Gratefulness as Abundance Multiplier

Gratefulness as Abundance Multiplier

The gratefulness for the human being in one of the main causes of a prosperous life and abundant. And the act of thanking is in perfect harmony with universal abundance and spiritual resources, mental, emotional and physical that all human beings have in normal conditions.

But in everyday life the majority of people overlook this healthy practice and unconsciously ignoring most of its gifts and blessings and instead of practicing gratitude at least once a day are dissatisfied with themselves and demand more and more of what they want to achieve and have, without departing from the fact that wealth is already part of their lives for the mere fact of being alive and having all tools spiritual, mental, emotional and physical in full development and also in power.

Thank is not conform for what you have, but of becoming aware of the immensity we have because the skills and gifts are not limited but their application and exploitation is unlimited. It is the task of a whole life.

The gratefulness and the abundance are intimately related because to take conscience of the abundance that is in four areas: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical establishes the base of all the personal internal and external achievements, include those of the material world to which so much people aspire those who forget their principal wealths.

One of the reasons that more attentive against the power of the gratefulness is the over-excited impact of the company of consumption and of such an aggressive advertising of the mass media where the aim is to do that the persons feel unhappy and unsatisfied if they lack such-and-such temporary article of personal or domestic use, trips, clothes, surgeries, vehicles, etc.

And this intensive consumption generates in turn a thought centred on the shortage which the effect in the short and medium term is to remove the material goods so longed instead of attracting them.

On the other hand it is demonstrated by big leaders across the history that when the individual departs from the base of his own abundance and wants to obtain something outside to him, it will be able to achieve it with a lot of minor time, minor spoils and major rapidity that those that walk for the life thinking about the great quantity of things that the trade and the company of consumption places them as condition to increase his own value.

To know why it is necessary to practise the gratefulness instead of ignoring it and not to use it adequately the first thing to do is an inventory and to take conscience of the great human infrastructure in four vital areas that are had to be projected to the world and to the universe.

1. Spiritual:

If everything what is had is the physical world and life die there so it is very sad the purpose of the human being as something expired and temporarily. The science that is so sceptical to what it cannot see, quantify and demonstrate, that the human nervous system scarcely detects a part between one thousand billion of the energy of the way and that the conscious part of the human brain can include seven variables or chunks of information to the same time, which stops to see clearly that what we see and feel is an elaborated map according to our sensory and nervous capacities but never it wants to say that what we can detect with our senses is everything what exists.

Additional in the universe exists million of events that we neither see, we do not even detect, but they exist and form a part of our life, beginning for example with the microscopic and atomic world that they exercise a powerful influence in the universal and like that also exist transcendental realities that can be experienced but cannot be conceptualized. So that the spiritual phenomena are an authentic, active and effective reality in the life of every human being. Since million testimonies can verify it in all the epochs.

The spirit like indivisible unit is the first reality of being and is the principal impeller of the human progress. If it was not like that, the persons with any disability for example might not aspire to improve his quality of life. If everything what they have are their own limitations. Therefore a top reality must necessarily exist in us that cannot be seen, but experiment and use.

And in a net religious context it is demonstrated also that the persons who cultivate the spiritual virtues that come out a strictly material world are 100 happier %, desinterested and adaptable to the changes that those who ignore or deny them.

2. Mental

After the spirit, the mind is the most powerful intangible, delicate and effective instrument that exists. Undoubtedly all our life happen across her. The sensitive impressions of five senses, the thoughts and still the emotions happen for this complex system of emission of ideas and evaluation of information.

This without telling that the brain in his unconscious part controls all the vital functions of the body and regulates the metabolism of the body in fabulous terms of time that escape to our comprehension and control.

The human brain contains in only its bark more than fifteen billion neurons, without tell those that they are in other parts of the brain and other nervous parts as the marrow, the cerebellum and the nerves. And according to last studies it is known that in an axon or cord of a neuron it can fit the history of the whole humanity. So that we have a mental extraordinary power, but sub-used by the bad habits that have many people to develop and to educate their mind.

