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For many people luck and success are part of a favorable or appropiate nature of events to achieve certain goals or lifestyle.

For others on the other hand luck and success are two different terms since in the first one it gives priority to the random and in the second one on the other hand there is the conscious programming, the preparation and the experience as preponderant factors to achieve it.

Luck is meant for a large majority of people as the succession of unplanned or controlled favorable events to achieve a goal or retain certain lifestyle. Especially when it has to do with the economic field.

However luck view from this kind of definition also involves to obtain favorable events in the various fields of life: personal, family, social and in all interactions with the universe in the day.

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Success in exchange for a minority is understood as the succession of favorable events that have been consciously planned and controlled to some extent by a trained mind that has thought of them and has created and lived long before had occurred in the material world.

While it is true that the human mind can influence the creation of favorable events, it does not mean that it could control everything or that everything depends on it since it is possible to observe in the daily events where often the things or the facts take unexpected drafts that disconcert even the best of the optimists.

It is to say the random does part of an order expected from events since it is necessary to bear in mind that the royal universe has infinite material and immaterial interactions that we cannot quantify and see in its immense majority, provided that the conscious part of the human mind human can only attend up to seven variables or chunks of information that happen around in images, sounds, smells, flavors and textures.

This means that if we see success as a succession of favorable and planned events, this order of circumstances that facilitate are immersed in a sea of external events that often get in the way hindering the expected development of events. And it is there where the random and the factor luck enter and facilitate the obtaining of aims in a small or great measure.

It also presents many times in life the opposite case where the random facilitates and promotes favorable means to someone who is not prepared to take advantage of a favorable event and turn it into opportunity, which is the case mentioned widely in the world of Personal Development in which states that luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.

Shall we say then that luck and success are one or different? and the response according to our experience is that they do part of the same nature of events and universal general events, but they neither are one nor are different either. Both interact in a causal and chance way inside the same universal order of infinite events.

And why does this happens? it is not|supposed according to many theorists who speak about the success that the man is the maker of his own destination and must not depend on fortuitous circumstances? And the response according to a physical criterion affirms that ” the man forms a part of the nature but is not over it “. It is to say not for the fact of having in clearly a goal or an intention we can avoid what affects us to ours around and that often retards our plans and other times accelerates them.

With this new definition of luck and success still remains true to focus mentally and emotionally to a specific target and better yet toward a purpose in life, the last seen as a much larger goal involving intermediate goals but which never arrives in its entirety. And this way so much random or luck like the mental programming will work as a whole to produce major synchrony of favorable events.

As for the interpretation of luck and success there are three trends or marked categories in people according to their rational level:

The highly rational persons empowered by the traditional education system that have developed over the left hemisphere of the brain focused on logic and arguments tend to believe little in luck or deny it. And they believe that nothing can happen outside of them that do not pass first through their conscious interpretation of facts.

The slightly rational and more intuitive persons with few formal education and major development of the right hemisphere of the brain that tend to believe more in the random and the luck that in their projection of the events that they need to achieve that one that they wish. Of this type of mentality are the major buyers of lotteries and addicted to gambling, hoping that some day everything changes in their lives for art of the destination but with a low belief in that they really can achieve different results without depending totally on random.

In this category also enter those addicted to luck but in a pathological way searching magicians, medicinal baths, astrologers, esotericism, magic, charms, omens and fetishes, etc.

Finally there is a third category that is a mixture of both previous ones where there are the persons who are not so rational but simultaneously they are not too much believers in luck or random either, nevertheless though they do not understand very well how it is that can happen to the time the occurrence of favorable events produced by luck and a few definite goals they trust in that can happen, more they do not sit down hoping that everything happens some day as those of the second category and neither they claim that everything will happen only because they believe it as those of the first one.

In short those in the third category are those with the best options to get the results they expect because they take active both mentally, emotionally and physically part to make their dreams come true. Yet they do not stand with excessive rationalism or that fortuitous coincidences occur to help them move faster towards what they want and desire.

According with the exposed then look at some tips to establish a strategic alliance between luck and success:

  • As humans we are part of nature, we are not above it and we make part of the universe so that although everyone has their own way of perceiving no one can control the number and type of events that happen to reach a goal.
  • The human brain must operate in an integrated manner, cannot be too rational to try to govern everything not too attached to random and events beyond our control.
  • It is best to certainly be prepared to recognize opportunity when it is presented and that means having clearly defined what you look for before going to act in the physical universe. You also need to practice the skills necessary to take action when the time comes. Without the union of these two conditions opportunities go and will not return.
  • Everyday random will do its part in our lives sometimes favorable, others less so. And that is where the attitude and goal-oriented thinking make a difference. Although it is not always easy to do so you have to train the mind to be aware of road lights in the chaos and for that the spiritual and Self Help and Improvement resources are the best food to achieve it.
  • When an opportunity for which you are not prepared appears, it is best to act as if you could take advantage on it and make use of all the experience you have to not let it go. However if it is lost as happens with some frequency is good to do a detailed analysis of the events that occurred and accept the mistakes made and use them to create new solutions to implement them later in a similar situation.
  • Proof that chance and luck work is that some streams and even millionaires people win lotteries and do so in an unguarded way because their attitude is one of detachment and not depend on it; and there are incredibly few who do not even remember to have bought a ticket, and this attitude sets in motion the universal forces on their favor of random and luck and the miracles happen.
  • Keep an open mind among your goals, objectives and the events that occur to reach them good and bad. And specially use those for that you were not waiting or they do not motivate you to increase your interior conviction of which the things go of one form or another for a good way towards the goal.
  • Occasionally participate in events where random is involved. This may be buying a lottery ticket physical or virtual, participate in raffles, bingos, etc. All within the legal framework and especially if you’re one of those persons who think they can control everything and that nothing happens in the universe before it do not goes first through your imagination.
  • When it comes to using the lot should not be set periods and mentally bound to the event must occur in a particular momento.Una of the best ways to use the chance and luck is practice detachment while set the goal. In other words “fall in love with the event but not the time.”
  • If you do not use the power of chance and luck in an organized way in your life you are wasting countless events and awards a rich universe of possibilities that can benefit you at any time.
  • When it comes to use the luck it must not be established periods of time and put the event under an obligation mentally so that it must happen in a certain moment. One of the best forms of using random and luck is to practice the indifference simultaneously that establishes the goal. Said otherwise ” fall in love with the event but not with the moment “.
  • If you do not use the power of random and luck in an organized way in your life you are wasting countless events and awards of a rich universe of possibilities that can benefit you at any time.
  • Today we will do something different in the recommended resources and it is grant you the possibility that you choose to participate in a lottery one the best in the world. For the specific purpose that will allow the universe to share collaboration to your success, not because you depend on this but because there may be prizes for you that you had not planned or budgeted and they are part of all universal events that you do not know and you cannot control.

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