Learning to Forgive for Success

Learning to Forgive for Success

Learning to forgive in order to have a successful life is one of the fundamental needs of every human being to be served, practiced and highly valued for the benefits it brings to life and health as a whole: personal, family, economic and social.

Learning to forgive for success, it supposes finding an effective method on how to excuse and like the debts of financial type it is not in any beneficial case to allow that they should increase and that the hostility and the rancor for the mistakes and foreign aggressions grow and occupy the vital energy of our mind and our spirit, forbidding us to use the above mentioned energy to grow, to love and to live in harmony with all our personal and social environment.

Human beings in general suffers effects from discord, intolerance and violence. And the reasons for such problems that affect the lives of many, obey the most varied causes and effects.

To start is in the family, the core to the development of society where love, understanding, support and mutual aid become invaluable assets and strongholds that condition the individual to abide peacefully later in his life, the values and principles, without imposing them and consider their peers as equals, and that it must estimated and valued, not violate them in their rights, without abusing them and without seeking a profit. And without looking get of them for a selfish and egomaniac benefit to satisfy his interests and own caprices.

Like many people in this modern society come from dysfunctional families or have not even had a family, have lacked the values and moral and ethical principles for the preservation and defense of life, and have been subjected to abuse and violations of their fundamental rights so the hatred, resentment and desire for revenge increases dramatically to the point that the general health and mental are seriously affected, resulting in the life of the person taking them catastrophic effects to despair and usage of psychoactive drugs, alcoholism, prostitution and execution of all types of anti-social actions against others and against themselves, including the attempt on the life of others and at some point against itself.

But who partially escape the traumas caused by a childhood and youth tortuous later act sternly and with derision against their own loved ones and his own family, if they make it to conform, in an unconscious attempt to escape that anger and frustrations contained by the mistreatment of many years.

And this is largely the imprint of our social problems and therefore does not exist in many people respect for life and freedom of others, and it´s not conceived the peaceful coexistence with anyone especially when the other people who are also affected by similar problems act in different ways than expected and that do not benefit our expectations and personal plans.

Today the world is facing a severe crisis for the loss of morals values and ethics principles, which leads inevitably to decay and social breakdown as demonstrated by the civilizations that have degenerated through history.

Many persons also apart from undertaking against others for the long-suffering aggressions, also undertake it against themselves for the frustrations and bad actions made or committed in the past. Voluntary and involuntary mistakes as, to do a bad choice in a business, to have chosen badly a university career, one o more loving disillusions, to have failed in a business, not to have obtained the performance for that they were waiting in a certain situation, etc.

For all this now more than ever it is necessary to know how to forgive, and to know it because it is not possible to return to the events lived like we wanted to live them. Actually the past as such should be valued as productive and guiding experience and understand that our present and future are the times that define our success and failure by the actions that we do today and tomorrow we´ll reap.

In our experience as consultants, we have seen many people who have blocked unconsciously their future because they wanted to solve the present problems whose environment and stakeholders disappeared long time ago but live in their mind a permanent present of pain and dissatisfaction for not being able to compose those memories.

Forgiveness of course is not a trivial matter, it is a process that involves inner healing and spiritual guidance, emotional, mental and physical, but part of a personal decision because the greatest disadvantaged is the one who cannot grant it.

Speaking in terms of training for success, forgiveness is a prerequisite for success because resentment, hatred and bitterness are highly debilitating obstacles that consume energy to work, think and plan and end with the physical and mental strength requires compliance with the goals. And nobody wins in any field based on a desire for revenge or to settle scores with each other or with their past.

Learning to forgive is a complex issue with multiple causes and variations, so we offer a series of practical steps to apply generally where be required and also offer a recommended resource very effective to complement and support with proven strategies to meet new and solve this delicate problem:

  1. Clearly define what are the reasons why you feel anger or resentment at the person(s) or aggressor(s).
  2. Take a paper and write down the reasons and unfortunate event that happened, with the name (s) of person (s) aggressors.
  3. Find a secluded place and take a lighter or a box of matches and set fire to the paper.
  4. While burns say aloud the following statement: “I forgive (someone) by attacks that made me and from that moment I release him or her and release me. Each one takes its way and is the best for both.”
  5. Do this once a day for up to eight days, but always burning the paper and saying aloud the statement. And this is what is known in advanced psychological therapy for the subconscious as the “Method of Fire for Dissolution of Traumas and Phobias”. You can also use this method to overcome first person regrets and mistakes made against yourself or others.
  6. You will notice that it uses the power of fire, because in the mind of man the fire is of particular relevance to destroy and eliminate matter and transform energy that it contains. By transferring your negative mental energy to the paper, then burn it and watch it burn and say your releasing affirmation you will be released in much of the emotional bonds.
  7. Find an environment that elevates your spirit. Visit your church and seek God and ask his help and love and serve others who need your help: underdogs, elderly, etc. This is an excellent tonic for giving and receiving love, affection and selfless love. Especially when not taken in childhood and / or youth. And to take out the wounded and unrequited love.
  8. Avoid possible conflict environments and spending time with people who origin the conflict. However if it is not possible to depart from them completely, spend little time in the places where they are located. This is not a form of resentment, but to have your mind and your emotions oriented to new thoughts and not defending yourself mentally, emotionally and physically from the attitudes that cause aggressors.
  9. Practice courtesy of deliberate and spontaneous way with other people although they be strange, because this avoids concentrating on oneself and victimize by setbacks of life.
  10. When you have a negative experience with someone, imagine and act for having a positive and different result with another person about the situation that you lived. This is very important because negative emotions in the mind cannot be eliminated but if you can change your interpretation when occurs another positive event that neutralizes them.
  11. Form a balanced picture of the people, not as perfect beings who cannot make mistakes, But as royal beings who are in a way of constant improvement and who therefore have the right to commit mistakes and learning of them. For some the price of his mistakes will be major that for others and lamentably this way the consequences that from them derive.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article about learning to forgive, I invite you to know and use our:

Recommended Resource:

How To Forgive Yourself – The Magic Of Forgiveness – Click Here

Magic happens when you truly forgive yourself and others this new way. Discover for yourself how wonderful it feels to honestly and completely let go of the past. Reconnect with the forgotten and neglected parts of you who’ve been waiting for a chance to touch you.

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