FutureNet is the first global Social Network to share its profits with its members and stand out as the most solid and profitable and fastest growing business opportunity within this great online advertising market.

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FurureNet is the first multi-business social platform whose innovative communication tools and products offer people worldwide the possibility of using their online potential optimally. Today FutureNet is the most innovative online social platform in the market because it continuously provides new products, online services and provides creative solutions for the realization of its financial objectives and that of its affiliates worldwide.

The company

FutureNet is a company that was founded in 2012 in Poland and officially launched to the digital market in 2014, and now has physical offices in more than 10 countries and will soon open the first Spanish-speaking office in Latin America, FutureNet is dedicated to innovation with digital products, certified as a company of maximum confidence in its country of origin, being the first to create an innovative Social Network, with the characteristics of Facebook and other social networks but with a huge advantage: it was designed for its subscribers or visitors to make money with it,  simply for being an active member or associate and sharing this opportunity with your family, friends, acquaintances and strangers you will be on the way to create a very important income for your personal and family economy, and thus enjoy these incredible possibilities of online business.

FutureNet is the first of all a company designed to stay in the long term through a highly profitable business model as we will see below and the support of a successful and diversified business group, which already has more than five years of experience online and with decades of industrial and commercial experience and several companies in different sectors of the world economy among them: paper, logistics, gastronomic and mineral.

Today FutureNet has more than 2,500,000 active members in more than 150 countries and territories, and with websites translated into more than 30 languages. It also has physical offices in: Poland, Germany, Brazil, Dubai, United States, Philippines, India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine.

The company was created by Stephan Morgenstern and Roman Ziemian, its physical headquarters are located in Warsaw – Poland, and it has a certificate of existence and legal representation in its country. And it also has an international license to operate worldwide.

Sthepan Morgenstern, is a German businessman and leader in the Network Marketing industry with more than 25 years of experience in this industry, and has built organizations of more than 500 thousand people around the world, working together with the biggest leaders of the Network Marketing industry.

Roman Ziemian, is a Polish businessman and started as an entrepreneur at the early age of 15 years. In his professional career he has cooperated with many European companies and corporations, such as: Siemens, Basf, Skanska, Raifaisen Bank, Heilit Woerner and with many other companies located in France, Austria, Cyprus, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands. And he has owned several companies in the paper, logistics, food and product manufacturing sectors.

FutureNet’s headquarter is located in Warsaw Poland at: Ul Ulanska 5 52 -213 Wroclaww. The company has the certification of a company of trust in Poland, a certification granted to legal companies that comply 100% with their obligations and transparency in their processes.

FutureNet is the first and only digital platform in the world that maximizes the economic potential of the internet. From today, share, comment, chat with your friends, acquaintances and find new friends around the world with the great possibility of making money every day with this great business opportunity.

Business Lines and Compensation Plans

FutureNet today has three business lines worldwide: FutureNet Social Network, Future Ad Pro Rev Share and FutureCoin or investment in its own cryptocurrency, and four areas in its social platform: social media, online advertising, online games and online businesses.

1. FutureNet Social Network Compensation Plan

The social network offers three bonuses to win as a team:

a. Social network bonus

Communicate, write, chat, send files, audios or videos while earning money for doing so. The only chat that pays you money in the world for using it.

b. Friend tree bonus

Invite at least 3 friends and earn commissions up to 10 levels in your business center. Earn 5% of the entire network of direct or indirect friends on your social platform. Increase your earnings continuously as you move through your business center.

c. Matching bonus

Earn incredible percentages of the commissions earned by your friends or direct referrals. You can get from 10% to 50% of this bonus for all your friends or direct referrals.

d. Leadership bonus

Build an unlimited source of residual income. You can earn infinity gains between 1% to 7% from all your friends or direct referrals in the FutureNet business centers. Applies to purchase packages of $ 185 and up.

e. Career plan

When you start in FutureNet, you will accumulate points for the linking of friends or direct referrals. These points you can redeem for fantastic prizes such as products, accessories, trips and high-end cars for your new lifestyle. In this way all your achievements in FutureNet will be very well rewarded.

f. Product commercialization

Since many companies and people are looking for digital solutions and online advertising in the world, you will be able to acquire and market all the products and services of the FutureNet platform.

