Enthusiasm and Dynamism Requirements for a Quality Life

Enthusiasm and Dynamism Requirements for a Quality Life

The enthusiasm and attitude to life is like food to the body and its immediate consequence is the dynamism that is responsible for the constant and sustained activity.

The enthusiasm is defined as the heap of thoughts and positive emotions that generate a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical condition arranged to seek and to receive the best things that the life offers us. And in this way takes a place in every person the dynamism responsible for the achievement and obtaining of any legal, moral and ethical conquest.

Unfortunately the general public has become accustomed to live in anxiety, fear, prevention, depression and melancholy as the current daily bread. So the enthusiasm is considered by the normal adult as naive or utopian and therefore ordinary human beings experience very little dynamism or just enough to survive in a sick and troubled society.

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To this it joins the paper of the mass media of dramatic form, especially that of the newscasters and novels that bombard constant the persons with realities increased and deformed of the life and events of other persons provoking or generating in the persons a mental programming of shortage, anxiety and prevention.

We’re not saying that we must be live in an ideal world and ignore the unfortunate events that happen every day. However, we must clearly distinguish the power of choice that each person has to do the hard life to himself and do it at others. Reason why disasters and misfortunes intervene in situations where natural events should not be viewed as something personal and constant, but as events that show the results of bad choices of others not of the own ones in the past, present and future .

This can be easy to say in the theory but in practice it is a very delicate and thorny topic, due to the negative information that many persons receive to diary, and many of them play the role convinced that they can avoid its effects that can produce serious unconscious disorders where not only the person submitted to this mental and emotional diet constant of facts and tragic events suffers mentally and emotionally with the problems of others but develops in him an attitude of tolerance to the problems that invade the society and as consequence he tries to live and to reproduce them in his personal reality.

Consider that we are in this world to suffer and suffer constantly bad choices and actions of others is a mental disease that shortens life expectancy, the possibilities and the right of every human being to lead a dignified life.

The enthusiasm and dynamism are therefore a fundamental right to live a quality life not a life of charity to which many are accustomed. And while it is true that every day we face challenges and situations that may test our attitude and internal conditions, always it will do this better from an attitude influenced by the enthusiasm and the dynamism that from pessimism, coldness , stiffness, negativity and anxiety.

Enthusiasm brings benefits including:

Curiosity: for example in children and young people we see that their mind has been embedded by curiosity and openness to live intensely the new experiences. However, in the medium and larger adult is uncommon this state and is part of an unconscious border where almost everything is classified as being related to something seen or experienced, therefore the curiosity is minimal and the enthusiasm for the new possibilities down.

Creativity: without enthusiasm is impossible to be creative because generate solutions to problems and challenges and innovate seeking new ways to raise one’s quality of life becomes a burden that unnerve to individual installing depression in thoughts and emotions instead of opening the mind to the fantastic world of possibilities.

Health improvement: indeed the attitude that assumes a person to life is ultimately in maintaining good health and improving the adverse symptoms. Life expectancy is also committed to the organic effect produced by the zest for life and achieve goals and objectives edifying and challenging.

Attitude of service and absence of bad feelings: one of the forms more effective of be opening for the human relations takes root in having enthusiasm for a reason that is bigger than the problems and present challenges. This does that all those exhausting feelings that prevent the good communication with others as: hatred, rancor, jealousies, envy, etc., go on to a background or be ignored, and it look for the concord, the respect and the foreign good instead of the rivalry and the isolation. An enthusiastic person is a mentally rich person in possibilities that does not have time to judge and be compared with the development of the foreign capacities or their activities and yes much to give and help to his family, friends, community and country.

More energy and less wear level: energy is the fuel for action and in turn enthusiasm is the raw material that produces energy, so the enthusiastic individual is fresher and willing to work long hours and endure without faint, complain or to be annulled. This besides helps in a radical way to achieve goals and objectives and always continue in the progression of success.

Adaptability: as we have said in other articles the resistance to change is one of the main enemies of success, since it means close to the changes occurring in the way of achieving the goals. The enthusiasm and dynamism instead automatically generate adaptability always looking for the best way to achieve the goals obviously this coupled with a sharp reflection.

