How to Recover Hair and Improve Self Esteem

Recuperar el cabello

Recover hair is now a real possibility based on technological and scientific development, as well as observation and practice of certain daily natural strategies that can regenerate and regrow hair.

For many men and women hair recovery is part of achieving a healthy self-esteem, although many other people who suffer from baldness have a great concept of themselves and are not complexed in any environment  by this fact.

Hair loss is a natural process that includes a recurring cycle for each hair between: birth, growth, maturation and loss. However, this process may increase uncontrollably due to the influence of genetic and organic factors.

The specific problem of hair loss is known in medical terms with the name of Alopecia and there are two well-distinguished classes:

Androgenetic Alopecia:

It is produced by the combination of organic factors and genetically inherited by a dominant gene. Although this process begins to manifest early from the twenty years in men especially, is due to binding of the hormone testosterone present and produced in the male testicles with a protein in the skin known as the penta-alpha-reductase. Once testosterone binds to this protein produce a strong derivative known as dihydrotestosterone, which affects the hair and hair production especially in areas such as the crown and front of the head initially producing prominent front entrances and thinning hair with progressive loss occurs and then total loss  of hair in these parts.

This progressive thinning and complete loss of hair occurs because dihydrotestosterone cut off nucleotides organic molecules that are linear DNA sequence of hair cells producing atrophy and death of hair.

In women this condition is known as androgenic alopecia and is scarcer than in men because it requires that exist an imbalance between male and female hormones with a high level of the first as testosterone, androsterone and others.

Fortunately at this time scientists had done enormous advances and baldness  today is no longer an irreversible to become a voluntary choice problem. So at this time is bald whosoever want to be, whether man or woman if we talking about Androgenetic Alopecia that is the most common form of baldness or hair loss.

Areata Alopecia:

This type of baldness is less common than the genetic and usually occurs in areas of the scalp in a disorderly way. Sometimes sideways or in the kind of parietal part as skin patches, making it unsightly and that does not follow a sequential order of hair losing parts as in androgenetic alopecia.

From Alopecia Areata causes are unknown but is thought to be an autoimmune disease because the same body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue and destroys disorderly the hair-producing cells.

Alopecia Areata is ageless and attacks equally to children, women and men. And besides of scalp can also occur in men beard, eyebrows, arms or legs.

Alopecia Areata is usually caused by an illness, pregnancy or organic trauma. This causes the symptoms to be treated of corrective form before appear.

In the case of Alopecia Areata treatment used is totally medical and is made with:

  • Topical corticosteroids
  • Steroid injection under the skin surface
  • Minoxidil topical
  • Ultraviolet light therapy
  • Topical immunotherapy

For purposes of this article we will focus more on explaining and remedy Androgenetic Alopecia that is the kind of hair loss that occurs most often in men with different name in some women, since for this kind of condition can be alternated both medical treatments as some natural with great effectiveness.

As mentioned above baldness or androgenetic alopecia is caused by the combination of testosterone and penta-alpha-reductase protein in human skin which in turn produce the derivative dihydrotestosterone that disconnects the DNA from hair cells , first thinning them and then producing the progressive deterioration of existing hair until completely atrophy hair follicles and thereby producing permanent baldness or total Alopecia.

But also this process involves other external agents that accelerate the action of dihydrotestosterone in the hair cells and are produced by eating the wrong foods, especially consumption of saturated fats, flour, alcohol, excess carbohydrates, red meats, sausages and low protein, natural liquids, fruits and vegetables.

This does not mean that just correcting bad eating habits can neutralize hair loss that in any case once started the process will continue indefinitely until no chemical or natural treatment stop its advance.

Androgenetic alopecia is a process or progress, and can be diagnosed by age and regular diet of people with advanced initial, intermediate or resulting different treatment for each case.

  • In the initial state it shows thinning hair on the crown, front of the head and the appearance of small entries in the forehead.
  • Then in the intermediate condition it notices the clarity in the crown and in the frontal part of the head and the inputs are very pronounced.
  • In the final state the forehead, crown and front of the head are completely depopulated of hair or bald, leaving only hair on the sides of the head and the back.

As regards treatment for androgenetic alopecia in a chemical level there are several topical products of external application or of supply to the organism by oral route. Among the main are:

Minoxidil is used externally as a daily hair lotion.

Finasteride: used in tablets daily or interdaily frequency, but its use must be strictly controlled and monitored by the doctor.

Ketoconazole: which is also used as a hair lotion of external application like minoxidil and very similar to this effect.

Although chemicals products are very effective in some people, their continued use depends on the clinical condition of the patient and must be supervised by a physician, because it can occurs side effects such as impotence, diminution of libido and volume of ejaculation in males, especially in those products consumed orally.

Natural treatments in turn help to detoxify the scalp and have high level of effectiveness in the level of growth and regeneration, without the side effects that can cause medications or lotions.

However, what effects does the hair loss or baldness produce in people’s self-esteem?

As we said it depends on the personality of each one, becasuse there are individuals who does not care about the effects that hair loss has on their image and others instead develop the need to correct the defect. However it is always better to have hair that does not have it for protecting the scalp from shock, pollution and attack elements: sunlight, water and air.

Moreover the scalp of people with baldness will degenerate faster than people who have hair either little or a lot. And in persons with baldness of the third age big spots are observed in their scalp, as well as freckles and spots, result of the defense of the skin against the effects of the outdoors and the use of soaps or chemists of capillary cleanliness.

We can say by this that restore hair although certainly works for a more aesthetic image and increases self-esteem, for all people who recover hair without exception experiment greater security and self-confidence, it is primarily a matter of health and protection of scalp that is not made to withstand the effects of air, light, water, chemicals, shock and gradual pollution afflicting the planet.

Moreover implants although are certainly very effective without problems in surgery, are very expensive and beyond the reach of most budgets. On the other hand if the organism is resistant to implant allergic reactions are very annoying and can cause permanent effects on the skin of the scalp.

Wigs we discard them because they are just external solutions and do not help to regain lost hair and demand high care and observation in use to avoid embarrassing incidents totally unexpected.

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