Network Leverage vs. Academic leverage

When it comes to producing economic results in record time people use different means seeking economic or financial leverage to move up their average revenue.

The economic leverage by definition is to find the financial means to accelerate and maximize the production of income from a business or individual.

Companies usually do it through leverage of debt with the banking sector borrowing for investing in projects to produce profits in the short, medium and long term.

Certainly that this type of leverage that is done across debt by the banking is not available for the common persons who scarcely manage to survive and to attend their personal and familiar obligations often in increasing ascent.

To apply for bank loans involving large sums any person or company must demonstrate reliability and consistency of income they have .

As the vast majority of the world’s population , more than ninety percent receive income through employment , specialization becomes the right strategy for investing in many post degree programs to increase their salary and position accordingly.

Nevertheless the competition to enter into bureaucratic or pyramidal organizations as those who have the companies of traditional court make always narrower the access to the important positions, which generates a very aggressive competition and often disloyal on the part of whom aspire to obtain the different available positions.

If we go to economic costs of a person formed in the educational traditional system: twelve years of college, three to five of university, more two, three or five years of post degree programs he or she invests in all this process already be of familiar money or with educational credits the average equivalent of one hundred thousand dollars or more and lamentably this investment of money often does not recover in economic terms because of the increasing obligations that faces a normal or post degree graduated worker between expenses: family, payments of credits, vehicle, mortgage quotas, etc.

We cannot say , however, that the current education does not work , of course it does to produce competent citizens and workers as well and provide advancement and development in various disciplines. But in economic education by itself is a very slow car that does not provide ample economic rewards if it not goes hand in hand with a large increase in work, sacrifice, responsibility and time investment.

To this procedure of accelerating the economic earnings across programs of education and specialization is known as academic leverage, where the whole economic result that derive from it will depend on the performance of the student or worker only in: health, time, intelligence and resources.

Generally almost nobody evaluates this risk because since a social inertia is imitated where almost the whole world does the same thing it is assumed that nothing bad can happen, but the truth is that if the worker fails in his educational aim for own or foreign circumstances to his will up to there comes the happiness of the possibility of working or aspiring to an ascent and then coming a great personal, familiar and economic disaster.

Now then, from middle of the fifties of the 20th century with the introduction of the systems of marketing in network (MLM), Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing it made clear that existed another much more aggressive, powerful and effective modality that was maximizing the income and the time of persons on form or to associate to their equipment of work some, hundreds or thousands of persons who were consuming and promoting certain types of products or services and to produce a very important income at the time and often much higher than those that can get or have an executive position of any large traditional company.

Networks system or Network Marketing has a flat structure unlike the traditional labor system where there are no bureaucracies or hierarchies , or pyramid schemes and no one is superior to anyone , and everyone has the same opportunity to achieve great economic gains over time.

It should be added an additional feature is that the Network Marketing system everyone is determined to help themselves and others to grow and benefit the whole group, a very different case of competitive and hostile environments that are commonly present in traditional businesses.

While for any worker who wants to earn more income in a company all depends on his education, influences and work results , for a builder of network marketing the final result depends on the synergy of a group that is formed, where everyone brings talent , knowledge and ability to work in terms of economic performance of al , maximizing time and utilities of who started the organization providing an income level and availability of time that it is not possible to obtain as a current worker of a company.

Put in a differently way Leverage Network or Network Marketing is an excellent system of solidary capitalism where everyone wins based on their time, talent and knowledge invested. And of course this type of system has its own training systems tested.

While the average worker takes years to get a decent way of life in economic terms based on the knowledge of traditional education, the networker or network builder takes for a long a couple of years of dedicated work to achieve a well-off economy and way to abundance, based on a system of Practice Education where teaches strictly those skills that can be converted into tangible economic results in the shortest possible time.

