Filters for Knowledge and Success

Filters for Knowledge and Success

For human beings there are a number of barriers from natural selection and other imposed and self-imposed known as filters for knowledge and success, or technical way are called filters of perception.

By nature the brain selects primarily of all information received to date, the resources mental and physical enable man to survive in their environment.

We are talking about the mental level of the behaviors and attitudes, and a physical level of material goods a person can buy and get to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and an environment that Protect from inclement time.Namely that we all act in our daily lives with a certain convenience in our thoughts and emotions to get the media and keep them.

But after attending immediate needs due to mental programming that everyone has from his childhood, a second mental selection process which has to do with the strength and selflessness of everything that pretends modify our routine behaviors, knowledge and experience.

And this effect is primarily due to the action of the paradigms that are mental models perfected by repetition and the use of our thoughts and emotions to certain life events that we are conditioned to think and act in a decisive way.

The perception filter or filters for knowledge and success are then, some mental insiders that let some information that will help us to our goals, but only to the extent that this new knowledge add up or fit our mental model of the world, put in another way they contribute to strengthening our paradigms.

For this reason people are fundamentally hardy to take and use new knowledge than those who already know and use, especially when they have achieved some success for them. And then when it has prevailed after completing academic studies of primary, secondary and higher education is a mental inertia or compliance status on learning and empirical confidence with limited experience to solve new situations presented with mental resources that have already been used.

So if we talk about a way of overcoming this type of scaffolding outdated and should be replaced and opt by new, healthy strategies that facilitate the life course in the use we make of our choices and apply new knowledge to new experiences when required.

Although many people think that they are only good for certain things, because he has the natural talent, they like them and / or have practiced long enough, the truth is that the possibilities to develop new skills of the average person in terms of average IQs are much higher than those who have no need to believe that new knowledge to achieve a better quality of life.

To put in a real context seen so far, I must say that our brain is composed of four particular areas in both hemispheres and include:

To the left hemisphere :

Left Front : who is responsible for logic and abstraction of ideas and dominated a logical approach to manage information that enters through the five senses.

Basal Left : responsible for managing the activities that require functional procedures which involved coordinating activities such as ready in the morning, clean the kitchen, arranging a room, etc..

To the right hemisphere :

Right Front : providing an intuitive approach and spatial information received by the five senses. It contains the imagination and creativity. In this part of the brain are the arts and music.

Basal Right : that is what allows us to interact in group activities, namely the area of the brain that is responsible for the function and social adjustment, and is highly sensitive to linguistic meanings. This part of the brain is well developed in conflict solvers as diplomats, psychologists, lawyers and people who speak in public com professional speakers, politicians.

Obviously the functions of both frontal and basal brain are much more extensive and detailed than those I have named, but for purposes of reference in this article have given some of its salient features and tools that will help to understand that there is a lot more useful information we do not know that we need because we have never used and developed.

To accomplish this will give you a good suggestions for you to apply in your life from now on in order to expand your horizons and develop talents you never knew you had:

  • Read a good book on self-help and self-improvement per month for 15 minutes a day, and uses interactive courses that you can apply for your practical life issues: human relations, time management, success and money, business, motivation, sales and resolution of conflicts .
  • Read articles on a regular professions and activities that do not have anything to do with your profession or regular activity such as botany, biology, technology, medicine and consultation TOR.
  • Participate in social activities involving cooperation and communication, and take charge of a product to present in company of a group of business or just a social gathering, bazaar, etc.
  • It is also desirable to provide solutions on issues involving group conflict resolution with your family, co-workers, etc..
  • Socialize with people working in different activities other than yours and exchange views on current issues, to know how interpret reality and perceive the world.
  • Learn a new musical instrument or listening to music from time to time with new rhythms provided they are not decadent or strident.
  • If you like the paint separates a weekend time to draw pictures of free speech, in the abstract, still life, etc.
  • Use these new contributions to solve and interpret situations and challenges facing you in your everyday life.

If you notice when performing this type of activity on a daily basis throughout your brain will integrate and will develop new insights into the events of your life today. And this will bring and enrich your objectives and goals, expand your horizons and relationships, improving communication with yourself (a) and with the environment and most importantly your filters to knowledge and success or perceptual filters increase opportunities for potential your personal life, family, work and social that went unnoticed.

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