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My Paying Ads stands today in the business niche of PTC (Pay To Click) or pay per click as the company with the opportunity more solid and profitable and of the fastest growing within this vast market of online advertising business.

The PTC are online sites that are handled as advertising companies and act as an intermediary between an advertiser (company that wants visits and pay a fee for the ad impressions) and some visitors commonly called “affiliates” (people registered in the PTC site that must see daily advertising and thereby earn some of the money paid by the seller).

Watch these videos before continuing:

It is necessary to remember that PTC companies are the only companies on the internet that have shown real and sustainable business models and constantly paying money to their members for more than nine years ago. And additionally these businesses do not charge for the entry of its affiliates nor require them to purchase expensive packages of digital products, figures of dubious economic production for which many fraudulent companies on the internet have cheated or defrauded many in the world.

The company

My Paying Ads is an advertising company online based in Singapore and launched online in March 30, 2015 with the goal of being a high traffic site in the field of online advertising, that bills million of dollars per month and share profits with their partners or members through the profit sharing system.

My Paying Ads is primarily designed to keep a company in the long run by a highly profitable business model, as discussed below and the backing of one of the best CEOs in the industry and one of the best managers in the world of advertising platforms, the Engineer and Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana (Uday Nara), who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, born in India and lives in Singapore.


Dr. Uday Nara apart from being an important engineering professional, is also known for being one of the best online entrepreneurs by their level of: reliability, technological development and experience.


1. Individual PTC Earnings without investment
Daily affiliate can visualize 1-100 ads and receive an immediate payment of 0.01 to $ 0.001 per ad viewed.

2. Profit sharing with investment

Purchasing of profit Packs and for this the affiliate must purchase credit packages advertising or 5, 10, 25 and 50 dollars; and receive every hour payments on billing company worldwide.

As a member of My Paying ADS you can invest the balance gained increasing in buying Packs of the company at compound interest generating high profits and multiplying your winnings.

For getting Plan Shared earnings, the member must display daily 10 ads daily, called Surf Ads and receive for a day each time every hour commissions on purchases of packages of shares according to the daily income received by the company of the estimated worldwide sales.

3. Unilevel Gains Group

My Paying Ads allows its affiliates generate 10% additional in commissions for recommending the platform, such fees doled out by 1 level in deep  with unlimited head-on.

My Paying Ads works as follows:

1. Purchasing shared packages profit of $ 5, $ 10, $ 25 and $ 50 to $ 50 with plans recommended by the company.
There are four plans available to generate revenue in My Paying Ads:

Ad-Pack Plan 1

With this plan you’ll get 2 clicks PPC (Pay Per Click) on the banner promotions and 100 credits for visits to the page you want to promote. 1 credit = 1 visit to your website. The cost of each pack in this plan is $ 5 and returns to a 120% in a period of 40 to 60 days.
For this plan is not required to buy any membership.

Ad-Pack Plan 2

With this plan you will get 4 clicks PPC (Pay Per Click) on the banner promotions and 200 credits for visits to the page you want to promote. 1 credit = 1 visit to your website. The cost of each pack in this plan is $ 10 and returns a 120% in a period of 40 to 60 days.
For this plan is required to buy the Explorer membership worth $ 10.

Ad-Pack Plan 3

With this plan you get 10 clicks PPC (Pay Per Click) on the banner promotions and 500 credits for visits to the page you want to promote. 1 credit = 1 visit to your website. The cost of each pack in this plan is $ 25 and returns a 120% in a period of 40 to 60 days.
For this plan is required to buy the Professional membership worth $ 30.

Ad-Pack Plan 4

With this plan you get 20 clicks PPC (Pay Per Click) on the banner promotions and 1000 credits for visits to the page you want to promote. 1 credit = 1 visit to your website. The cost of each pack in this plan is $ 50 and returns a 120% in a period of 40 to 60 days.
For this plan is required to buy the Elite membership worth $ 60.

Packs or packages generate variably earnings currently getting around 4-5% daily, so that in a few days our package would finish, maturing and reaching its full value.

To keep growing we can reinvest profits with the power of compound interest buying new advertising credits daily and increase our package of active packs. Once all packages have matured we must buy more advertising packs if we want to continue having economic benefits.

