Common Sense for Success

Common Sense for Success

The common sense is defined as the practical intuition that the human being has to take rapid decisions from the basic information that contains a certain situation.

Common sense refers to three basic pillars that determine their usefulness: reason, ignorance and experience.

For stranger who looks  all we solve situations of daily life using this quality of mind. And the idea precisely with this mental faculty is to simplify the long and tedious analyses that the brain does on the variables that intervene in a situation and in a determined moment to produce an awaited result.

If common sense does not exist would not be possible to solve everyday situations with speed and agility, but solve simple problems would be quite an odyssey and always lose valuable time to move towards a certain goal, thinking of all the possible answers that can serve or help to achieve the goal.

The major importance in the use of common sense for the situations that the life raises is that as one develops and applies it optimizes the time and the search of rapid and effective solutions to solve situations and simple and complex problems.

Although it can never have all the facts involved in a particular event, common sense brings together the most essential, evaluate them in record time and produce a wise decision leading to the desired result.

To know which is the mechanism that the brain uses to activate the common sense, it is necessary to say that this one uses the system of comparison and synthesis of the most similar situation to the one that it is have in the moment, assembling for it the reason, the ignorance and the experience.

  • The reason: as to what happens and what are the conditions of the event.
  • Ignorance: refers to how similar is a new situation compared to a previous similar event.
  • Experience: is the acquired knowledge of the results obtained in a previous comparative situation.

In the experience also enter the knowledge and the experiences of others, where one warns about the most probable result that it can happen in a certain situation and a rapid decision to take with base in this knowledge verified by others, more not experienced like own.

Certainly that we are not conscious on how the brain studies a situation in record time and of how it brings together reason, ignorance and experience. Nevertheless the decision that stems from it  is deeply clear and target.

Initially we were saying that the common sense is a practical intuition since of the analyses that the brain does based on reason, ignorance and experience takes place a rapid conclusion that warns by mean of a message in the shape of hunch the identity of the problem in question and as how it is necessary to approach or attack it.

There are thousands of testimonials from successful people of all time who solved major problems and achieved their greatest achievements using common sense. Because this allowed them to make important decisions in the shortest possible time and as we said earlier lacking of some data to do so.

As for the success it refers the common sense is an indispensable quality to achieve it and it is necessary know, to develop, cultivate  and use it.

But particularly speaking about persons of success they do not conform to the level of common sense that the current persons have or develop for nature, but they know that if they solve major quantity of problems in the shortest possible time they will manage to come to the proposed aims and this impresses not only the business, but they personal, familiar and social life.

And for this they take advantage of the experiences of others through constant reading of books of accomplishment, biographies of great men, resources in Human Development and Self Help, updating seminars and meetings with a multidisciplinary team, which is known as the principle of Mastermind.

Let us see the most important applications of common sense in daily life:

In business: allows us to detect actual and probable opportunities. Also identify the steps needed to develop an idea into a profitable project.

In housework: it ranges from cooking, washing clothes, ironing, clean the house, dressing and all new or repetitive tasks you do daily.

In education of children: a father or mother can truthfully advise their children about their experiences according to their common sense much more developed.

Mobility: if it have vehicle or traveling by bus or taxi, always use common sense to go the quickest routes and short form or find new ways to reach any destination.

In dealing with people: knowing that human relationships are one of the key success factors, common sense allows us to treat each person in the right way according to the place and circumstances that arise.

At work: doing our work as expeditiously as possible, to avoid delays and unnecessary wear.

The use of time: this is one of the largest utilities application of common sense because once developed, can effectively manage time, optimizing the use of available talent and resources to achieve scheduled targets.

In health care: health care is essential to have and achieve a quality life. And for this the use of common sense is essential to prevent excesses, distinguish between nutritious food  and the one that it is not to begin and to continue a healthy diet and organizing the most beneficial routines of physical exercise to short, medium and long term.

In making normal and important decisions: use common sense to make decisions is a win-win option because it saves time in finding solutions and avoid lost opportunities that can waste not to respond assertively to the challenges that occur.

In stress management: because solving problems daily with time limits is a highly exhausting task: mentally, emotionally and physically, common sense acts as a tonic that calms and strengthens the nervous system to solve the problems and situations quickly and effectively.

As you will see the common sense it is a weapon for the practical life that establishes the necessary conditions to achieve intensive results and to support a good bill of health.

The following are some recommendations and suggestions for, develop and apply the advantages of common sense:

  • Consider common sense as a great mentally gift to resolve the vast majority of situations that life presents. But as all personal capacity needs to be stimulated and trained. It is not enough to know it is there and it will work automatically.
  • Although by nature the brain develops common sense by mean of brain stimulation through reading, listening to improvement materials and partnering with successful people will give much greater results for you to solve both capacity and variety of situations solutions.
  • Invest in your mental education. Save on investing in knowledge is investing in ignorance and it´s a very high risk for the development of common sense in a changing world.
  • Use and trust common sense to solve everyday situations and often to set parameters in complicated situations.
  • In business especially applies effectiveness providing by common sense to evaluate opportunities, make decisions and achieve results.
  • In making decisions evaluate first what dictates the common sense and in agreement with it begin to analyze the details with major depth.
  • In dealing with people to the extent that common sense is strengthened by new knowledge in human development, increase your effectiveness in carrying out mutually beneficial deals, in addition to knowing with greater certainty how you must treat and work with different types of persons temperament and interests.
  • Common sense also allow you to avoid unnecessary risks. Especially when a dangerous situation is uncertain and will guide you to choose the least harmful and most successful way.

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