Business centers

Premium Centers: Member 10 dollars, Basic 25 dollars and Gold 50 dollars
Business Centers: Exclusive 100 dollars, Sapphire 500 dollars and Royal 1000 dollars

Force Matrix of 3 x 10

Each Premium or business center has its own Matrix of 10 levels of 3 x 10, which can fit 88,000 members in each one, with the following profit potential, assuming the purchase of each Premium Center or Business Center by all the group of members of the network and earning 5% for each level of people referred or invited:

(Matrix of 10 dollars) 10 dollars x 88.0000 x 5% = 44,000 dollars
(Matrix of 25 dollars) 25 dollars x 88,000 x 5% = 111,000 dollars
(Matrix of 50 dollars) 50 dollars x 88,000 x 5% = 220,000 dollars
(Matrix of 100 dollars) 100 dollars x 88,000 x 5% = 440,000 dollars
(Matrix of 500 dollars) 500 dollars x 88,000 x 5% = 2’200.000 dollars
(Matrix of 1000 dollars) 1000 dollars x 88,000 x 5% = 4’400.000 dollars

* In the forced Matrix it is taken into account that each time members are spilled at some levels that are not from the affiliate’s group.

Suggested strategy for better earnings:

Strategy 1 (recommended and used in Europe to maximize profits)

Invite 3 friends or referrals and acquire the four Matrices of 10 dollars, 25 dollars, 50 dollars and 100 dollars for a total of 185 dollars, and promoting this purchase to the whole group of affiliates or guests.
Potential profit at 10 levels: $ 819,291 dollars
Earnings for each referral in the group: $ 9.25 dollars
Matching bonus: 50%
Win from 1% to 7% to INFINITY with the growth of your team or social circle
Career plan: 185 points and 18500 points for exchange for FutureNet products

Strategy 2

Invite 3 friends or referrals and acquire the four Matrices of 10 dollars, 25 dollars, 50 dollars for a total of 85 dollars, and promoting this purchase to the whole group of affiliates or guests.
Potential profit at 10 levels: $ 376,431 dollars
Earnings for each referral in the group: $ 4.25 dollars
Matching bonus: 30%
Career plan: 85 points and 8500 points for exchange for FutureNet products

Career Plan Incentives:

20,000 points Smartphone, 70,000 points Tablet or Laptop, 150,000 points Travel with all Expenses Payed to a paradisiac destination, 1’200,000 points Audi A3, 1’500,000 points Audi A4 , 1’800,000 points  Audi A6 and 3’500,000 points Porch Panamera . (For more details of the Career Plan see video presentation.)

2. Future Ad Pro RevShare Compensation Plan

Future Ad Pro is an online advertising program created by the FutureNet team and offers another modality or line of business for its affiliates or active members with the following characteristics:

Buy advertising packages or Ad Packs and see 10 daily ads on the platform to earn money every 24 hours.

Future Ad Pro can be developed in two ways:

Without referring or inviting people

You can receive your commissions by seeing the 10 daily ads in 15 minutes on the platform without inviting anyone or depending on someone else to earn money daily with your work.

Referring or inviting people

In addition to make money for seeing ads on the Future Ad Pro platform, invite or refer new friends and on this way you can get unlimited commissions.

Referrals or direct guests of FutureNet Social Network become direct referrals in Future Ad Pro.

Each package of advertising or Ad Pack has a cost of $ 50 or $ 10 with a maturation of 120 days per  $ 50  package or 150 days per $ 10 package.

  • 50 dollars Ad Pack : maximum 1000 packages per account, and daily commission of 0.50 dollars.
  • 10 dollars Ad Pack: maximum 100 packages per account, and daily commission of 0.10 dollars.

Recommended strategy without referring or inviting people

Buy up to 50 Ad Packs worth 2500 dollars to obtain daily returns and reinvest these profits in the purchase of new Ad Packs until completing 1000 and then withdraw part of the daily profits.

Of course you can buy a smaller volume in advertising packages of both $ 10 and $ 50, however you should keep in mind to complete the 50 Ad Packs of $ 50 and the 100 packs of $ 10.

With respect to the network of referrals or guests in Future Ad Pro, the following advantages are available:

  • You can have all the referrals or direct guests you want in the first level.
  • All your referrals or direct guests will always be at your first level.
  • The purchases of referrals or guests of your first level generate commissions at 5 levels.
  • Each time a referral or guest buys one or more Ad Packs you will receive commissions instantly.
  • Your referrals or guests in the FutureNet Social Network will be your directs in Future Ad Pro.

