Open your Mind to Money

Open your Mind to Money

The whole universe manifests itself a total abundance in all its nature and manifestations and money is no exception.

Every person living on this planet can have enough money to live well and more, if you know and apply a set of immutable laws as to what concerns the connection between mind, emotions and universe.

Money universal as any other force must be understood, understood and accepted, clearly differentiating the role has for man in this world as an important means of survival and multiplication and permanence in our lives depends primarily on the mental and emotional development they have it.

Unfortunately being the universe so rich with all kinds of tangible and intangible assets for man available, the use and share, the vast majority of people living focuses on scarcity, in the little they have or have achieved so and how little time there is to expect from life, seeing them as a realistic plan of things.

And this line of thinking makes the status quo is the common denominator of the lifestyle of many people.

But let’s look in more detail from where this whole situation off the wealth and economic wealth.

There are 3 kinds of attitudes towards money are well defined:

1. The rich or unlimited mind:

That is what is trained to see opportunities for growth and development in all activities running and is aligned with a purpose of growth and continuous learning in life. The goal is a goal that keeps permanent ongoing planting, cultivating and harvesting the objectives and proposed outcomes.

This kind of mentality makes people who have it and always have money and develop opportunities in your life. No matter the level of education, sex, race, level of influences or economic capital with which to start a business have. They are always progressing and enjoy the money, respect, and do not waste it work for them.

2. Scanty mind self limited:

This is the most usual there against money management and its role in life as a catalyst for opportunity and achievement.

People with this type of mentality are in permanent conflict with the money, they think that there is enough for anyone, that only the rich lucky, materialistic, ambitious, and greedy thieves can get and keep it, it takes a lot of work to obtain, and that this may lead to imminent risks losing everything at one time of life, and on the other side are those who work for the money with the fear of never having enough or that something goes wrong and lose what little they have.

However are more attached to money and either spend it and waste staying with just enough without making it grow and work for them or care like a well priceless irretrievable missing and forgo a life abundant.

3. Poor mind the totally self-limited:

This is the effect of chronic case of sustained thinking centered on scarcity and sufferers are fortunately few, do not expect anything from life and are content to be less than the basics to live or survive. In this state of mind the money is held in very low esteem and are not respected. Thus an individual who has this mental programming if it spends money gets immoderately and gets rid of it as soon as possible to return to the level of economic chaos to which he is accustomed.

To better understand what differentiates each of these mental models to explain where we came from.

Our mind is composed of two main parts which are: The conscious part that through the five senses takes acknowledgment of the environment we live and whose key role is to think and our unconscious or subconscious part which is formally defined as a “program of events and repeated thoughts and / or intense emotion that runs in any human actions and requiring follow doing. “

Well the unconscious part as indicated by this definition Atua as chief controls our behavior and our actions and reactions to the events and happenings of daily life in more than 95%.For this reason we offer but life from the outside or should we say out of our mind a wide range of positive or negative events in us finally pass them by selecting the best that we can offer and discarding what we want to affect our behavior and our mental and emotional peace.

Daily we are receiving a number of information in words, images, sounds and feelings. But much of this information is involuntary. That is the media: TV, radio, press and naysayers who influence our working environment, personal and family.

That is, all these attacks on our mental and emotional peace take place in more than 80% every day and do not even think that this misinformation affects us and shapes our life to a dead end.

So what to do?, We must correct this misinformation attacking into 3 main parts: mental, emotional and physical.

To achieve this we have a powerful tool that lets you take your mind information to reschedule, eliminating mental patterns and limiting beliefs that you have unconsciously blocked the flow of money and a life of abundance and prosperity. Literally what you learn here is probably the closest thing to a brain transplant for creating economic wealth mentality. This program consists of two parts:

  1. The first part takes a conscious part information of how your mind, thoughts and emotions, and the impact they have on economic outcomes in your life. It also helps you identify where you can be having to correct negative programming and teaches you how to develop new mental patterns that allow you to attract money instead of rejecting it.
  2. The second part, which is very powerful , is to bring information to your unconscious part through Therapeutic Waves allowing carry information directly to your unconscious bypassing the conscious which is what makes the trials and removes information is positive if which is not consistent with reality. This is accomplished through Bineurales sine waves and sounds that are used in therapy for brain waves activate and strengthen the learning new information.

This program is carefully designed to program the conscious and unconscious mind to generate a focused mind of Abundance and Prosperity.

DO NOT MISS THE BENEFITS OF YOUR MIND repowering and live a new life with economic wealth and self-imposed limitations and NO SHORTAGE!

To achieve this, knows and uses our:

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Learn the better techniques that enable you to smash through years of negative conditioning. Empowering you for a life of perpetual happiness, abundant wealth, and lifelong success in everything you set your mind to. Using the great power of Law of  Attraction and your Subconscious.

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