Easy Money Trap

Easy Money Trap

Earn Easy Money has become a serious epidemic that destroys the ideals of a healthy society where there give  ethical and moral principles and values before the ill-gotten financial rewards.

In a society where prevails many corrupt and ill sectors, pleasure comes before duty, scarcity and impatience in the minds of people, greed of wanting to have everything at any price does devastations in the decisions that take many on their future and then they take as exit to sell their honor, their principles, their image and commit crimes that stain their life and their conscience for the mirage of easy money. Which will do also that many people pay the consequences of his decisions with life, with their freedom deprived in a jail and with the public shame that shelters their actions, their honor and that of their family.

In this very current weakness fall and have fallen from prestantes public figures at all levels, and ordinary workers who make crime their craft as: swindlers, criminals, drug dealers, etc.

There are other ways used by regular ordinary people who want to take shortcuts to find easy money and these are: lotteries and gambling in which many years invested for big money and even the gains that some once received and end up enslaved to a habit that creates them much more economical and personal costs than utilities.

This does not mean that it can not buy one that once again a lottery ticket to reap the benefits of chance and luck. The problem is when the person does not want to work and want a change in his economic life depends solely on a fluke at some point in his life.

Others choose more subtle ways to pursue easy money such as when seeking relationships for convenience in order to financially exploit a person. Call it marriage, engagement, false friendship, etc., or expect to receive an inheritance.

And in these times of high technology many “entrepreneurs” looking for easy money always find the latest virtual or offline that gives them plenty of money with the least effort business money. And so with this thought jump from one opportunity to another  and create such a level of personal instability that the economic results finish for being those who were not waiting and never reach the goals that they were thinking about obtaining, wasting the most valuable resource that is ended and never comes back, time.

Unfortunately all these forms that appear to be fantastic for quick and easy money, end up becoming serious nightmares that plague cruelly consciousness, dignity and self-esteem of its creators and its outcome can either be fatal or very heartbreaking in personal and material consequences.

Success if it is legal, moral and ethical does not offer easy money and this is a clear rule that escapes the vision and understanding of many people that despite the painful trials that happen blind their understanding and continue in the despair search of the stroke of luck or unlawful that will make them rich.

The traditional educational thought also works on its way for people to seek easy money, to the extent that most people do not try to find new economic horizons beyond what they were taught to do in their careers or occupations, starting example, a part-time business or creating business ideas but frozen by fear and uncertainty of doing something new and fail continue working hard at a job while waiting for a stroke of luck that makes them rich and solve all their economic problems . Either through lotteries, gambling, contests on TV, an inheritance or locating influencers that can help them rise in rank.

Overall achieve lasting success in any endeavor or profession needs to develop a number of qualities and principles to maintain that level of achievement. Qualities such as: discipline, perseverance, courage, faith, action, vision, adaptation, steady work, continuing education, association with successful people, self-control, faithfulness, no vices , spiritual life, life and family support, respect for life, the rejection of corruption in all its manifestations, etc.

All the great millionaires of this world who have made their fortunes with these principles and qualities have not only achieved great feats economically, but their achievements, self-esteem and dignity grow and benefit the entire family and social circle that receives a truly prosperous testimony of life worthy of emulation.

Of course not all capitalists operate this way, and many enter through the wrong door of easy money and  finish with the real achievements that at some time they constructed.

Today, due to advances in technology at all levels and the presence of powerful tools such as the global information network Internet enable emerging business opportunities that achieve strong financial results in a short time what may well be likened to achieve money in a simpler way, but still needed by the entrepreneur a real commitment to the opportunity to meet it, appreciate it, make it grow and consolidate it. Which leads in turn to have: discipline, perseverance, vision, action and keep developing and be loyal to a company or project over a period of time until it works, not to see if it works.

According to this we have discussed questions such as why so many people choose the wrong way or easy to get money and so few by the real road and emerge healthy? and the answer has many variables, starting with the tendency of the human being in general easier to fall on his weaknesses that in the challenges that can grow him.

In this also involves factors such as mental laziness that many grown and are willing to do just enough to make a living, lack of dreams and real goals to achieve, superficiality, exceeded desire stimulated by the media and the consumer society, ignorance on success, lack of values and principles instilled by parents in home that in turn when some irresponsible parents are complacent and do not teach to their children the value of work but provide them money without any effort, bad company, vices like liquor, snuff, drugs, etc.

All these voluntary or involuntary enemies who are lethal for the real success, end very rapidly with the desire to achieve a level of integral success and in its place they go to searching and to agree to look for big quantities of money with the minor effort or strokes of luck and / or criminal models to live through the moment and later to pay the consequences.

In summarized accounts what this shows is that it does not import the level of advance that exists, the real success always has its clear and not negotiable rules that it must know, value and practise to assure a life with intention and meaning instead of a life of charges of conscience, assault and martyrdom that choose those who ignore this beginning or they are not interested in doing them part of their lives.

Now if it comes to doing things in the right way, that is planning an economic project according to a latent market needs and develop products or services that meet that need and help people in some way, the potential rewards are immense and in this age of so much technology it have an extra who did not have previous generations is that many successful integrally people: personal, economic, family and socially share their success strategies to help anyone who has a particular desire make a difference in his life and that of others.

And for this the entrepreneurs of today has many tools that allow him to imitate, execute and to obtain the same results that his counselor; across: books, resources car downloadable, meetings groups or masterminds and consultancies deprived with the safety of which his growth will not be only of the economic side, but of all the parts of being that make it feel really realized, without committing a damage against others, against himself  and without remorses of conscience.

I invite you to do a stop along the way and seriously examine the way you chose to make money and improve your lifestyle using the following practical strategies for assertively direct your financial goals while avoiding the trap of easy money:

  • Become aware that easy money never works because it is not just to get the financial reward. If the process to obtain the money you did not receive it or did not approve it developing skills to support it and to be able to administer it, when it comes from surprise the money  if you get it you will most probably miss it easily.
  • Open your mind to new ideas. In any case it works economically the theory that old ideas or trite and obsolete models produce great results. And in this Information Age where new ideas and adaptability are those who give the orders because they go with capitals of money.
  • Lotteries and gaming taken to the extreme, seduce people with money and inheritances are not any real hope of success. Remember prosperous life is not reduced spending fleeting moments and use them while you can. A successful life is a permanent lifestyle that comes from obtaining personal gains.
  • Illicit activities, dirty business, deceit, crime and all that easy money masked hurting others is a double-edged sword. While you try to do it to other, life will not delay to settle accounts and pay you a very high price from losing your freedom, your health or life itself.
  • Do not change never charges of consciousness and human degradation by easy money. Your freedom, health and peace of mind do not have any price that money can buy.
  • If you are family Parent teach your children the value of honest work before obtaining money and teaches by example. “Educate the child and will not have to punish the man.”
  • Associate with entrepreneurs and successful people who have made their money from moral, legal and ethical manner. And if you do not have the possibility do it through books or courses where they share their wisdom and accomplishments.
  • Start an additional economic activity to your normal work activity. Especially if you are an employee.Today the technological facilities there are very good opportunities to achieve economic independence and a life more calm and generous from the comfort of your home. As the online business, multilevel, paid surveys, etc.
  • Train you in the hands of experts to change the thoughts and habits that have not allowed you to obtain true success: moral, legal, and ethical. Remember that your brain is your greatest asset for real change at all levels. Therefore feed it properly and take care of it that new economic performance will not wait.

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