Headache and Migraine Two Ills which can be Cured

Dolor de cabeza y migraña

Headache and migraine are both two ills or pathologies that more attack the human being and afflict almost continuously and wear physical and mental the health of a vast number of people.

An estimated eleven of every hundred people suffer from migraine or  severe headache continuously, youth and adults from fifteen to fifty-five years. And ninety-eight of every hundred people experience headaches or will experience this problem in their lives.

Medical reasons for this are many, beginning with the frequent consumption of a poor diet, including repeated intake of red meat, saturated fat and flour. And the absence in the diet of fruits and vegetables and a low level of hydration and in many cases with the use of drinks like coffee that are stimulants of the central nervous system but are diuretics that eliminate a rate of two glasses per every glass of water ingested.

In case of saturated fats, flours and red meats it is known that they stop up the arteries and introduce in the same ones high deposits of fat for which in addition the patient develops in very short time diseases as the arteriosclerosis, hypertension, thrombosis and sharp heart attack of the myocardium.

Lack of exercise or physical regular routine also join the suffering of headaches and migraines, because sedentary lifestyle prevents proper oxygenation of the cells of the body in general, but especially in the brain cells or neurons because they need a high level of relaxation to effectively perform intellectual work long days.

Rest and relaxation also play a basic share to develop the symptoms of migraine or headache, as the patient or person in the absence of sleep or poor sleep develops an irritable personality which contributes to stress and exhaustion states what which the brain translates into nerve response as frequent headaches or migraine.

There is another no less important than all previous component and becomes the spark that triggers accelerated nerve and brain wear causing recurring headaches and migraines and frequent stress, disappointments and coexistence with conflicting environments where fights, screams, complaints and recriminations are at the order of the day.

Unsolvable problems and frustrations are also important for the development of casual or frequent headaches and the development of acute migraines in people who cannot solve basic aspects of life such as economic stability or peace and inner tranquility.

In the case of stress headaches that cannot be developed at the right time of the event that produces the problem, but if it can do as a result of its consequences such as depression and anxiety.

There are also environmental factors that can develop headaches or migraine and especially continuous exposure to solar UV light without generating heat protection, the use of bright indoor lights to study and where the eyes perceive the light from the source directly and as in the case of light bulbs that blind vision.

Although these issues we have discussed are generally for the development of headaches or migraines, in a clinical picture involve much more elaborated and specific organic factors to the particular condition of each individual patient.

Among others:

Trauma, wounds, fractures, infections, tooth disorder, poor muscle positions: sleep on the computer, while driving, at work, insomnia.

Another even more specialized medical report may lead to the appearance of headaches and migraines by factors such as:

. Cranial trauma
. Headache vascular abnormalities such as aneurysms and cerebral vascular insufficiency
. Headaches no brain infection
. Headaches metabolic disorders
. Cervical pain (neck).

In real and current figures for example more than forty-five million of Americans suffer from chronic pain, recurrent headaches, a figure higher than the thirty-three million reaching asthmatics, diabetics and heart sick. Of that number, twenty eight million suffer migraine attacks each year. Seventy percent of cases occur in women, according Headache Foundation.

Now there are several methods to attack these ills, primarily through the use of drugs such as analgesics:
. Acetylsalicylic acid
. Acetaminophen
. Ibuprofen
. Naproxen
. Diclofenac
. Ergot
. Triptan derivatives
. Antiinflammatory

Nevertheless the medicines as such do not guarantee the treatment of the disease but the partial recovery of the pain while once controlled the symptoms can return to happen in the patient if this one is exposed to the factors of risk or does not treat medically an organic or cerebral defective condition.

Side effects from medications are also highly dangerous. For example only in the US occurs hundred and six thousand deaths per year due to the use of drugs for headaches like acetaminophen and aspirin, among others.

The consequences of drug use is also reflected in twenty percent of cases of end-stage renal disease, particularly when drug consumption is not monitored or controlled by prescription.

The frequent use of medicines like the analgesics and tranquilizers on the other hand generate in the patients addiction and overdosage which far from controlling the problem, increase it on having raised the frequency of the ailments in persons who happen of being stable patients to chronic patients.

The treatment of headaches and migraines obeys first to a preventive managing across the adoption of a healthy lifestyle that includes suitable and low supply in fats, to avoid the sedentary lifestyle, not to be exposed to the solar or artificial light of over-excited form and without protection, and to avoid aggressive environments where the impassioned states of mind are frequent.

To medical level the natural medicine have done important steps for the regeneration and reestablishment of the organism and the brain avoiding the addiction and later consequences of the medicines as analgesic and antiinflammatory.

At this time there is a corrective treatment 100% effective in stopping the advance of frequent headaches or migraines through a targeted feeding program which includes cleaning of the artery walls as the first requirement for an adequate blood supply and oxygenation body cells and neurons of the brain and nervous system in general.

On the other hand it also includes a program of special exercises to promote the suitable oxygenation of the whole body and the production of endorphins, the best natural analgesics that in addition are the hormones of the well-being of the body. And the better thing that this treatment 100 % native does not produce side effects as the medicines based on chemists.

Let’s make a few brief recommendations at the time to avoid the beginning of the headaches and the development of migraines. Nevertheless these recommendations are of preventive, not corrective handling. To correct or to treat these frequent Ills know and use our recommended resource.

  • Avoid frequent consumption of junk food, flour, saturated fats, red meats, sausages and salty food. And hydrate your body properly, six to eight glasses of water daily.
  • Avoid drinking coffee, red wine and beverages containing sweeteners.
  • Establish a daily exercise routine: walking, running, cycling or other sport where you work your whole body of a synchronized form at least twenty minutes or an hour.
  • Equally important establishe a physical rest routine at least seven to eight hours of daily sleep and spend at least once a week to perform an activity you relax and distract. And that has nothing to do with your daily business.
  • Avoid harsh environments with difficult people and high stress. One of the most common causes of the occurrence of migraines and headaches is when people are subjected to living or working in environments under pressure and must endure its effects for a long time.
  • Start a program of self-help and self-improvement through recommended resources to focus your life in the present and future. When the past has not been good frequently it revives and unconsciously depression and anxiety are installed generating headaches and migraines.
  • If you face problems without solution, it is best to temporarily distance himself from the situation and hope that a quick solution appears to help resolve the conflict. And when get the ideas hurry back and get into action.
  • Especially in the economic case that affects both physical and mental health of so many people do not expect different results doing the same. Start a new part-time business opportunity to stabilize your economy and elevate your lifestyle.

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