Leadership in MLM

Liderazgo en el Multinivel

MLM is definitely the XXI century business and leadership is its finest exponent, as in any other activity one is object of influence on so many people to change their lifestyles both economically and personally.

But the leadership in MLM  is a process that goes time, training, experience and practice. And this does that it is not so simple for many new Networkers to be outlined in their business and to create an organization that works of a synchronized way  with the sight and the work in a common aim and because of it in many cases this turns into groups of persons divided and isolated that are kept working to their way with economic scanty results.

First of all leadership as we said in previous articles is defined as the process of identifying opportunities and based on them to guide, nurture and support a group of people through the example in order to produce a combined result to short, medium and long term in a particular project.

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MLM as a business opportunity is certainly offering the greatest potential for economic growth in the short and medium term with low investment, that is why it wins many followers worldwide in the various companies that use it through their compensation plans.

This does that the majority of persons who enter to the system have like first motivator the need and the desire to change their economic current situation. Nevertheless and not less importantly exist a second factor or motivator that appears and that prevents from developing often the appropriate leadership in many prospects to Networkers, even though it happens in those that already have some time in the business. And it is the desire of recognition that belongs so necessary for the human being as money to improve and to change his personal, social and familiar way of life. The leadership and the desire of recognition operate of very different form because its purposes are opposite.

While leadership takes as support the teamwork, the service and its stimulus in others across the example, the desire of recognition interpose to these because it seeks to obtain before that at all a personal benefit where the leadership is seen rather as the desire to be outlined and to be admired by the group and turns into a competition that it is necessary to win so much to the persons who precede the Networker on the line Ascending Upline as in the persons of the group who are forming below the Dowline or Descending Line and even with other Networkers that belong to different groups  from the same company.

In our experience of over 15 years as a professional Networkers have seen many people who enter this type of business with this phenomenon based on an overwhelming desire for recognition owed principally to that many persons have not been rewarded in their lives in different forms: personal, social or economically and when they enter into MLM encouraged by the economic rewards that it offers, then after beginning they alternate their initial economic motivation with looking for the admiration of their group and prospects to any price, finishing with the communication and the respect of their Upline and Downline until they provoke an irreparable and permanent conflict with their group to such point that they generate in almost all the members of their organization the total rejection and these avoid any type of relation and interaction with the networker dominated by the obsessive desire of recognition.

It is not that the desire of recognition is always a negative force, since in a certain form it benefits the human being to develop his autoesteem, nevertheless it is necessary to learn it to handle, to dose and receive in its moment in order that it does not end being imposed on the harmonic development of the different talents that compose a business equipment like it is that of a multilevel organization.

It also exists another method of “leadership” practiced by some networkers with experience and specially for the aspirants or inexperienced and is to think that they can do everything very well for the experience that they bring of life, so they do not receive new information that enhance to their personal and professional development, and do not receive council of their Upline, isolating with their groups and protecting them to what they consider to be an abuse of the most experienced committed leaders who do not claim another thing that to help them to grow in their business and in their lives in the fields personally and economically.

To this problem that suspends so many business of multilevel it is known as “Group Illness”. And finally exists another method of “leadership” practiced by some both new and ancient Networkers and is to maintain a competitive relation with their Upline where they believe that for the fact of being under them in the organization and of producing money to them they must get the whole support and the knowledge for own right or obligation without giving a considered, nice and cordial treatment to their Uplines, on the other hand with their Downline they are servile and lax fundamentally because these according to them produce money and they mask this intention shamming with them an apparent good treatment while the things go for a good way.

Multilevel Marketing essentially is not a talent competition, placing their own interests above those of others, to impose a variety of ways to do things, to seek recognition passing over others, or use masks of thought and behavior to always gain the most benefit, but true leadership in this business is to serve, train, to help to train others while all grow in the process. This includes making the best effort to get along with both group Downline as leaders Upline.

Another point of high importance to orientate and to strengthen the leadership in this business type is to know that the multilevel is first of all a business of DUPLICATION where what is sought it is that the persons who enter to develop a model of proven business as rapid as possible  in agreement with their capacities and talents to benefit them personnel and economically, and therefore the leadership that is exercised does not seek to brag or to dominate the persons with airs of greatness but it is shared across the example to prevent a competition of egos that destroy the relations and the confidence spirit between the members of the equipment.

