Earn Money with Facebook

Earn Money with Facebook

Earn money with facebook the mega social network is now a reality that benefits income and the economy of both individuals and families. With over nine hundred million users worldwide, seventy languages ​​and translations in this social network that has interconnected the world as no other had done before in history. Facebook has created and managed without a doubt a new culture for people to use the Internet.

Initially the project while the social network grew and developed by its creator and founder Mark Zuckerberg the purpose was not economical, so making money with facebook was a goal in the medium and long-term for users. Facebook was used in the early stages as a small social network to store information of particular personal interest and share it with family, friends and acquaintances.

In its beginning for 2004  facebook kept user´s data in text and began to offer some additional user applications such as storage of photos or images.

But from October 2007 when Microsoft acquired 1.6 % of the actions it was established hereinafter that facebook would develop a business model for trademarks where products and services were offered according to the user’s profile and information provided by this .

This new policy was primarily a strategic advance in internet that started the virtual social commerce and more so when facebook  had endowed the own user of the network with new tools inside the site to develop and to promote his commercial activities. Such resources as: fans’ page, groups, walls, videos, audios, gifts and App Center, etc.

Most of these tools are free , but there are also other available paid options at the rate of one dollar a month but for this a number of credit card or Pay Pal account is necessary. Today the number of applications that facebook offers exceeds five hundred thousand.

Additionally in facebook exists a special application that allows for viral traffic, another way of saying traffic is accelerated and the option for the user to click on the boxes of ” likes “ that can be placed on own pages or websites, facebook´s pages to share a link , a message, a video, photos or any other application or tool that the system will provide to the user.

This will allow that once be published in the box account status or page any commercial information it will be automatically post ​​available in the walls or facebook´s home pages of all fans and friends .

Do not forget that facebook social network offers like no other the great possibility of making more human trade , for either the seller a person or company, their customers can know the profile of the trader accessing his personal or business information , exchanging questions and answers and developing a business relationship based primarily on trust and availability.

Facebook also has new technology tools for the protection of children and adolescents through buttons like ” panic ” to inform the authorities of harassment or abuse by any person or advertiser. This new tool has launched operations in the UK and then spread to the rest of the world.

In case of new entrepreneurs and companies the business option most used and recommended is through the creation of a product or business page to advertise and then massively drive traffic to the page for either getting a list of interested persons and their mails or automatic direct sales to new customers.

The advantages of a facebook page for business and enterprises are:

  • They have specific purposes : either to inform, market products and services and capture contact details of potential customers and followers.
  • You can customize or design : this is very important to generate branding or branding on the target audience.
  • They do not contain discussion forums : which makes the questions and answers of the target audience can be answered personally without debates or bad information affecting purchasing reactions of one or more potential purchasers.
  • It’s an extensive ticket window of your website ( if you have it ) and you can keep updated to be consulted throughout the world by all the fans and followers or customers.
  • You do not need a website to have a selling page on facebook. It can be designed to provide basic information about your  product ( s ) or service ( s ) and bring to the customer concerned directly to a purchase page and download products for selling digital products on platforms such as Click Bank Market Place or others.
  • You can sell both physical and digital products of companies that operate only online or offline.

In case of saling physical products logistic of national and international offices runs at the expense of the manufacturer or dealer in accordance with their capacity and infrastructure and contact details for delivery to offer his potential customers.

However the digital products as shown in our recommended resources provide even greater opportunity to start a business taking advantage of the incredible reach of facebook and all its technological tools but without incurring in additional costs as may have a physical office products: storage, coding, etc.

For this there are special portals in selling online products such as Click Bank , Pay Dot Com, Click to Sell, Commision Junction and others that allow the sale of one or more digital products either as a manufacturer or dealer who can promote and earn a commission.

Today there are enormous options than ever to create a lucrative business using great tools like facebook that integrate real-time needs and different cultures worldwide and provide more and better scope for economic deals, because while local businesses depend on situation of the country in which they are, a business that can meet specific needs of a target audience with a simple well prepared facebook page has the potential to address a global market and not rely on an economy and the economic or political situation of a particular country.

The following are some practical suggestions for starting or advertise your business through facebook:

  • The first is to have an active account on Facebook as an individual and then make a professional page for company or business. If you do not have it you can open it via www.facebook.com. Companies and independent businesses should have a professional facebook page not a personal account.
  • Do not make the mistake of opening an account in facebook on behalf of a company. This is a serious threat to the internal rules of the social network that can be penalized by facebook and they can cancel your account.
  • Learn from the best practices for creating professional experts facebook pages . There are many complex techniques that for a person with no programming knowledge and virtual design may go unnoticed or be misused . But in the hands of an expert who can teach you how to apply can be a great tool to produce on facebook´s fan page high impact designs and thus with it frequent sales and conversions in your business or enterprise.
  • You do not have to offer anything to your family and friends. You do not even have to know the people who are following your business page on facebook .
  • The followers or fans on your facebook page connect with you only in business level and not social , which assures you : better use of time , sales, business and consistent and effective recommendations from your customers and followers.
  • With current technology resources you can choose to start a business on facebook to promote digital or physical products either you have a website or not . To have or develop a professional page on facebook and implement appropriate traffic generation you can get a steady stream of followers and customers techniques.
  • If you already have an own online or offline business if you do not have your  business  with professional presence on facebook it is compulsory to do it, because that translates into the short, medium and long term more recognition , more sales and more advice on your business.
  • Define your desired income level at one month, three months, six months and one year. It is also important to define what you want to get in your business materially from facebook and put you goals according to the income level to which you aspire . We offer a guide to benefits at the end of the article.
  • Once you receive the guidance and technical of sales by experts on facebook to develop your site start action , implement and continue with persistence and consistency until produce the results you crave.
  • Spend each day for one to two hours to promote your site through the recommended websites as you see as recommended by experts and start earning money with facebook since NOW .
  • Finally enjoy the rewards !

Remember the advantages of starting an Internet business are among others:

  • Have the economic ability to give better education to your children.
  • Tourism anywhere and anytime.
  • Leave your job if you want and stay focused on what you like best.
  • To have free and quality time to spend with your family and a low level of stress and worries.
  • If you are an employee have or achieve the lifestyle you want and deserve and not what your salary or boss impose on you.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “Earn Money with Facebook”, know and use the following:

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