Recommended strategy referring or inviting people

To do network in Future Ad Pro you pay a monthly membership of $ 16 per month, $ 95 for 6 months or $ 180 per year, and according to this, you earn the following commission table for the five levels:

Level 1 8%

Level 2 4%

Level 3 1%

Level 4 1%

Level 5 1%

Additionally, affiliates receive a Capture Page as a resource to use on their website, social networks, emails or video portal and thus invite and sponsor new prospects and form their network in Future Ad Pro.

Sustainability of Future Ad Pro, where do profits come from?

  • From the sale of advertising on FutureNet platforms.
  • From the sale of advertising to all users.
  • From the sale of advertising on the external platform in partnership with Google.
  • From the sale of FutureNet digital products.
  • From the sale of own brands in the FutureNet store.
  • From the sale in FutureNet Shopping of allied stores, Ebay and Amazon among others.
  • From the sale of products and development of new products of the company.
  • Development of own games or by third parties.
  • 80% of Future Ad Pro’s income goes to its Shared Profit program that pays every 24 hours to its members.

3. Futurocoin Compensation Plan

Futurenet launches its own cryptocurrency to the market from January 2018 with unique and special features to ensure high profitability to all its members with the following characteristics:

  • Futurocoin has its own BlockChain.
  • 100 million Futurecoins will be produced.
  • You can buy Futurocoins in the main exchange platforms.
  • You can buy or acquire hardware or equipment for mining Futurocoin.
  • You can buy mining packages in the Cloud or Cloud Mining where you will receive Futurocoins from the beginning and for the next 10 years.
  • Futurocoin will be available from the beginning in the main exchange houses or exchange platforms.
  • You can exchange or sell your Futurocoin at any time.
  • From the beginning many trades of acceptance will be enabled both online and offline.
  • FutureNet will have its own trade franchises such as FutureShop and FutureNet Café where you can pay your consumption with Futurocoins.
  • More than 2 million FutureNet members will be able to open their own retail stores and accept Futurocoin as a mean of payment.
  • You can start from $ 100 in Cloud Mining with 100% of passive income.
  • 10% bonus for referrals or direct guests.
  • Referrals or direct guests of FutureNet Social Network become direct referrals in Futurocoin.
  • Up to 10 profit levels in a unilevel matrix with n direct referrals.
  • Up to 30% Matching Bonus or Direct Bonus.
  • Extra bonus Bonus-Pool with 100% of passive income from the successes of all FurtureNet.
  • Automobile Bonuses of up to $ 3,000 per month.
  • 50 Futurocoin for all ROYAL members.
  • 5 Futurocoin for your directs that updates to ROYAL members.
  • 1 Futurocoin for each indirect member in your friends tree.
  • By being a Royal member every day you will get more Futurocoin.

Start today, take a privileged position and build your own team at Futurocoin.

How Commissions are withdrawn

• FutureNet has already paid more than fifty million dollars in commissions to its affiliates, and is a company whose motto is strict compliance with payments and technological development for the business of its affiliates.

• The company pays its commissions automatically and every 24 hours you can see them reflected in your virtual office.

• You can have your money and withdraw it through multiple forms of payment, processors: Neteller, Payza, Bitcoin, Wester Union, 2Pay4you, SolidTrust Pay, Perfect Money, Ok Pay, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Payments Online Dotpay and Alipay and FutureNet Code which are codes that you can sell to your direct or in-depth affiliates and that the company gives you for your profits.

Important clarifications

All FutureNet affiliate members can simultaneously do the three business models: FutureNet Social Network, Future Ad Pro and Futurocoin to further maximize their profits, and referrals or direct guests become the same direct on all three platforms.

To make the business of the FutureNet social network only the payment of $ 185 is made once as a suggested model to maximize the income and it is for life.

To make the Future Ad Pro business a monthly payment of 16 dollars is paid, and the payment can be made by payment processor or with the profits obtained in the FutureNet Social Network as well as the purchase of packages of 10 and 50 dollars.

To make the Futurocoin business the payment can be made through payment processor or with the profits obtained in the FutureNet social network or Future Ad Pro
Although the most advisable to start the FutureNet business is to start with $ 185 buying the four Matrices of Premium Centers of $ 10, $ 25 and $ 50, and the first of the Exclusive Center of $ 100 to get the best income as explained in Recommended Strategy 1, however if you do not have the money to do it for the time being, you can start by purchasing the Premium Center Matrix of 10 dollars or the Basic of 25 dollars, or the Gold of 50 dollars, or the Exclusive Center of 100 dollars; but always aiming to complete the $ 185 and even rise to the highest categories as a member of the $ 500 Sapphire Matrix, or member of the Royal Matrix of $ 1000.