3. Emotional

The emotions are thoughts tied to sensations and without them it is impossible to estimate all the manifestations of the nature and the beings who integrate it, included the human beings.

We are very lucky for being emotional beings, because thanks to the emotions a human being can estimate the beauty of the life in its more varied manifestations and with them also work and aspire to important changes in his life. And in agreement with it it can establish priorities and commitments in his life to come to a certain goal.

4. Physical

The human body is undoubtedly a masterpiece of tcreation. With its more than fifty trillions of perfectly synchronized cells and vital systems as: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, muscular and bony, five senses: sight, tact, ear, taste and smell is the life the whole miracle that we have and is the whole madness not to know that but out for this extraordinary endowment with which we come to the world from nothing it would serve to aspire to have material goods that surround our life because at least we might even recognize and use them and less to enjoy them.

After this brief analysis of our wealth like human beings turns out to be impossible to look out of us to feel abundant and a painful test of this are the disabled persons who often are more grateful for what they have in their body to live that those who supposedly have all his complete members, but they think and act seduced by the external world as if they did not have anything.

The gratefulness according to everything previous is an act of justice with our creator and with us for the whole magnificent endowment that we have in our four vital areas: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. And from the capture of conscience of this abundance we begin under the tuning of the attraction to bring to our life all that we long and need externally to have a better quality of life, since in the physical universe the similar attracts the similar.

The gratefulness and the act of being grateful is a very important and healthy practice for reduction of stress and worries, since it focuses the attention in what it is had as person who is enough and not in what it could not have obtained for the present time to external level. And this offers tranquility and detachment, two very necessary conditions to be more productive in all the aspects of life and to obtain major achievements.

Another extremely useful application of the gratefulness happens when there is something that in the life seemingly gets lost as a relation that was not convenient, a work or a project that could not be realized.

Though we are not saying that to lose opportunities should be anything profitable, exists a spiritual very important education when something is not realized at the moment in life. So once discovered the lesson that encloses the experience and is thanked by it for the positive changes that will come to life they will not make wait.

Finally it is necessary to say that the gratefulness is a powerful restorer of the autoesteem. Because subconsciously your mind will make you see yourself as a blessed being and benefited by everything what you have instead of that it is something external to you what turns you into a valuable being.

Which would be at the time a few useful recommendations to use the power of the gratefulness as multiplier of the abundance and to obtain its benefits?

  • Begin for doing a list of everything for which you must feel been grateful a human being and this includes your four vital areas: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
  • Then do another list of external benedictions for which also you must feel grateful as the family that you have, the house that you have, the vehicle, the work, your bed, the clothes, etc.
  • During the first thirty days do the following thing: read every day a different list of gratefulnesses and feels mentally and emotionally the benefit that every gift, person or object  contribute to you. And specially do this in moments where you feel that you do not have what you want, since as we said previously if you feel abundant what you wish it will come much more rapid to your life. With this you will make a new mental programming based in the abundance and not on the shortage, which will reverberate in all your projects and desires.
  • Before sleeping in the nights remember once again the benedictions, gifts, objects and persons for which you must feel been grateful of heart and thank for all this with your creative being God.
  • Do a list of all those frustrations that you have had along life and be grateful because that one was not realized. And later repeat the following declaration: ” I liberate my not productive experiences of the past and I believe a new and rich future “.
  • When you meet before a challenge or a difficulty thank first before intervene to solve it for the education and growth that this will bring you.
  • Get used that exist truths that work in the universe without you could see them, to hear, to touch, to smell, to like and to conceptualize, since it it is the great power of the attraction based on the gratefulness and take advantage of all his benefits without interfering with doubt and skepticism that they do not serve but to stop the creative flow and to limit the opportunities.
  • Feed your mind with positive daily information across the reading of minimum fifteen minutes of recommended books in Self-help and Overcoming, autodownloadable online resources and association with leaders and persons who have healthy habits of life and who are achieving valuable goals in their lives.
  • As you use the power of gratefulness in your life you will realize every time its  multiplier effect to attract the abundance of the physical world that already you have in your interior world.

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