Learn to Use Visualization for Successing

Learn to Use Visualization for Successing

The visualization as a phenomenon that is understood as a recurring event is not measurable and explainable by science and technology but that happens now interchangeably on any person anywhere in the world, has achieved in man’s greatest achievements undreamed , especially at a time when hopes for a dream or a goal in particular seem extinct.

The visualization produces its effects through a draw orders superbly natural facts and events in favor of a vivid mental image and intense, developed and encouraged by the person who produces it.

According to current studies of the brain made by scientists in the U.S., it has been determined that the human brain has a communication with the universe much narrower than the senses can grasp, since the human nervous system is able to perceive only a part among billions of energy medium. And this makes the chances of confirming the extraordinary events that happen to us all to use this ability more characteristic of being endowed with consciousness and intelligence that inhabit this planet, man.

So have occurred worldwide extraordinary cases of people without higher education, influence, money or position achieved resounding successes.

To make use of visualization through the power of attraction have to be practical in that its effects have been tested and used by millions of people worldwide and generating other benefits: the achievement of personal goals, labor and sentimental. But it is not necessary to prove that it works to believe the contrary, as we have explained clearly knowing that our senses are limited and can not grasp the means by which this produces unexpected changes in our lives while having full confidence that our mind and the universe are one, operating in full compliance at all and for all.

In fact if we look under a powerful microscope that expand million times our own physiognomy would see that we get confused with the universe and turn it all together with all the stuff with which we have contact every day: objects, beings, animals and plants, etc.actually constitute one substance with the entire universe.

From a practical outline a simple method to implement it whenever we are faced with a goal that exceeds by far our resources and efforts to achieve it:

1. Mentally imagine the end result of the goal.

2. Isolate yourself and go into a state of drowsiness and sleep. Especially do it before you go to sleep at night.

3. Take your mental picture perfect, look, touch, oyela, smell it and gústala. Among older involucres senses in the process better.

4. Do this for about 3-5 minutes each day for 15 days.

5. It works in your daily life like you know who imagined the night before is a fact.

6. When this is a large and important goal receive facts and circumstances that bring you closer and closer to achieving the goal. So thank God every time you produce amazing results in your life.

7. Enjoy.

This powerful technique will bring equal benefits to your life in the economic, personal, family and social.

If you want to build an abundant life, vibrant in which you help yourself and others put this knowledge into practice in your life and develops this ability essential to success.

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