Additionally we will make a brief list of advantages for those interested in developing this incredible business opportunity with FutureNet:

• It can be done from anywhere in the world where you have a computer and an Internet connection, in addition to your work or profession.

• Work from the comfort of your home and without schedules. You only need a computer, tablet or mobile device and less than 1 hour a day to work in the business and make it grow nationally and globally.

• In FutureNet everyone wins every day. From the first day of affiliation, you receive income for writing, posting, chatting, uploading photos, audios and videos on the Social Network, and for the display of shared profit announcements in Future Ad Pro, as well as for the purchase of cryptocurrency plans in Futurocoin and not like in other businesses or MLM companies where you have to recruit people or sell products to make money.

• There is no need to change consumption habits, buy or sell physical products or save any type of inventory.

• Minimum monthly and annual costs compared to any traditional business where you have to invest thousands or millions of dollars daily or monthly.

• Capital investment with extraordinary and proven profitability.

• You are not required to recruit other people. However, if you refer or invite friends your business can rise to incredible levels on all three platforms.

• You can make your business as big as you want with the power of the Internet and resources such as: social networks, forums, email marketing, video portals, blogs, whatsapp, etc.

• The company is responsible for training each member through specialized tutorial videos arranged in their virtual office, with which you can learn all the relevant aspects in the development of your business.

• Additionally we provide you with effective tools to invite and link people outside the Internet to your business. This includes: family, friends, acquaintances and strangers. And we also offer you proven resources and strategies to sponsor people on the Internet.

• Website in 32 languages, which offers an excellent option for global growth and expansion.

• Proven business worldwide with more than 2,500,000 affiliates in more than 150 countries that generate constant income and a serious, stable and high-projection company.

• Payments every 24 hours and UNLIMITED Passive Income!

• The company gives you a complete virtual office from where you can monitor and control all your activity and that of your group. And it also provides you with constant training, methods and resources to grow and expand your business.

• Accelerated learning with Successful Mentors Experts at international level.

• You have the support of an experienced Upline such as the one formed by the Create Global Future´s team with an experience of more than 17 years in multilevel business that will assist you in a continuous way in the doubts and steps that you need to develop, grow and consolidate your business.

• You have continuous virtual training so that only you and your group (if you want to have one) are trained continuously as well as all the new or old members of your group.

• We also offer you as a FutureNet affiliate a special program of integral leadership with highly effective tools for your personal, social and work development, at no additional cost.

• It is a comprehensive next-generation business with three strong and profitable business lines, and ideal for 98% of the world’s population because of its simplicity and profitability.

Take action NOW and start a new economic future with FutureNet!

The recommended steps to register for free are the following:

1. Enter the following link: https://crearfuturoglobal.fn.xyz, or click on the following image:

2. Next, a central box with the title Register will appear.
Fill your data as indicated below:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Repeat Email
  • Birthdate
  • Username
  • Password
  • Repeat password
  • Select your gender Female or Male
  • Click on I am not a Robot and select the suggested images.
  • Accept the terms and conditions (3 Clicks)
  • Click on Register and READY!

3. Check your email and you will have received two welcome emails.

You must open the mail and confirm your subscription.

4. Enter your virtual office by placing in the browser bar https://yourusername.fn.xyz.

Enter your username and password.

5. Take a tour into your website and get familiar with the network environment.

All the previous steps are explained in the following video: How to register in FutureNet – Click Here

. Once registered on the FutureNet platform, send your data to customerservice@createglobalfuture.com and / or camiloparrado@createglobalfuture.com and you will have access to new tools and materials to grow your business.

. Use the videos that are available in your Virtual Office or Back Office to learn more about how to start and use the tools of the business.

. Make a list of relatives, friends and acquaintances that you want to invite to develop the FutureNet business and invite them to enter through your affiliate or partner link that you will receive when you register.

. Attend the teleconferences that are dictated free for everyone and especially to bring new prospects who want more information to get start in the business. These events are dictated by world leaders of great recognition and economic growth in this business or by company personnel directly in your virtual office.

. Write down all your concerns or questions and send them to support the following emails: customerservice@createglobalfuture.com and/or camiloparrado@createglobalfuture.com, and we will answer any questions or concerns shortly.

Join NOW! to our Winners Team at FutureNet and for any additional information do not hesitate to contact us.

Make the decision TODAY and change your financial future with FutureNet!

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