Coherence and Integrity Basic Values ​​for Success

Coherence and Integrity Basic Values ​​for Success

A vast majority of people in the world like success and would like to have it or achieve it.We have referred in previous articles to success as the progressive realization of a dream or a goal worth. But not everyone understands that true success should be based on non-marketable securities as coherence and integrity and seek in vain to get his way or under its own principles, ignoring or violating these fundamental values ​​better, then having to deal with serious or fatal consequences in its life.

Coherence is the direct relationship of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions, which leads to the definition of integrity that is the exact measure of the correspondence between our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

A child for example has a very direct level of coherence for his thoughts, emotions, words and actions are very similar and so it is said that their level of integrity is very high. This clearly shows that children commonly show no disagreement or conflict between what they think, feel, say and speak.

For adults however, is quite different because the vast majority of people think and feel in a way, speaking of another and otherwise act completely different.

And this incongruity causes sabotages and bad impressions in relationships with other people, because the speaker or group that listen to perceive a disagreement between the parts of the communication and this leads to generating a bad image loaded with distrust and prevention.

In human beings in general the communication is formed according to verified studies by NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by three well-defined channels are:

  • The body language: controlling a 53% transmit the information to the medium.
  • Tone of voice :: which controls 38% of the information sent to a person or public.
  • Words that control 7% of the information we give to another person or group.

This is how our thoughts and emotions are conveyed through words, tone of voice and body language expressed in actions.

We see then, that communication itself is a complex verbal and nonverbal clues, of which the non-verbal and body language and tone of voice and influence in a dramatic majority about the message we want to convey.

However, in non-verbal communication there are also two kinds or variants are:

  • In person: that is we transmit through our body language, gestures and tone of voice.
  • No face: it is determined by the impact of our actions once we have withdrawn from the presence of who or whom we have communicated.

The face verbal communication has a very high impact on the image and credibility that anyone can give a person or audience, and here voluntarily or involuntarily committed costly errors that can affect, destroy and end relationships any kind: family, social, emotional or labor.

Look at this in a particular case:

An individual that we will call A is invited by an acquaintance to link to a business independent offer and initially it is called by the host and contacted for an interview telephonic route.

During the interview A behaves in a slightly convincing way for the words that he says and a tone of apparent voice, and for staying well with whom sample invites it agrees with almost everything what is explained to him and finally it stays with the host of turn to the following day for a physical interview.

The next day before leaving for the meeting, the host receives an unexpected call from A, thirty minutes before going to the appointment, and on this occasion A gives an excuse of not being able to attend the appointment due to a last minute problem. Meanwhile the person that invite him believe in his word apology and tone of voice, saying there is no problem and they will call you to confirm another meeting two days later.

But after two days when the host tries to get back to A, this person never appears, refuses the landline number and  sent his mobile phone to voicemail.

This is a typical case of inconsistency and lack of integrity in many humans, especially when their actions do not face verbal and determine and seriously affect their final image and standing with others.

Another well-known case is that of those infidels who promise major changes to his partner (a) emotional and boast quite a performance for a  second chance that might surprise even the most expert actors of TV and film, but then in his subsequent actions (nonverbal communication and learning) crashing down again and do the opposite of that armed comedy.

In the words of a famous saying ” your actions speak so loud I can not hear what you say”.

In many cases such as an antisocial person can train their words, tone of voice and body language to pursue a particular purpose of a person or group of people and then their actions (nonverbal communication and non-contact) on the other hand are completely different what you said in your verbal and nonverbal classroom (body language, tone of voice and words), as in the case of the various dictators who have gone through several villages around the world that have recently fallen into the world .

In many cases the case of adults, the lack of consistency and integrity in relationships becomes a bad habit disorder or a psychiatric condition and that is why all the legal and judicial system of different countries prevents and controls the effects that this kind of negative individuals can produce damage to society as corruption, theft, embezzlement, fraud, rape, child abuse, etc.

Now we will give a series of important keys for to practise the coherence and the integrity and to turn them into basic values for the success and will offer a special resource for everything that one that needs to make important adjustments in this delicate topic and correct the bad habits that have generated conflicts with the persons when one is lacking in coherence and integrity.

  • If in fact you want to be a successful person you continued in your life do these core values ​​of coherence and integrity. If you do not so, not only not get very far in terms of achieving something important in your life and keep it, but ruin communication with other people that can influence your destiny for good and hardly can open those doors again.
  • Make sure your entire face verbal communication (words), face nonverbal (body language and tone of voice) and nonverbal non-attendance (your actions when other people can not see you) are one. Because that really determine your real value to other people and give you real relationships based on respect and support.
  • When something interests you fully partially, such as a business proposition for you do not know enough, simply requests a short time to analyze the information and if you find that there is finally real interest points agree ask for more advice. Otherwise directly manifests the offeror your refusal to continue the process. This measure of your integrity will make the other person respects your ability to make decisions.
  • Associate with people who are a model of communication in your family, friends and society to learn the techniques of successful human relationships. And avoid unless a special case to give help and advice to people incoherent and lacking integrity.
  • Use material offered in Create Global Future to develop effective communication with yourself (a) and the social environment for the benefit of a progressive and lasting success.

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