How to Increase and Maintain Energy

How to Increase and Maintain Energy

Energy is the fundamental fuel that human beings have to make all organic processes necessary to preserve and maintain life and take action in their physical environment whatever activity this one develops.

Energy is primarily a physical agent that affects the constitution of matter and has an inseparable relationship with it ​​as was established by the renowned German physicist Albert Einstein when he said that “Matter is condensed energy and energy is rarefied matter.”

Energy is defined as a state of charge experienced by a body in motion to enter in movement and by virtue of the same one this energy is qualify as potential when the body has not initiated activity and kinetic energy that is the one that possesses the body when it enters in movement.

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In both animals and humans energy is a finite capacity that depends on several factors to be maintained and developed , and is responsible for producing an initial activity , temporal and sustained . Besides being confused in case of humans with many nicknames and attributes as strength, power , activity , dynamism , determination , etc.

Vegetables also use energy especially the type of lighting coming from the sun to begin the process of photosynthesis and make their own food , and in the case of animals and humans they acquire energy from food consumed and know it as chemical energy which is then converted into mechanical energy which is the type of energy used to produce a particular job.

There are also many types or names given to energy according to the physical or chemical process that develops in the body, molecules , atoms, particles or through artificial processes to obtain as wind, electric , solar, radiant , chemical , hydraulic, mechanical , nuclear , etc. However energy as such is the same , just change the medium and the process in which it manifests itself.

This allows to state that energy is a universal constant that continually undergoing a process of storage and transfer through the physical environment in the three material states : solid, liquid and gas.

At the human level the energy level of a person depends on many factors such as the type of food that is consumed regularly , how many hours sleep in the day, the level of stress experienced , relaxation methods he uses, level of physical activity regular or type of sports he plays and how often , etc.

And it depends on energy production, use and conservation of the four areas of vital influence in humans that are:


The transcendent meaning of life , belief in the higher self and its practicality is a very important and productive internal tool to produce , preserve and maintain energy. Given the challenges and vicissitudes that life offers, the spiritual energy is the head and the direction of life itself .


The type of information to which it is exposed, the kind of thoughts it has and how often it is received and used both factors influence and determine the level of mental energy that human beings have to effectively develop in their environment , solve problems and achieve success in personal goals.

Mental energy is stimulated through information that inspires, motivates and allows solving simple and complex problems. Instead the information generated by internal conflict, doubt, insecurity wear mental energy and removes the ability to solve everyday situations.


The level and intensity of relationships that a person establishes with nature , others, and in general with the whole universe determines the level of good emotions that develop in the individual and hold the key to live a happy and longer life with emotional energy.

The most important positive emotions that has to be grow include: joy , gratitude , joy , peace , security , friendship , forgiveness and love. Instead emotional energy decreases with negative emotions such as hatred, anger , envy, jealousy , anger , rivalry, desire for revenge, etc.

Music also plays a fundamental role in the production of emotional energy and maintenance. The melancholic , depressive or monotonous music decrease it. The cheerful and harmonious music revive it and multiply it.

To mental and emotional levels the definite well dreams and goals and with consistent action plans are extraordinary elements to produce and renew the inner energy as witnessed in thousands of people which lacking of education, health and often privileges have made and continue achieving unimaginable conquests in the most varied fields of human action as: business, arts , sports, religion , education, etc.


Like we mentioned physical energy as animated beings we are depends mainly on the type of food we have and we frequent , the level of rest and relaxation we do and the type of regular physical activity we maintain.

For example physical energy is developed and stimulated widely using adequate food as vegetables and fruits, plenty of water ( six to eight glasses of water a day ), no alcoholic beverages , low consumption of flour, meat red and saturated fats found in junk food.

It is also important to maintain physical energy eating regularly at certain hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner. And maintain a balance in the consumption of important compounds such as proteins , carbohydrates and minerals.

Rest is essential for repair of body tissues and renewal of the central nervous system. So sleep on average eight hours a day is most suitable . Avoid go to bed late nights and stay awake.