The real enthusiasm is first of all an attitude before life that assembles all the factors previously mentioned, but that is not an ephemeral and wasteful conduct of energy and capacities that today is and tomorrow it is ended completely.

Though well it is true that in life of every person there are moments where it stays away but not of in a definitive way, always and when as we said exists a bigger reason or a mission that is far beyond that the circumstances of the present moment.

According to the above then let´s see at some helpful advices on applying the power of enthusiasm and dynamism in daily life:

  • Become aware of that enthusiasm is a natural right that you have to live a quality life and be happy. And Although in your community, country and the world occurre tragic events due to bad choices and actions of others mainly the joy of life belongs to you and it is your choice to use it, maintain it and cultivate it.
  • Define what will be your purpose in life, you need to have enthusiasm to establish a permanent purpose and a mission that match your gifts and talents you always keep in the direction of targets. The purpose is a major goal that is never completed and involves all the goals and objectives that you will act in the physical world.
  • The purpose you choose should involve your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical part and must be positive, build you as a person and respect and radiate others.
  • Once done this enter your purpose and learn it, then sets the dreams, goals and objectives to be consistent with this purpose. This can be done at least on an annual basis, although the ideal is to do it for six months, one year, two years, five and ten years.
  • Make a personal inventory of the qualities you have, your talents and spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wealth and practice the power of appreciation. Use one of our recommended resources to facilitate this process.
  • To cultivate enthusiasm and dynamism you must be get to the idea that positive emotions are the more you must grow and accept, such as: love, joy, joy, hope, generosity, discipline, perseverance, forgiveness, work, etc., are fundamental pillars for a life full of excitement and meaning.
  • In another aspect negative emotions as: hatred, envy, anger, rivalry, depression, hopelessness, anger, melancholy, etc., should be seen as temporary events that do not serve to build a present and a stable future. Take it as a model of what should correct regardless of the actions of others. This you´ll understand much faster in the time you find and define your purpose in life.
  • Your spiritual side and especially the belief in God as a loving Father and sustainer of your life plus a good communication with him will give you a transcendent meaning  to your actions leading to the true purpose of life and to keep alive the flame of enthusiasm regardless the step of the years and its effects.
  • Do not frequent certain information from the media, especially the tabloid news, soap operas, violent movies and depressive music. These has a devastating effect on your attitude towards life, enthusiasm, relationships and progress.
  • If all that you see and hear are unsolvable problems, your life is going to the same way, because the unconscious programming is done in you by the constant repetition of the same visual and oral information: murders, killings, kidnappings, scarcity, disappointments, theft, disaster, etc., and this is beyond your conscious control.
  • Find an occupation or a job you’re passionate about it and enjoy it. If  you have it you know how the enthusiasm acts in almost every day and you do not feel it is work. Instead if it is not so and you are subjected to a job you dislike, but you need to meet your obligations look for a business activity part-time to contribute you both economic and personal growth.
  • Sport and regular physical activities are basic conditions to produce and maintain enthusiasm, this because the constant exercise releases in the spinal cord and into the bloodstream beta endorphins which are the well-being hormones for the body and for the mind and emotions. Practice every day for at least twenty to thirty minutes of athletics, walking, swimming, biking, etc.
  • Stimulants such as alcohol, snuff and drugs are not producing real enthusiasm. They are inhibiting of the conducts responsible for the brain and produce abandon and waste of energy very different from the real conscious enthusiasm, besides they produce the fatal consequences than the organism will charge you and you will have to pay.
  • The mental programming is the key in producing permanent enthusiasm and recognize opportunities. To this frequently access and use our recommended resources, at least 15 minutes a day reading books suggested in Self Help and Improvement and join forces with people who have healthy lifestyles and seek to grow and develop in several ways. Not only economically.

In summary enthusiasm is the great ingredient to live a quality life, surpassing with its effects  the own limitations and conquering the challenges that happen to us daily. Without it life is sad and meaningless. But whith its influence we always become better people who urgently need a society that knows little of its benefits.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “Enthusiasm and Dynamism Requirements for a Quality Life”, know and use the following:

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