Given that human being has three basic assets or wealth that comes as a gift from his creator: time , health and youth ; to place their economic hopes on a system as the traditional labor it takes so long to produce economic results rapidly depletes these three key elements that once in crisis or finished any amount of money is useless to recover them because there is no fortune to replace or resurrect them.

The reflection that arises at this point echoes the harsh reality that many live as ex – workers who once retired after decades working for a company , have a pension that pays less than the salary they had as active employees for lead a dignified life , but at the time, health and youth have been killed and not allowed to enjoy the money they receive as they could do years ago if they had found a system of accelerated economic and adequated leverage.

Nevertheless we do not try to affirm that the whole world must make part or enter into a system of Leverage of Network Marketing, since it is not possible to do, as many persons continue and they will follow the old system of work, effort and economic results in the long term of the educational traditional system and to some extent it is appropriate that so be, because on one hand the economic system needs a balance between persons who choose to work as devout personnel for the current companies, but simultaneously the same option of life will produce nonconformist individuals who look for new offers as the Network Marketing to re-arise economically. They and their families.

Then the question that arises par excellence is if now that once you know the differences between both systems you are arranged to following the old economic way to obtain economic long-term results risking the free goods that do not recover: time, health and youth? Or do you take the option to construct an economic promissory future, under the direction of the Practical Education where you can put immediate action and obtain the wished rewards?

If it is like that, here there are a few practical guides in order that you begin on your path of firm employee to successful entrepreneur  of  Network  Marketing or networker:

  • At this time the Leverage Network or Network Marketing going through its best stage because thanks to the Internet information superhighway, resources such as email, chat, social networking, the advancement in computer equipments and telephones and other online tools have led Leverage Network to a new level .
  • Aware of this, our recommendation is that you sign up and start your business network marketing if you are a part-time employee with a serious , legal and recognized company ( see recommended resources ), which will help in short time to your personal and familiar finances .
  • Invest to start two to three hours daily train you on the products and services of the company and take action with the techniques your Up Line teach you contacting and inviting  people to be linked to your group.
  • The Helpline are those who precede you in the organization after the person who invited you to join him or her and all leaders upcommitted and honest who want to help you to build your business .
  • Set weekly, monthly and annual financial goals based on achieving financial peace in your income which may take six to twelve months and twelve and sixty months , at which takes time on average to build a real Economic Independence and first abundance in Network Marketing Business.
  • It is important to undertake a program of Personal Development at the same time you start working on your business. Mental models that brings an adult from traditional work regarding : money , wealth , management of human relations and their value as a person are not the most suitable ad may cause serious conflicts between the new entrepreneur of Network Marketing and his affiliated group .
  • Read at least twenty to thirty minutes of recommended books on Overcoming or Self Help that take you to purge and mentally reprogram the bad past experiences , especially having to do with money , people and low self esteem.
  • Auto downloadable resources such as those offered in Create Global Future are another great option to help change employee mindset and a dearth of opportunities for independence and abundance in every way. And to reprogram your mind toward chosen goals better and better managing the problems, situations and challenges that happen in your daily life.
  • The association is also a vital principle for success and therefore a regular communication with your organizational leaders in seminars, webinars and personal meetings that believe force of group and cohesion for the leadership.
  • With the Leverage of Networks you can aspire to the Economic Independence with a revenue like that you have nowadays but also can aspire to the economic abundance and wealth. Nevertheless if your aspiration are these last two do not try to do it in any way with a little time and effort. It is needed consistency and perseverance that will be developing in you for the action of the educational resources and the association with your leaders of group.
  • If you love your profession as: engineer, lawyer, architect, doctor, etc., and you are ready to specialize yourself more in your field of labor action it is very nice, but he remember that in economic terms exist a more rapid and effective mean as the Network Marketing that you can realize with great success, additional to your profession or trade in order that if you do what you like so much, your economic situation does not depend only on it and does not see affected if anything unexpected happens.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “Network Leverage vs. Academic leverage “, know and use the following:

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