the success proposed and used by big millionaires who have developed very successful business in different professions and human fields of action, particularly for the great businessman of the direct sale multilevel marketer Dexter R. Yager S. who was his first bidder and who has influenced to million lives in the whole world, contrasts Read more

Uncertainty Management for Success

Uncertainty Management for Success

The uncertainty forms a part of the human life of a habitual way because we have a limited radius of action, and our mental and physical capacities also it are.

To understand the topic of the uncertainty and his influence in the life of the human being we must send ourselves to exposed in previous articles where we said that according to studies done in USA it is known that  the conscious part of human being, that is to say that one that across five senses: sight, ear, taste, smell and tact catches the stimuli of the way. But that nevertheless only has the aptitude to attend or process seven variables or chunks of information at the same time.

Which means that at any given time can only serve a maximum of seven simultaneous events that are happening around us. How when driving a car, that while talking to someone, you hear music, etc. Read more

Breaking Economic Paradigms in the Information Age

Breaking Economic Paradigms in the Information Age

We live in an epoch without precedents in the history of the humanity as for opportunities of wealth and technological resources it refers. Lamentably in the human beings the economic paradigms exist, as the principal barriers that they suspend, deform and slow down the progress in the persons without they themselves realize of what happens in their minds.

The economic paradigms are mental rigid models of the ideas and experiences repeated and cultivated by the persons where there are combined the effects of the Traditional Education based on economic models of production of the Industrial Age, the second half of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century. Whose consequences come to the present day.

The industrial age was the great causer of the specialization and the Read more

Leadership for Success

Leadership for Success

Leadership is defined as the process of identifying opportunities and based on them to guide, nurture and support a group of people through the example in order to produce an outcome set short, medium and long term in a particular project.

All the human activities where a long-term project is involved there need leaders who are the managers of teaching, promoting, and to duplicate the leadership.

For this reason the leadership touches and affects the most varied activities of man in society. Starting with the family that is in the first instance where the father and mother must exercise responsible leadership in their children.

This process of taking responsibility as to make a home and develop a family life project is then expanded to the creation of social hubs that act as centers of development Read more

Keys for Developing a Successful MLM Business

Keys to Developing a Successful MLM Business

Mutinivel business are currently the best alternative to create economic independence, security and wealth in a relatively short time but much less than the traditional labor jobs and businesses offline.This owed principally to the multiplication of efforts produced by a group trained and focused in executing a work and a common effort, achieving real economic exploits and of personal and social recognition.

Thanks to the spectacular leverage that nowadays Internet offers with his more than three billion users in the world, number that goes in increase and of the creation of technological equipments increasingly advanced and powerful in computation, telephony, photography and filming, the traditional business of multilevel of buy and sale of physical products, services and massive consumption have had also a radical change in his form of market and contact to clients and members. Read more

Belief and Influence for Success

Belief and Influence for Success

Among  the most important factors and that more determine a positive change in the life of a person and a level of increasing and constant success we find the belief and its highly positive effects to transform lives.

Everyone at some point in life we ​​believe in something or someone, and although the connotation that it is done can vary from positive to negative, the belief finally manifests sensory experiences and visible to every human being.

But belief involves defining both the role of thoughts of emotions as influencing in a very deep level the horizon of time and experiences in people.

Accordingly we say that belief is the sum of existing and repeated thoughts about a particular subject and is highly influenced by repeated acts and the more intense emotions are will become anchors purpose for creating events in the visible world.  Read more

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