Relaxation is primarily silent for a while the inner dialogue , the sequence of images , sounds and negative feelings normally repeated in a conscious and unconscious level and that affect the health of body and mind . And this can be achieved with excellent oriental techniques such as meditation and change of environment to sites with low noise and a lot of nature and natural parks, holiday resorts , beaches, etc.

Many people use and frequent alcoholic beverages, hallucinogenic drugs to produce exalted states of consciousness and increase physical energy. However the production of additional artificial energy to accelerate the body’s physical energy wear down it and is fatal to nerve cells and neurons that are killed in large numbers.

And all this abuse that is committed in terms of forcing the body to produce energy exalted states will be charged to the person with serious addictions that require them to redress the imbalance that subjected to his own body.

As we see the energy in humans depends on many factors into four main parts: spiritual , mental , emotional and physical . This makes it necessary to create a balance between all parties involved and not neglect any.

Look below some practical tips to achieve this:

  • To increase and maintain your spiritual energy renews your inner consciousness , practice prayer and meditation. Read books like the Bible and attend church and teaching of people with high spiritual development.
  • To increase and maintain your mental energy you should be aware at the time of inner dialogue you keep and the kind of information that you receive from the media such as TV , radio, press , Internet and people with whom you associate and frequent .
  • Everything relative to: wars, pieces of gossip, misfortunes, shortage, kidnappings, violations, abandon, etc., it is an information that in nothing is going to increase your mental energy and yes to be going to reduce you to a great extent to be creative.
  • To offset this effect and to begin to think in a productive and successful way use the technological resources that now the technology offers you in Human Development.
  • If really you want to triumph and to live through a different way of life, as adult that you are, get used to fill your mind with information that is useful to produce progress and opportunities and do not waste the time with information that does not help you to grow and instead to waste the time that is the most valuable resource that we have as alive beings because it happens and does not recover.
  • Keep in mind that any thought lives in your head rent-free , or will give you energy or will subtract it . Choose wisely which thoughts you must accept and cultivate.
  • Read at least 15 minutes a day of improvement books to help you grow as a person and that will provide proven coping strategies in everyday situations. Learn from experience and from others’ mistakes.
  • Associate with people you admire and respect them . Spend less time with people who do not want to move forward in life and do not do anything to change their mindset origin of its present personal and financial situation.
  • To increase and maintain your emotional energy give way in your life to positive and constructive emotions such as joy , enthusiasm, the desire for change and keep in guard harmful emotions such as anger , resentment , jealousy, envy , revenge , etc.
  • Avoid violent people both physically and emotionally . This includes films of violence , war , revenge, etc.
  • Listen cheerful and harmonious music to inspire you and encourage creativity and action. Avoid melancholic , depressive and monotonous music.
  • Associate with people who have similar interests and values ​​that you have. Give love and service to the needy and disabled.
  • To increase and maintain your physical energy eat well and not after hours and include in your diet fruits and vegetables, natural liquids , low flour, red meat and avoid junk food.
  • Sleep seven to eight hours a day and avoid as much as possible go to bed late.
  • The use of psychoactive substances such as alcohol, drugs and snuff not strengthen your physical energy at all , they are simply a mirage that will bring dire consequences to your body and have to pay a bill late or early with your own life.
  • Avoid sedentary and engage in regular physical activity. At least twenty to thirty minutes a day of walking, running, jogging, cycling , swimming, etc.
  • Natural and energizing multivitamins are a exclente option to strengthen your physical energy , as long as its periodic consumption is accompanied by physical activity and be supervised by a physician control.
  • Remember that the best way to help those who do not want to change is an example for them to see light in the darkness and not actively part of their mistakes.
  • Clearly define your dreams and goals for the next ten years and divided in terms of these five, two, one year and six months. And it establishes action plans with measurable goals to achieve. View recommended resources.
  • Energy is not an esoteric element to channel with candles, colors, crystals and other superstitions. It is a very powerful spiritual, mental, emotional and physical agent to be able to value and manage with method and knowledge.

In short life is on this earth, short and painful for those who waste resources and energy to live a quality life. But it’s long, fruitful, active and exciting for those who use the energy to direct and benefit your life: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Then I invite you from now to use this vast resource for your growth and profit and you become a new person.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “How to Increase and Maintain Energy”, know and use the following:

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