2. Earn up to 10% commissions on purchases and repurchases made by your referrals on the first level with unlimited head-on.

In order to collect the bonus it has to be qualified and to do it, just display and see 10 ads every day for 20 seconds. Some easy and gives a lot of traffic to the web.

Watch these videos before continuing:


From the first of September 2016 My Paying Ads affiliates must pay the cost of a monthly membership plans according to Ad-Packs seen before. Memberships are as follows:

1. Beginner (Free Membership Membership or Free) is free and can purchase up to 100 advertising packs of $ 5 Ad-Pack 1.

2. Explorer with a cost of $ 10 per month and can purchase up to 100 advertising packs of $ 5 Ad-Pack Packs 1 and 100 advertising  packs of $ 10 Ad-Pack 2.

3. Professional at a cost of $ 30 per month and can purchase up to 100 advertising packs of $ 5 Ad-Pack 1, 100 advertising packs of $ 10 Ad-Pack 2 and 100 advertising packs of $ 25 Ad-Pack 3.

4. Elite at a cost of $ 60 per month and can purchase up to 100 advertising packs of $ 5 Ad-Pack 1, 100  advertising packs of $ 10 Ad-Pack 2, 100 advertising packs of $ 25 Ad-Pack 3 and all packs of $ 50 you want.

These memberships meet the following conditions:

. They are monthly and need to be renewed every month.
. No commissions referred to the purchase or renewal of memberships.
. Memberships must be paid only with electronic processors authorized by the company: Payza, 2Pay4You, Coinpayments, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay, and not with the account balances.
. The daily withdrawal limit for all memberships are $ 5 minimum and maximum of $ 200.

All current and previous Ad-Packs will continue receiving profits regardless of the type of membership you have. For example if you have Ad-Packs Plan 4 and want to remain as a Beginner member you will continue receiving the benefits of Ad-Pack 4 plan, however as beginner member you may not purchase more Ad Packs plan of plan 4.

How does it works My Paying Ads?

1- Visualize 10 ads per day: Start Surfing Tab (Surf Ads)

2- Visualize 1 to 100 ads per day: Cash Links Tab  (See PTC Ad)

3- Add Funds, Purchase Ad-Pack (Add funds PAYZA, 2PAYFORYOU, COINPAYMENTS, PERFECT MONEY and SOLID TRUST PAY). On My Paying Ads funds are added per processor only when buying the Ad-Packs. View sample videos.

4- Buy Profit Sharing Packs: Set up new banner – Purchase Ad-Pack (Add funds Payza, 2PAYFORYOU, COINPAYMENTS, PERFECT MONEY and SOLID TRUST PAY). View sample videos. You can also buy Ad-Packs with the available balance, with referral commissions, with the balance available and commissions at the same time.

5- If you want to earn commissions group, you can promote your affiliate link to earn 10% of purchases and repurchases of your referrals on the first level.

6- Withdrawals to our account of PAYZA, 2PAYFORYOU, COINPAYMENTS, PERFECT MONEY and SOLID TRUST PAY will be Monday through Friday (re-purchase profit sharing packs if you want to earn more). You do it from the REQUEST WIDRAWAL tab.

7- We can buy a pack of “Surf Free Plans” to avoid having to see 10 ads daily for a period of 30 days or 15 days. You do it from the SURF FREE BUY UNITS tab. The recommended plan is a month for $ 125 0r 15 days for $ 75 .

How the commissions are withdraw:

• My Paying Ads has already paid more than forty five million dollars in commissions to its affiliates and is a company whose motto is “strict compliance in payments and technological development for the business of its members.”

• The company pays their commissions automatically and instantly be able to see them reflected in your Back Office.

• You can have your money and withdraw it through PAYZA, 2PAYFORYOU, COINPAYMENTS, PERFECT MONEY and SOLID TRUST PAY as payment processors.

In addition we will make a short list of benefits for those who are interested in developing this incredible business opportunity with My Paying Ads:

• It can be done from anywhere in the world where you have a computer and an Internet connection , in addition to your job or profession.

• Work from the comfort of your home and without timetables . You only need 15 to 30 minutes daily.