The multilevel leader is known and one follows him specially for his attitude of service, example and testimony of life that consists of a personal permanent growth due to the fact that it was in this industry where began to be implemented the first resources of the Practical Education in the second half of the decade of the sixties of the 20th century, with the introduction of motivatonal tapes, books recommended of Self-help and Overcoming and events, which was known in its moment as the ” Yager Training System  ” and that was conceived, developed and introduced in the industry of the MLM by great networker and american businessman Dexter R. Yager S.

This training system and those that have been derived from it are responsible for turning ordinary individuals or even people with very low level of belief in themselves into a charismatic, powerful leaders and communicators in large business networks that have literally changed dramatically their personal, financial and family situation, and that led to hundreds, thousands and millions of people to radically transform their environment generating sociocultural development and progress in many communities around the world.

As the persons who enter to the multilevel marketing business in the main come from a traditional labor and convulsed academic world, highly competitive and that offers very scanty recognition, the aspirants before obtaining recognition of their group and Upline begin to qualify as professional Networkers in this system of daily reading of recommended books, listening motivational audios and now with the online technology using downloadable resources, and finally being presented at virtual events or attend them to associate with successful leaders, everything which does that it generates in the aspirant to Networker a change of paradigms or of models of thought that have stopped his personal and economic growth per years and in this way he begins to develop a new conduct of service support in the aspirant to Networker exercising his leadership in the action and generating by means of his example new models of imitation and progress in his group which begins to constitute from his list of prospects that can be in the first instance relatives, friends and acquaintances, and then with strange or unknown persons.

Here are some practical guidelines for improving your leadership as a professional Networker:

  • Become aware that leadership and growth in your MLM business comes to be open to knowledge , stay humble to learn of both material support or resources, as well as events or advice of your Upline or the company you work for virtual or face.
  • To develop your leadership as successful Networker you need to see to your group under the beginning of teamwork where for what you look first of all it is that they all develop as leaders and double you, not looking that the whole world see you as the great star that they cannot do anything if they do not do it with you or if you do not do to them.
  • In general in physical multilevels the learning process of a new networker lasts about one month where his sponsor or Upline accompanies him on the first meetings and gradually yields the explanation of the business plan before his guests so that he learns seeing how it is done.
  • In the virtual multilevels still it is simpler to learn to explain the opportunity of business for the great quantity of resources that exists to disposition as slides, virtual trainings, web pages of the companies, webinars, etc.
  • In either of the two processes exert your leadership by making what you see with your upline leaders and double the same things you saw to do them.
  • An important observation about your Upine, always follows the committed leaders who are teachable and who are loyal to the business. Useless to follow people who are not committed, self-sufficient  or that make another business to multilevel you’re doing and you are promoting.
  • Specially in the latter point no leader in any big multilevel  recognized company  plays double to his business, obviously many have more businesses but different from the multilevel. You can confirm it and we have seen it in years of experience in this type of business.
  • Base your leadership in the consistency of thoughts, words and actions. Especially pay much attention to the effect that can cause your language not spoken or actions with your prospects, and online support group. If you’re inconsistent you will pay a very high price ranging from the loss of confidence of the people and the massive recall of many in your group.
  • Never compete with your Online or Downline. Leadership in MLM is not individualism and skills, but to help everyone to achieve their goals and feel satisfied with it.
  • Get trained continuously in Human Development information through books, reading at least fifteen twenty minutes a day, also using auto downloadable resources, audios, videos and physical and virtual meetings. And always promotes these tools to your group so that they teach them the techniques of business and give them personal safety and they can duplicate correctly. You must take over of teaching by example and provide advice or make workouts.
  • Edify your Uplines before your Downlines, first because they deserve respect and credit for having presented the business opportunity and second by the effort made to set the pace for everyone to believe in the business and because you cannot handle and teach a group when it grows and gets out of your hands. It requires that all leaders committed from the Upline help to manage and guide the different leaders emerging from the depths of your organization.
  • Be careful with practice the insulation with your group and make “Group Illness” because you may not be liked by everyone in your organization by the difference of temperament, education and age. And with no more options of your people to follow other committed leaders of your Upline with whom they can relate better and grow in the business as new leaders they can unsubscribe few or many of them and you’ll be frustrated with a group that decreases each time and not duplicated correctly.
  • Multilevel is primarily a business that is governed by the principles of teamwork. If you care about helping others by example, inspiration and you put it first they will achieve their goals and dreams and in the process will be rewarded not only with a lot of money but with the recognition of a whole group, other groups and the same company for which you work. And in this way you will do loyal and unconditional friends who always will love you, remember and hoard your contributions with many admiration, respect and gratefulness for them and their families for many years.
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