The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

The power of choice is the great power that we human beings have over other creatures that inhabit the same universe as animals and plants to orient our lives toward a personal, spiritual or material particular purpose.

But the power of choice remains unchanged through life since it becomes over the years in a program or pattern of automatic answers, practiced and received either consciously or unconsciously.

No doubt the choice is a concept that goes hand in hand with the decision because while the election is a choice given preference, the decision is the internal force that dictates which is the chosen path.

The choice is part of all daily human activities on four aspects or areas in which we live: spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. And as we have said generally it is conditional based or elected by induced mental programming. Read more

Enthusiasm and Dynamism Requirements for a Quality Life

Enthusiasm and Dynamism Requirements for a Quality Life

The enthusiasm and attitude to life is like food to the body and its immediate consequence is the dynamism that is responsible for the constant and sustained activity.

The enthusiasm is defined as the heap of thoughts and positive emotions that generate a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical condition arranged to seek and to receive the best things that the life offers us. And in this way takes a place in every person the dynamism responsible for the achievement and obtaining of any legal, moral and ethical conquest.

Unfortunately the general public has become accustomed to live in anxiety, fear, prevention, depression and melancholy as the current daily bread. So the enthusiasm is considered by the normal adult as naive or utopian and therefore ordinary Read more

How to Increase and Maintain Energy

How to Increase and Maintain Energy

Energy is the fundamental fuel that human beings have to make all organic processes necessary to preserve and maintain life and take action in their physical environment whatever activity this one develops.

Energy is primarily a physical agent that affects the constitution of matter and has an inseparable relationship with it ​​as was established by the renowned German physicist Albert Einstein when he said that “Matter is condensed energy and energy is rarefied matter.”

Energy is defined as a state of charge experienced by a body in motion to enter in movement and by virtue of the same one this energy is qualify as potential when the body has not initiated activity and kinetic energy that is the one that possesses the body when it enters in movement. Read more

Network Leverage vs. Academic leverage

When it comes to producing economic results in record time people use different means seeking economic or financial leverage to move up their average revenue.

The economic leverage by definition is to find the financial means to accelerate and maximize the production of income from a business or individual.

Companies usually do it through leverage of debt with the banking sector borrowing for investing in projects to produce profits in the short, medium and long term.

Certainly that this type of leverage that is done across debt by the banking is not available for the common persons who scarcely manage to survive and to attend their personal and familiar obligations often in increasing ascent.

To apply for bank loans involving large sums any person or company must Read more

The Power of Dreams

The Power of Dreams

Dreams are the foundation for anyone in this world can be successful at any level and at any chosen occupation.

But dreams or better yet the power of dream is the best antidote to a medium adverse, conformist and following the social inertia environment.

Dreams from a realistic point provide the power to step in and keep in it. But becoming a trained dreamer, namely an individual who creates mental and emotional models of the goals and then takes action to achieve them is not easy.

Many people want to accomplish things on a deeper level or one more superficial as money, goods, securities, social status, health, life in the beyond, family, stable relationship, etc. But after a while of thinking about it and take some action do not see tangible results, then despair, leave and return to their normal state that are Read more

Economic Independence a Goal that is Worth Achieving

Economic Independence a Goal that is Worth Achieving

Economic independence is by far the highest aspiration that from the economic point of view may have a person in the workplace.

But because of the many proposals for promoting online and offline business  the concept of economic independence is handled in many ways.

Economic independence is basically summarized in the following words: “Not have to work for anyone and have no obligation to work for any economic activity and to be able to maintain the lifestyle that is had or more without being affected by it “.

The industrial revolution that began in the late eighteenth century brought technological development and social level, but one of its pillars and effects “The Employment” has generated a labor dependence on many persons who Read more

The Principle of Investment for Business

The Principle of Investment for Business

Investment for business is vital for anyone who wants to develop independently through starting his own business, company or project.But this principle of investment for business escapes to mental and emotional understanding of the great mass of people that through knowledge and attitudes taught by the traditional educational system, look for money just by providing their time and mental abilities and physical.

Starting a business, a company or a venture requires seeing reality with different eyes, the eyes of the entrepreneur who first invest money, time, mental and physical resources so that his company start producing or yield results.

In traditional business for example, the investments usually are big bearing in mind that it must buy goods if one is Read more

Patience and Persistence Two Essential Virtues for Success

Patience and Persistence Two Virtues Essential for Success

Patience is a fundamental virtue to achieve any conquest in this world and when coupled with persistence real feats are achieved. But patience is also one of the most difficult virtues to obtain and cultivate, so that almost every human being experiences pain and annoyance when circumstances force him to wait while they still allow him to continue to get the goals and objectives.

Unfortunately too many people confuse patience with complacency, because there are many people who are patient but do not insist on achieving something long enough to get it, but leave aside their goals and dreams because they see that there is a mandatory long-term effort, and then they install in a mental comfort zone settling for what they are accustomed. Read more

Common Sense for Success

Common Sense for Success

The common sense is defined as the practical intuition that the human being has to take rapid decisions from the basic information that contains a certain situation.

Common sense refers to three basic pillars that determine their usefulness: reason, ignorance and experience.

For stranger who looks  all we solve situations of daily life using this quality of mind. And the idea precisely with this mental faculty is to simplify the long and tedious analyses that the brain does on the variables that intervene in a situation and in a determined moment to produce an awaited result.

If common sense does not exist would not be possible to solve everyday situations with speed and agility, but solve simple problems would be quite an odyssey and always lose valuable time to move towards a certain goal, thinking Read more

Overcome Fear a Necessary Condition for Success

Overcome Fear a Necessary Condition for SuccessFear or dread appears between the principal blockaders agents of overcoming and success in human beings. And his manifestation can take many forms that affect behavior and the attitudes of a person in his way towards the goals that he chooses.

Every day can occur and indeed often occur circumstances that take out the expected order to mind or at least a tolerable number of events that are not expected to change beyond what we usually have used. And fear suddenly appears when the order of things seems to crack either without notice or they begin to occur situations that show results in things not expected.

As mentioned fear can take many facets in the life of a normal adult and subtly hides behind attitudes as: anxiety, apathy, antipathy, rejection, anger, prevention, prejudice, etc.. It is the task of each learn to know it, locate and Read more

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