Economic Independence a Goal that is Worth Achieving

Economic Independence a Goal that is Worth Achieving

Economic independence is by far the highest aspiration that from the economic point of view may have a person in the workplace.

But because of the many proposals for promoting online and offline business  the concept of economic independence is handled in many ways.

Economic independence is basically summarized in the following words: “Not have to work for anyone and have no obligation to work for any economic activity and to be able to maintain the lifestyle that is had or more without being affected by it “.

The industrial revolution that began in the late eighteenth century brought technological development and social level, but one of its pillars and effects “The Employment” has generated a labor dependence on many persons who enslaved to a labor and to a strict schedule of work lose their more valuable years in health and time to be with his family and to do another type of activities that develop and realize them for dedicating it to the tasks of their work that often is intolerant, a grateful evil and enslaver.

It is no secret that traditional work environments offer a series of painful tests to remain and develop as a skilled employee and often have to deal with bosses : aggressive , intolerant , arrogant and imposing and exploiting the worker requiring of employees painful efforts to earn a base salary that does not compensate for the basic needs while they take and enjoy a thick measure of income of the company, without much effort .

The labor injustice has been a serious problem since the employment massify and the great mass of people had been accessing it as the majority source of income .

Moreover, the education system in colleges and universities is still very much intended to create employees and specialized employees with their academic programs undergraduate and postgraduate , which makes generations of people enter as true robots working at traditional companies and aspire to a pension as a great achievement after a lifetime of hard work of forty years or more.

It is very sad that an adult person for example, has not even the option to fall ill often because it can lose his employment and put in danger the familiar economy, do not also be able to raise calmly one day of week in a schedule of the morning that is not in the first hours of the dawn to go out pell-mell with the whole horde of human beings who run as madmen towards their works.

Of course not all in employments are problems and mishaps, in fact there are very committed employees with their work and provide great development to their companies and the country also making good money with it, but eventually their freedom is cut because they have not their own time and must rely on the orders of a pattern that controls to what time to get up in the morning , where they should be in the day , the time may have on vacation, where to go in the day , be subject to unexpected transfers, etc .

It’s comical to see how people who don´t aspire or not known Economic Independence suffer severe changes in their mood on Friday , where they suffer the “condicional freedom syndrome” and enter on euphoria for having one or two vacation days and then sunday night is changed to a state of mental and emotional stress, boredom and anxiety.

And this is precisely because the effect of restricting their freedom for wages that good or bad deprives the employee to exploit and develop his true capabilities through the most precious gift we have as human beings , freedom .

From a psychological basis there are two well-defined thought patterns in people in terms of work refers , on one hand is the model of thinking of a person who aspires to employee safety and the other is the entrepreneur that aspires to freedom .

These two paradigms act decisively in people and affect their job performance resulting in behaviors for or against economic independence , because for the person with employee mindset that seeks economic safety first this model of thinking makes endurance to the most difficult situations in their work : abuse, exploitation , low pay , injustice, lack of recognition, etc.

And in the case of a person with entrepreneur mindset seeking freedom, this will search the form by any means to be independent and not to be governed by the plans and attitudes of others, and to take charge of his financial life in the shortest possible time and forever .

Well, both attitudes are important and relevant in context , as it requires faithful and devoted employees who work for different companies and who aspire to economic security as the most important work value level , but paid for it by selling their freedom and have to live a life of narrowness of time and often financial constraints.

And in the case of entrepreneurs who seek freedom direct their talent and ability to create ideas and take risks so get with it new ways of producing wealth, but many of them literally just start with a certain dream and a fierce attitude to achieve its mission.

Economic independence was released by the first MLM or Network Marketing companies that allowed ordinary people to generate a passive income developing a group of distributors or business partners .

But this time thanks to technology and the expansion of the Global Information Network Internet there is an enormous potential to build a passive income , which is not dependent on people should be doing the same thing over and over again to make money .

MLM businesses have suffered such processing and leverage with the power of the Internet that can develop groups of multinational partners in record time without much physical effort as was done in the traditional MLM business .
Online businesses are another possibility , but most MLM businesses are the fastest and most effective vehicle for generating immediate income and passive income in the medium and long term.

In the case of multilevel economic achievements are extraordinary and great leaders of these businesses enjoy a sensational style worldwide with total economic independence and wealth life , being able to devote their time and effort to help others to get where they are , without pressure of any kind, no schedules, no stress, no economic and time constraints that restrict their quality of life and the opportunity to grow increasingly both economically and personally.

We must also say that there is another way to generate economic independence and it is to become an investor of real estate, assets traded, etc. , receiving daily , weekly or monthly rentals, but this is an economic category that can not reach the people who currently have low incomes and are struggling just to survive.

It should be clear however, that although many businesses promise economic independence or financial freedom only accomplish it those who truly offer the real possibility of generating a passive income that becomes in the medium and long term an automatic or semi – automatic money entry and that as the business grows less time it will take to get your income as entrepreneur . Otherwise it’ll be just a conventional business that absorbs and limits the time of its owner.

