How to Overcome Rejection

Rejection is undoubtedly one of the most thorny and difficult issues in human relationships and every human being experiences it at different stages of life and in several personal areas that affect current and future behavior.

Rejection occurs for different reasons, but in general it happens because a person’s subconscious mind sets up barriers of protection against the information it receives from another person or the medium in the form of spoken messages, acts, thoughts, and emotions.

We all feel the rejection in different areas of life: in business, in love, in friendships, in work, in daily living with neighbors, etc., and undoubtedly the effect it causes depends on the form in which we manage or administer it.

It is normal to feel rejected by some people because it is not possible to fit into all the expectations that others have about life and other people.

Sadly, among the causes that cause the rejection of one person against another, the negative emotions that degrade the human being in front of oneself and others are united: envy, jealousy, hatred, pride, rivalry, self-sufficiency , contempt, lying, deceit, betrayal, etc.

In addition to these other causes that produce rejection and that self-limit the individual in the face of opportunities and change include: fear of the unknown, doubts, insecurity, low self-esteem, lack of personal initiative, etc.

Many people reject positive changes in their lives because they pose a threat to their comfort zone because it is painful and sad. And as we said at the beginning this is mainly due to the government of the conditioned or subconscious mind that executes actions according to the program of acts, thoughts and emotions that have printed over time.

Rejection is not always negative and it is a measure of protection of the brain against factors that could jeopardize: life, health, psychological stability, peace and moral and ethical principles and values.

Let us then analyze the most common forms in which rejection is presented and how it affects those who reject and are rejected:

In business

This is one of the areas of life where rejection can cause highly negative or positive effects.

In a negative sense when a person due to their ignorance, fear of the unknown, doubts or distrust does not accept that there are new or productive ways to earn money without as much physical and intellectual effort as established by the old ways of Traditional Education: too much study, employment for years and retirement. We say then that rejection is the direct manifestation of resistance to change.

In a positive sense rejection protects when a person educated under principles and moral values ​​with a great sense of responsibility protects his integrity to not accept bribes in public office, bites or enter the world of business of the mafia as: drugs, trafficking in arms, trafficking persons, etc.

Especially in business, anyone who dares to do something different to gain money wisely, obviously morally and ethically, will be bombarded by the rejection of others who are unconsciously programmed to follow established social patterns that are not a guarantee of real progress to the new challenges that faces the society.

In love

This is one of the most painful and life-threatening aspects of rejection for many people who are not accepted as they are by people who think they are superior, different, or who are highly superficial. And although no one is obliged to love anyone or to be interested sentimentally by anyone it is good to speak frankly from the beginning and not give hope to the other person when he does not feel anything for him or her other than a good friendship.

This aspect of rejection occurs mainly in young people between the ages of 15 and 25 who, because of their lack of experience and ingenuity, are carried away by the physical attractiveness of another person without first considering the level of maturity, principles and moral values of the longed-for person not to take unpleasant surprises over time, sooner or later.

In friendships

Social relations offer a wide spectrum of temperaments, needs, tastes and preferences. And for this reason people collide and are rejected in the work, study and social life. So that in advance is known by not spoken signals when one person does not feel at ease with another, or if both repel each other because of their differences, which is not a reprehensible act, as long as if each one respects the freedom of the another person to be and think differently.

In a negative sense, a person who lacks a responsible education in values ​​and moral and ethical principles becomes influential and accommodates the bad friendships that lead him to ruin, vices, to lose his freedom in a prison or to a surprise death  or illness.

Undoubtedly one of the best and beneficial effects of rejection is to prevent the entry into the personal lives of people and companies that are morally and psychologically ill and that their only purpose as cancer cells is to contaminate and destroy others and so on during the process.

It is important to note that it is one thing is not to get involved with people who lead lifestyles that differ radically from particular values. However this does not exempt to help someone in a moment of need and use this as a pretext to discriminate as a human being that can overcome himself and change.

At work

Work environments are the epicenter of mixed pressures and emotions. This causes people to join a work group whose members do not sympathize in many cases among themselves, due to personal problems experienced by many in their personal, family life coupled with the emotions of the moment, tastes and preferences. And as a result, workers must deal with rejection in their daily work environment.

In community relations

It is incredible the level of rejection to which members of the same community are accustomed, out of envy, pride, rivalry, contempt, etc., and even observe neighbors within two meters of distance that do not cross word for years due to a level of rejection consciously cultivated and accepted in their differences.

For the prompt thing we will say that in this case the part that suffers first the rejection is not forced to look for acceptance of other one, nevertheless the comity when it is possible is an important and dissuasive weapon to smooth roughnesses.

The deserved rejection

There are people who commit serious misconduct against values and principles, deliberately harm others, be to a person, to several, to the family or to society. And they gain a deserved rejection because of their bad actions.

However many of them pretend that nothing has happened and want everything returns to normal without feeling rejected meanwhile continue doing the same.

But it cannot get into the minds of people doing damage, creating barriers and then waiting for acceptance to be natural and permanent. The old adage says: “create fame and go to sleep”.

Promises and good intentions to avoid rejection are not useful when daily life goes another way. The example and actions will speak louder than any good desire you have to impress others.

The following helpful recommendations will help manage or manage the effects of rejection:

  • It is important to be aware that although each human being has the liberty to identify himself with what he wants, to have different tastes and preferences, he is a social being and part of a community, for which giving rejection to others without justifiable reason it will only contribute to create isolation and loneliness that in the end can cost dearly in a moment of need.
  • Many persons are resistant to the changes and are afraid of the social disapproval before that their own well-being, and they do this of an unconscious form, due to their mental programming of years cultivated and accepted, for which they reject for anticipated all that that tries to extract them of the old ways of thinking though they are harmed. And this happens very specially to level of the business and entrepreneurship.
  • So that the best advice is not to get worn out with the rejection that these persons deliver and search new and anxious persons who want to improve and to change their way of life.
  • So the best advice is not to wear out with the rejection these people give and if you look for new and restless people for wanting to improve and change their lifestyle.
  • In business it is important to avoid rejection of new ideas, especially when little is known or absolutely nothing is known about them. The change has the great peculiarity that it does not warn when it arrives and does not ask for permission, so those who resist it and do not investigate and appropriate of their strengths are the ones who pay the worst consequences.
  • In love the best advice according to several experts on issues of couple is not to idealize anyone, not pretend that someone is different to how it actually is and not go further than what currently happens. Many Platonic loves end disastrously because the personality of the couple is or was totally different from how it was thought.
    Before beauty and appearances, knowing a person’s values ​​and principles and good communication can avoid the anticipated rejection of one of the parts.
  • In social relations, rejection can occur frequently because of differences between values, principles and lifestyles. However, although no one is obliged to intimate with anyone he or she does not want, courtesy and kindness are very helpful in overcoming mental and emotional barriers.
  • In the work environments it is recommended to use the courtesy and the tolerance without having to contact with nobody obligatorily. All workers who work in a company need the work to pay their personal and family commitments and obligations. And we must find ways to make the workplace a less tortuous place for everyone, even if we have to work hard to achieve it in the face of differences between members.
  • Any person responsible and committed to the principles and values ​​that protect institutions and society must reject negative influences that come from others: vices, crimes and any practice that violates the fundamental rights of others and life itself, health and esteem .

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