Costly Mistakes in MLM and How to Avoid Them

errores en el multinivel

Multilevel is undoubtedly the legal business of the XXI century that offers two coveted rewards to every entrepreneur aspires have: money in abundance and personal recognition.

Nevertheless are these two factors of motivation those that often provoke exits in falsely in many networkers that touched by an excessive recognition or by the anxiety of rapid money commit several mistakes with base in faults and personal weaknesses that they have not educated and arrive in their business and with their groups countless conflicts that can end with their good image, level of motivation and finally with the same business.

It is necessary to have present before speaking about these faults and particular mistakes that the multilevel since it is an opportunity to maximize the income in accelerated time, does not mean that it is not necessary to work and to hope ingenuously that with little work and effort it could do what in years could not have been done with a traditional work employment or business.

Let us begin by listing the major flaws and most common mistakes in the first-time networkers and in some experienced:

Arrogance and self-sufficiency

Many people enter the multilevel with a level of professional knowledge or experience of life and do not accept any suggestion or knowledge to develop their business and conflict with their Upline generating distances and dislikes.

In this category of mistakes too often enter some experienced networkers in the case of starting a new multilevel business think they know everything and do not need help, consulting, new knowledge and direction in their business, which leads again to a certain failure.

Note that here there is a very important factor that adds to this is that resistance to change is increased in people over the years so that people with more age and experience are more difficult to accept that they must make major changes in their life and how to handle their business.

Humility to learn

Although this error is a direct consequence of the above it is very important to say that the networker is an eternal student who can not afford to stop his training ever. At least while his business is active.

When information is stopped in the business, organizations stagnate and comes with it monotony and boredom that cause many defections in different multilevel direct selling companies.

A person in this case a networker who thinks he knows everything to make his business and help with that attitude to his group goes straight to a certain failure, because he has not understood the concept of multilevel marketer who needs always new information flowing in organizations, which revives the entrepreneurial spirit and thus all new achievements and qualifications are achieved.

And when we refer to information not only we speak about the technical knowledge that must know and practise of the products and services that a company offers, but of the techniques of human relations and personal growth that are necessary always and that constantly change, for what they must get up-to-date continuously to recover people from the tests and obstacles that it carries to construct an organization of independent businessmen.

Lack of discipline to educate and work

There are people in this industry that pretend to get rich of the overnight with little time and effort, and other than a week work very hard and then rest two, resuming their momentum later and never achieve the results their expect.

In multilevel especially we must constantly moving from education to action and this requires traced a defined goal and a fulfilled work, supported by a growing level of knowledge of how to work best on the market and people.

Without an iron discipline to work in this business especially when it is starting and in a middle stage, early and first two years, there is no possibility of building a successful business and achieve the lifestyle of the multilevel reserved only for true warriors and committed entrepreneurs.

One of the most important strategies in achieving discipline is to define a dream or a personal and economic goal to cause excitement and urgency to get it. Of course it must be a credible goal of obtaining with the means that it have at the moment although enough demanding to demand hard work.

For example if someone is transported by bus, cannot hope to do at once on a private airplane, without having purchased first a particular car. When a definite goal is reached it´s time to move to a larger goal with a new level of effort, achievement and motivation.

Believe that it can make money without adequate preparation

Some prospects to networkers have this illusory attitude, especially early in the business that no longer use the resources they have available on tools such as: books, CD´S, tutorials, events such as webinars or seminars and consulting with their Upline for training and doubling. And believe that magically their business will reach incredible levels of income.

Groupitis and miscommunication:

In multilevel networks is essential to have a respectful communication flowing from top to bottom and from bottom to top for proper duplication with the group with which it is working and forming. And by this we mean that it should not do what some first timers and some experienced networkers do. And is that with his group of Downline are very friendly because as they know they are a constant input of money, kept with them a servile and interested behavior but instead with his Upline maintain a strict, rigid and aggressive behavior as their Upline must live forever grateful because for them and their groups they obtain economic results. This is also compounded by the fact that many close communication between the Upline and their group, and strongly oppose anyone that can make contact with their Downline or sponsored.

This error is one of the most expensive to build a successful MLM organization and to avoid this it bear in mind that not everyone in the group it is building or have will relate ideally with a single leader and by him they will learn and duplicate the entire business.

It is not possible sympathize with all those who come into a group, because people come in groups of different age, educational level, social levels, tastes and preferences. And this does that often the obstinate networker that does not want that his Upline takes contact with his group, which is known as GROUPITIS does serious enmities with persons of his group who do not sympathize with him and who therefore will not be ready to receive information of the business of this networker, and only until some successful and committed leader of the Upline takes contact with them, believes a new relation and help to qualify them.

Of course this does not apply when the leaders of the Upline are uncommitted and a committed leader must work only with his group, which is very rare, as multilevel businesses especially have great educational systems to create responsible and successful leaders.