For MLM business , choosing the partner company in the business is critical, many people believe in fantasies of front companies that promise great economic achievements and awards , but they lack of the structure and reliability for provide real support to start and continue an MLM business. Therefore it is very important to check who is the corporate partner, and if that path has a MLM business advice from a leader who knows the company and take some time getting results in that business.

Up to here we have spoken what happens in the daily outlook of so many persons that limited in their revenue and time cannot accede or do not know what would reach to their lives having economic independence. Also we have given the key to identify that business type that offer this great possibility, but  also there is a basic problem not less  important in persons and who is responsible to a greater extent in limite the personal and economic outcomes that an individual can develop to become a successful human being.

Assuming you do something different and outstanding results is not just a matter of having an opportunity or an economic vehicle to achieve this, we will discuss the traditional mental programming: self conformism, suffering, prejudice and fear of trying something new both affects people in life.

There are a number of paradigms or mental models that must be fought and change in these mental models that affect the economic results obtained and can be obtained as follows:

  • It have to work very hard to earn a good income. And this requires years of study and a lot of responsibility.
  • I can not have the lifestyle that have my patterns because they are educated and privileges and I´m not.
  • Some people are born with star and other crashed.
  • Better keep a job that is a sure thing and don´t try to do something different part time because I’m very tired.
  • There are not good opportunities. Only an amount of crafty people that exploit the ingenuity of others.
  • Why have money?, Only brings problems and enemies, I’d rather be poor but honest.
  • I’m too old or too young to do something different, better stick with what I have and do not complicate us.
  • If I’m going to change my lifestyle economically I’ll do what  represent to me less time and effort to do such as: buy lotteries, betting or wait for an opportunity to find a life partner with money or expect an inheritance, etc.

These are some of the main objections, excuses and mental barriers people argue internally to miss opportunities that present themselves and certainly have repeated and repeated and repeated so they have these mental traps that although many wish for a positive change in their lives, they cannot carry out it and their old mental programming paralyzes and forces them to continue their monotonous routine.

Let us look a number of helpful hints to make the right attitude in order to start a new life to economic independence, but cleaning and removing all those limiting thoughts and nullify the possibility of access to economic independence:

  • Before having a material possibility you must first have to create it in your mind. Achievement comes from an inner wish, no external possibilities.
  • Traditional Education and titles are good from the cultural point of view and is the main to access to a good employment , but it is not a guarantee of success , nor are the vehicle for achieving economic independence as demonstrated by many successful leaders who lacked such privileges.
  • Employment is and has been an important source of income for many people and will remain so for a long time , however to achieve economic independence an expert recommendation is that you must keep your job if you have it and start a business part time, as MLM (Multilevel Marketing Business), because it has excellent training programs or online business because both have low start-up costs and administration . And in the case of multilevel especially a high level of economic projections .
  • Mental programming is the key when you start a new activity, all the doubts, fears, complexes, traumas and other mental and emotional obstacles must vigorously combated through a new daily discipline where you enter new information into your mind to change and model successful paradigms for believing in yourself as a first step and act based on proven knowledge that ensures steady steps in the right direction.
  • And you can do it across the wonderful resources of Practical Education that teaches alive experiences of successful leaders who will take to you by the hand, also of Self-Help books and association with people like you that have crossed problems and drawbacks, but that excelled themselves stepwise and they have overcome his own limits of incredible form.
  • Become a firm commitment to start and continue a proper mental diet, acquire and use at least one recommended resource of Practice Education each month, downloadable or  books, and read and hear this information for at least twenty minutes a day. And in a few time you’ll notice its amazing effects.
  • Within the resources of Practical Education pay special attention to those that take you to break your own limits and improve internal communication and communication with others.
  • Start your own business opportunity part-time, highly we recommend a serious MLM business or online business and looking for a mentor who is a person you can imitate in order to have equal or better results.
  • Go for your own results in life, choose your economic future to achieve your dreams beside your family, rather than work to the dreams of others and then have the right to enjoy a few moments of independence when you retire at sixty or older, old, perhaps sick, tired and tight economically, because pensions pay less than what you were earning when you were an active worker and having exhausted the major assets of human beings who do not recover: time, health and youth.
  • Having your own business and go behind the economic independence also requires great responsibility and commitment.No think at any time you will not have to work in your business, especially at the beginning and in the medium term one to two years, as required by most business to strengthen and grow. Anyway if you are not willing to fight and work for your dreams you´ll have to do for the dreams of another.

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  1. Louise Narvick
  2. One thing that bother me is the more later attitudes about business and education.
    It used to be that you could make a lot of money with a higher education and then the down talk started about the fact that this idea does not work anymore.

    Regardless of ones education as we all know our occupations and careers take effort to achieve. Every level of achievement involves a process of learning. Far too many people let their excuses get in the way of success.

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