Counseling and Mentoring for Success

Counseling and Mentoring for Success

In what has to do with the pursuit of success, defined as successful progressive realization of a dream or a goal worth, it is necessary the vital paper that fulfill the Counseling and Mentoring qualified to achieve the aims and goals, and to take advice of human indicated or qualified beings who have a developed vision, an example to emulate and a few results in the area of interest be personal, familiar, professional or economic that accredit them.

Many people do not understand the importance of these principles of counseling and mentoring, and seek advice to overcome obstacles along the way with people who are in similar or worse circumstances than they are, or make decisions based on their own judgment and experience, which almost always is a slanted action because an alone human being cannot see the complete set of events and multiple variants that it presents in the situations to conquer the aims and goals wished.

Generally successful people at all levels, not only economically, seek the advice of people who admire and respect and / or materials and inspiration to excel as courses, books , audios and seminars or training events and maintain in reserve their opinions, desires and goals with those not in the capacity to help and inspire them by example and experience, to avoid discomfort and controversy.

To begin talk about the principle of mentoring for success that refers to selecting a valuable dream and with it to a few models or exponents of meat and bone that one wants to imitate voluntarily to take advantage of their successful experiences and mistakes and to go forward the steps to come more rapid to the aims and established goals.

Counseling moreover not always require to select and follow a qualified mentor to learn, grow and change, but selects a qualified team who can provide advice and counseling to make decisions before any major project or situation that involves uncertainty and where the decision may significantly affects the goals and objectives.

Currently several authors emphasize the importance of having a skilled, interdisciplinary team of advisers to consolidate and grow any business and especially  Napoleon Hill , the great writer and expert of the lives of more than hundred successful men at the beginning from the 20th century distinguished this vital beginning as “The Main Mind ” referring to the unit of wills and intelligences of an equipment that has aims and common goals and that contributing with their talents and thoughts can achieve a synergy of ideas and actions that exceeds the capacity of an alone individual for intelligently that this one is.

Accordingly, the approach is successful in selecting the right team of people to save time and mistakes, and survive and successfully master one or more niche markets, which will allow any company to position and stay for a long while in its  area of influence.

In consideration the vast majority of ordinary people act completely differently and select a team of inadequate or unqualified individuals and that confuse them from their goals and encourage them to desert their personal initiatives.

It should be clear that, to avoid talking to people unqualified projects and initiatives themselves is not an attitude of contempt and discrimination with others who may be relatives, friends or acquaintances. But that is part of a strategy that benefits the common good, because often prevents headaches that may arise from disagreements, rivalries and repentance of missed opportunities.

Certainly that in the personal, familiar or social environment also can appear allied forts that can act as counselors, but it will remain demonstrated only in the attitudes and example that they establish to follow their indications.

Viewed from another angle, referring to traditional education and practice education as mentioned in other articles, these two streams of thought and education as opposed to train their students.

While in the traditional education like that it is offered normally in colleges and universities predominates over the capture of own decision, the sample of the personal talent to solve all the challenges and raised problems, and the fear of committing mistakes, in the practical education the student is stimulated on the contrary to learning of the creativity of a collectivity or qualified group and to taking decisions with their support. And on the other hand seeing and analyzing the own mistakes as instruments of change and growth. Not as shameful and discreditable acts.

All great companies that exist today on top of the business world and its leaders proclaim victory and show the value of interdisciplinary teams work, which is always fed back internally and externally, and they do not close their doors to the wisdom and opportunity provided by counseling and mentoring qualified.

Specially the recognized multilevel direct selling companies are the best applying these concepts and offering these guides to ordinary people who have a basic income to convert them with this methodology in exceptional entrepreneurs and leaders.

Said hereby we offer a practical method consisted of the following guides and complementing with our recommended resource for those persons interested in the evident and positive results that offers the practical education as for the importance of the counseling and mentoring for success:

  • Define a goal whose function objectively fulfill a specific purpose in your life. It may be personal, family, work or social.
  • Watch the best exponents of the area of ​​interest and places the information they have available for the public utility.
  • Preferably if you don´t find physical mentors because they are in another country and speak another language as often happens to many people, or that are far from your reach or connections; seek physical or virtual material you can find of them and which are to your scope.This includes books, biographies, audios, videos and deprived or online teleconferences.
  • Cultivate the habit of reading at least 15 minutes a day of self-help books and invests in training courses and personal development that are best suited to teach and encourage effective learning. Because develop prosperity consciousness and opening group think as necessary to form a team of Mastermind as do large companies and their leaders.
  • The seminars and classroom courses are also a good option although more expensive than downloadable or physical materials you can always re-use from the comfort of your home.
  • Keep in mind that the brain gets stronger and gives you quality of life only through proper and consistent nutrition. It is not simply to train occasionally, but a life project.
  • In case of having nearby counselors observe and apply their education of work and word. And observe with time the effect that their example causes in you and in those that are arond them.
  • Give and receive. After transcend your personal and circumstantial obstacles and reach your goals and objectives returns to God and life  a part of the received helping others with your advices and life witness.

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