Excuses as Impediments to Success

Excuses as Impediments to Success

The excuses appear in the human beings as one of the principal forms of evasion to avoid positive changes in his life and it is one of the principal negative habits that prevent the personal growth and the utilization and development of the opportunities.

And yet, when it comes to making an extra effort to just survive with what they do because although the vast majority of people are willing to do what it takes to make a living with a job or a profession, but very few actually are willing and open physically, mentally and emotionally to meet what is known as the “extra mile” which is to give an extraordinary effort to change your life especially in the economic aspect.

That discomfort caused by the conflict between the need for change,the fear and the autoconformity for other one are born the excuses as dissuasive elements that they ruin, blind and prevent a world of new possibilities to achieve a better quality of life.

The reasons that lead to such an attitude and blockade on the part of many persons hide multiple reasons and though the resistance to the change, the fear and the autoconformity they appear between the principal ones, also there are the bad mental programming, the ignorance, the self-sufficiency, the fall autoestimates, the physical weariness, the depression, the bad health and the suceptibilidad to the persons’ bad influences that surround the decisions with many.

In previous articles we have defined success as “the progressive realization of a dream or goal that is worth”, and this clearly shows that it is not get to a specific place marking the success, but the conquest of stages continuing on the path to a target, which exceeded demand and act despite the risks inherent in all human activity and a physical universe around us with a multitude of events and of which we can not escape.

The excuses then severely limit the progress of everyone in the progression of success and of course eliminate the possibility of reaching any target important as long as it is moral, legal and ethical.

It is interesting to see how different childhood and adulthood in attitude towards risk and the desire to achieve new goals and therefore not to use excuses to get away from a new road.

In the child takes precedence above all the burning desire to achieve things and it does not skimp possibilities, it is clear that under adult supervision is appropriate guide and advise them otherwise could easily hurt themselves or others unintentionally do.

But what we care about in this part is that a young mind is still young and does not have to enter the stagnation and resistance, attitudes and lifestyles common and affect both average adult and the elderly.

The human mind has meanwhile trend with age to maintain a hermetic thought to change and become familiar with a safe environment, especially when there by its owner a steady diet of new information that prompts him to break patterns of thinking paradigms fixed or, as in these same atrophy positive response to the change in all its forms.

So the excuses encompass an entire bad mental programming conflict, intolerance to change, fears, frustrations and other reasons we have listed.

Although the excuses themselves are valid and are a protection mechanism mental and emotional when it comes to taking unnecessary risks and to protect life and health, or imminent danger, not so if we are talking about changes that contribute to developing the conquest of objectives, and thus overcoming the self to be an entrepreneur with the various situations that life offers in the four major areas of human performance: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Excuses can be assimilated much like the effect of having a ball bouncing against a solid surface where the only option is to return the address. And much like many people close their minds and emotions, and return the proposals to the opportunities they receive.Especially when these opportunities require opening a new road and has not ever been tried by them, for some known or many at a community, city or country.

As mentioned in another article important opportunities are great feature to appear in a way that does not expect or do not identify and often outside of our rules, precisely because of what it is to expand and broaden our perception of resources available to achieve new goals, and with such uncertainty for an untrained mind is refuge in the familiar and protect what it considers wrongly environmental aggression.

It is known particularly of the great leaders in the different fields of human action is very important for them to have three constants attitudes meet the challenges and change and are not acceptable excuses, not accepting of others, especially those who work with them and share their responsibilities, and not make excuses to others, when it comes to the results expected of them and are derived from their work.

This mentality should be known and implemented cutting edge in the bulk of the world’s population to mitigate the absence of important social and economic changes and access to opportunities that go unnoticed in different socio-cultural conditions of different peoples and countries.

Let’s now six most common types of excuses when it comes to not accept opportunity and make a difference in life.

I have no money, knowledge or resources to do that.

This type of excuse is one of the most frequent changes in assuming that benefit the economic and especially the pocket of many.

I have no time or energy to get into more trouble.

This type of excuse is highly used by those who are content with a routine life: work, home, home to work and not be bothered to improve their personal and financial situation.

I have to ask my wife (or), my parents, a friend, the pillow, the cat, the dog, etc..

This excuse is always in front of people lack judgment and that of course can never make a determination if the benefit.

I’m too old or too old to do that or I’m too young to do it, I’m just a regular person.

Age has been a social handicap that affects the responsiveness of people because the traditional education system framed the life of society, so that at that age to do such a thing, at that age, and if someone else comes out of the mold it is a misfit or a retard.

I do not care to do things more easily.

This excuse people give for example the low vision and who resist technological development, then instead of using a cell phone cling to fixedlines or if you show them a simpler way to achieve economic objectives say  I am not interested in gaining me the money of so easy form. Better for them they work hard, with major sacrifice and few results that the life to be facilitated for them or to be facilitated to others.

That is not proven here and when you succeed you come and speak.

This excuse is typical of people who maintain the status-quo and  and that if they do not see that all or many are doing anything they cannot work and do not make it.

Then give some practical tips and recommended resources to overcome this difficult problem of excuses as exits easy to deal with change and wasting opportunities:

  • If you are one of those people who fit into one (s) of the categories of excuses we have given, become aware that the main problem you have for not achieving what you want is in a bad mental programming that comes probably from childhood and which directly affects the results you get in your life, whether in the personal, social and economic fields.
  • Start an intensive  program with resources and books in as we offer you at Create Global Future to change the perception of the opportunities that have come into your life and expand your horizons to try new possibilities, improve your self-esteem and combat autoconformity. Use as directed resources as we indicate and read recommended books  in Self Help and Improvement at least 15 minutes a day in a minimum period of 3-6 months.
  • Associate with successful people in your field of particular action and not spend too much time with people who resist change, which conform to the social norms to survive and watching the world goes by.
  • Challenge yourself daily. Practice regular physical activity such as walking, jogging or a sport that requires your body. This is very important because discipline your mind to find targets, focus on them, achieve them and discard any excuses.
  • Keep in mind that ignorance and self-sufficiency are sworn enemies of change and progress. A (a) leader who excels in any field can not afford such a luxury as costly and disruptive. And that’s always good to keep a humble attitude and teachable versus what is not known.
  • Observe that fear and uncertainty are mental and emotional processes that bring changes in life but become the firm conviction of knowing you have skills in union with your Creator God to be victorious (a) of any new opportunity situcación that comes your way.
  • Age is no excuse to miss any opportunities. Be young, mature (a) or old (a) there are always new ways to excel and develop. But this requires above all the determination to see the changes and opportunities as a means to grow, develop skills and evolve as a successful .
  • Remember that opportunities do not come by your rules, not of what is socially proven. Those who benefit most are those who saw opportunities in their minds that could happen and went into action when no or very few knew that there were those possibilities.
  • Do not fight or not fight technology to the positive changes that come with it and understand that their mission is to make life easier for man and opportunities.
  • Whenever surprised giving or giving people an excuse to prevent your growth remember that time is not eternal and that goes and does not recover and with him the opportunities, so that the near time that appears a new option of change you are more careful (a) in taking advantage of it.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “Excuses as Impediments to Success” , know and use the following:

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