Make more of an MLM at once

Many fall into this error both first and experienced networkers, and is one of the most expensive to build a successful MLM business.

The serious business of multilevel respectable companies to a physical level are not simply done to generate any additional money and ready as gambling, but to create a new way of life and for many years to achieve the material and personal dreams and the Economic Independence that cannot be achieved by the scanty results of the educational traditional system of studying to be a good employee and to aspire to a retirement. And for this reason no leader exists with big economic results in the multilevel business that plays double to his business, since many bad networkers think that between any more business of multilevel they have much better levered up and protected they are.

We the Create Global Future´s team in more than 15 years of experience in this market can corroborate this firsthand, as every big and respected leader in his company or multilevel business to a physical level that we have seen is held 100 % by his business and in some cases they have other business but not of multilevel to multiply his income.

On the other hand serious companies of multilevel to a physical level have departments of rules and conduct where if it is found that a leader takes people from his your group to other similar businesses will immediately cancel the contract and membership without no possibility of receiving any pardon .

However in virtual multilevel business it is possible to have more than one option until to find a serious company, provided that it is not carrying members from one place to another, is made with new prospects and is not pressing any of those in order that it registers in other one.

Inability to understand mental and emotionally the business

To be successful in any MLM business it must be clear in two things:

1. Understand the concept of business and Compensation Plan.

2. Understand the commitment to do and pay the price to achieve it.

Unfortunately, in accordance with this in groups of multilevel people come in four different levels:

a. There are people who understand the logical concept of business but do not get emotionally therefore not commit, quickly frustrated and leave the business.

b. Others understand emotionally but do not understand the logical business concept, which is not a major problem. But they need their Upline advise and help them better to understand the concept and Business Compensation Plan.

c. There is another group that does not come into MLM business because they do not understand either the logically or emotionally proposal. This is not because they are dumb, but that often is not the right time to introduce them to the business because they are focused on something else and not paying attention.

d. Finally there is the group of winners that are those who understand the business in a logic and emotional way in a short time, undertake and reach great economic results and levels of skill.

Do not invest in it´s own business

This error is one of the most dangerous to make a networker and occurs mainly in first-networkers who are not willing to invest in tools and training events and who want big profits in exchange for little or no investment.

This is mainly because most people who enter MLM businesses come from the traditional labor market as employees and are accustomed to that the investment in money does the company for which they work and they receive money for investing time periodically.

But in multilevel business reality is not so. People should understand sooner or later they are in their own business and if they are not willing to invest some money in their personal growth and training, their business is headed for failure. However the biggest financial investments in technology and manufacturing infrastructure keeps doing the multilevel company for that they work. The networker should only invest small amounts on his monthly purchase, in the case of a physical multilevel and training tools and coaching.

Below we provide a number of important recommendations to remedy human errors and defects and succeed in MLM business:

  • Practice humility in your business and teaches by example to your group. Builds your Uppline so that when people in your group do not listen, then a leader of your Upline can help train people in need.
  • The bigger you are in your business more humble you should show to your organization and Upline. If you are arrogant and overbearing you will lose respect from people and your business will not survive long.
  • Especially when it has to do with training and continuing education in your business, invest time and money on resources either from your company as well as those recommended by your Upline on Self-Help and Human Development. Always keep the spirit of student.
  • To discipline yourself defined in your business personal dreams and economic goals to six months, two years and five years. It must be burning desires to force you to work hard and you cannot get with your traditional job. No illusions of large amounts of money with little time and effort.
  • Without continuous training no successful business. Part of that base because the multilevel is a business of people through new information constantly being made to achieve new goals and recognitions. Use for this all available professional tools your company Helpline and we offer.
  • Never make the mistake of isolating your group of your Uppline. Multilevel is not a business to impose recognition and you be seen as the best or the only leader. Remember that many people in your group does not sympathize with you because you do not identify with your personality due to factors such as: age, social satus, educational level, etc., and to prevent them from leaving the business allow leaders committed from your Upline take contact with them and help them.
  • Appreciate your Upline, because of them you receive the information to grow and are the support that you need when there are difficult situations and challenges to face.
  • Do not play double to your business in case of a physical multilevel business, if you are seriously and want to achieve economic independence with your business. Remember that your corporal language does not lie and the persons are going to notice in you the lack of commitment and you will lose credibility and image that you will not return to recover for being attending to two or more multilevel business at the same time.
  • If you are in more than one multilevel to a virtual level do every business with new persons and do not press or force anybody of those who are in one of them in order to do other also. But at the moment you find a serious company you will have to dedicate to only one to build and consolidate in the big levels.
  • Help people to understand mentally and emotionally the business and for this lean with your Upline leaders.
  • Finally remember that investing money in your business compared to the costs of having a traditional business is minimal and necessary. Keep in mind that you now own your own business and you are not in a job or a social work.

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