• In My Paying Ads everyone wins every 60 minutes. From the first day of membership you receive income viewing websites on PTC Cash Links or profit sharing Surf Ads and not as in other businesses or MLM companies where you have to recruit people or sell products to make money .

• No need to change habits, to buy or sell physical products or store any inventory.

• You can start the business without investment, seeing PTC Cash Links or buying Packs from 5 dollars (package of $ 5), then doing upgrade or increase membership accumulating for that payments received by the company.

• Minimum monthly and annual costs compared to any traditional business where you have to invest on a daily or monthly thousands, hundreds or millions of dollars.

• Capital investment with extraordinary and proven profitability.

• You are not required to recruit other people. However if you take the profit sharing´s plan your business can rise incredible levels.

• You can make your business as big as you want with the power of the Internet and resources such as social networks , forums , email marketing, videos, etc.

• The company is responsible for training each member through specialized tutorial videos arranged in its virtual office , which will teach all relevant aspects in the development of his business.

• Additionally we provide effective tools to invite people offline and link them to your Internet business. This includes family , friends, acquaintances and strangers. And also we provide resources and proven strategies to sponsor people into Internet.

• Website in English language which offers an excellent option for growth and expansion.

• Proven business worldwide with more than 325.000 affiliates that generate steady income and a serious, stable and high profile company.

• Payments every 60 minutes and UNLIMITED Passive Income !

• The company gives you a very complete back office where you can monitor and control all your own activity and  of your group. And also gives you constant training , methods and resources to grow and expand your business.

• On the seriousness of My Paying Ads as business and economic proposal, and the guidelines of its founder, this company pays real interest 120% not too high maximum, and does network marketing over one generation of referrals or unilevel, which shows the sense of stability and profitability of its business model, and also not to be suspicious of making Ponzi scheme and show an apparent economic stability and then declared insolvent, stop paying its affiliates and eventually face legal and judicial problems  as has happened with many ” multilevel apparent good business proposals “on the Internet.

• Accelerated learning by experts counselors worldwide.

• Have the support of an experienced Support Line as the equipment comprised by Create Global Future with an experience of over 17 years in MLM business that continuously assist you in doubts and steps you need to develop, grow and consolidate your business.

• You count with continuous virtual training for you only and your group (if you want to have one) so that all new and old members of your group are trained continuously.

• We also offer you as our member in My Paying Ads a special program of integral leadership with highly effective tools for your personal, social and labor development without any cost.

• It is a MLM business of last generation ideal for 98% of the world population by simple and profitable.

Take action NOW and start with us a new economical future !

Recommended steps for registration are:

Go to the following link: register or or click with the mouse on the image below:

. Check that your sponsor is where it says Sponsor.
. Then a complete picture appears. Fill your data as follows:
1. Last name 
2. First name 
3. Email (main mail)
2. Username or username (preferably full name and last name if you are a natural person)
3. Password, choose your password should contain 6 to 20 characters and 1 to 5 numeric characters.
4. Repeat password, repeat your password again.
5. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the box, click on the REGISTER tab and READY!
. Check your email and you will have received an email welcome. You must open the mail and confirm your subscription.
. Login to your back office placing in the browser bar Enter your username and password.
. Give a tour into your website and familiarize yourself with the network environment.
. All the above steps are explained in the following video: How to register in My Paying Ads – Click Here
. Once registered send your data to and / or and get access to new tools and materials to grow your business.
. Use the videos that are available in your Virtual Office or Back Office to learn more about how to start and use the tools of business.
. To make your daily tasks see this video: How do everyday tasks in My Paying Ads – Click Here.
. Make a list of family, friends and acquaintances who you want to invite to develop the business (if you want to build a group) and invite them to come to your affiliate link that you will receive when you register.
. Attend meetings that are held free for everyone and especially to bring new prospects who want more information to get start in the business. These events are dictated by world leaders of great recognition and economic growth in this business or of the company staff directly to your virtual office.
. Write down all your concerns or questions and send them to support to the following emails: and, and soon we will answer you any questions or concerns.

Join NOW! to our My Paying Ads Winners Team and for any further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Success in your new future!



Camilo Parrado


Create Global Future

Skype: Camilo Parrado – Crear Futuro Global





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