Opportunity and Risk Two Intrinsic Factors for Success

Opportunity and risk are intimately related in any human process that leads to success, and this is part not only in what has to do with economic or professional achievements, but in any field of action that affects the quality of life of man. For many people the opportunity goes unnoticed because the risk entails an adventure and for many it´s a warning of problems and difficulties, which translates into their minds in losses, failures and uncertainty.

And this happens particularly in the economic field where the risk of obtaining a result that few have achieved or should be achieved differently than most people do by social conditioning, is a great challenge and a whole headache for a large majority of people.

As we said in previous articles, opportunities usually do not appear by the way that we want, that is, in known ways where we do not have to sacrifice time, effort and money, and see things from a different perspective to the historical moment we live in which many are waiting for the perfect opportunity that never comes to reality, except in the fantasies of their minds.

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It is clear that the risk that take advantage of any opportunity demands the widening of mind, the breakdown of paradigms and growth, since the unknown always develops new abilities in the brain with which the neurons open between them new paths of electrochemical response.

But this does not only happens at the neurological level, but the very life of man is transformed into the process of acquiring new abilities, which enables him to take advantage of new opportunities and even greater challenges.

One of the main causes why people fear the risk and waste or not see the opportunities in life is in the pursuit of perfection or minimize to the maximum the errors that are done, which is a model of thinking implanted for years within the traditional educational system where mistakes are punished and is taught to play in life to the safe, to what everyone does, not to try to venture into new ways of doing things to avoid surprises, losses, discrimination and pain.

Unfortunately that way of thinking may be good for classrooms but not for practical life where lessons do not have correct answers to get out undefeated all or most of the time, but need to develop skills based on previous clear knowledge but more important in the domain of the trial-error process that provides security, confidence and success in the new paths and challenges that open in life.

It can then be said that there is no doubt that there is no risk-free opportunity and that every risk also entails an opportunity, however small it may be. One of the most common cases in everyday life to observe this intrinsic relationship between opportunity and risk is in the pedestrians crossing a busy street of vehicles.

For instance, for people who cross avenues with high vehicular traffic and do not have traffic lights, they must do so by risking their lives by placing in their mind the right moment to pass the road without one or several cars injuring their body or ending their life. It is interesting to note that when a small space is opened between vehicles and people, they quickly pass between vehicles at full speed and reach the other side of the sidewalk, crossing the street, saving their lives but more important even, reaching the goal that they had in their mind to get to another place.

In this simple case of daily life, it seems that everything was very common and very simple, however it is not so, because a single delay or inadvertent stumbling that the pedestrians have to pass an avenue transited by vehicles outside the zebras that protect the traffic lights can mean either an unfortunate accident with life-long consequences such as disability or even more terrible loss of one’s life.

However, this clearly shows the principle of opportunity associated with risk, where opportunity is that space of time and distance between cars and people, which opens for a moment and the risk is to pass in that small space to get to the other side of the street but with the probability of suffering a lamentable or mortal accident.

Although we are not saying here that disobeying traffic recommendations and those of protecting pedestrians is a good thing, the truth is that it develops in the brain the process of observing opportunities, accepting risks, taking action and conquering a predetermined goal in the mind.

In business however, or in matters where money intervenes, the mental stage and the results that many people get is quite different. Since money represents for many the shortage instead of the abundance they try to protect themselves of the losses that since it wants for small that they are they must be given within the learning process of a new business, as for example in the undertakings that today thanks to the opportunities offered by the Information Age are available to those who radically  want to change their economic situation and slavery.

And while the potential risks are not as dangerous as running a car and being injured for life or losing life, many people intuitively see the space of economic opportunity as in the street to cross, but do not dare to run the risk of investing time and money in their future, and learn from the mistakes that are made along the way by crossing the streets of success with them, resulting in frustrated and failed lives.

Like it or not, the moments of life are opportunities in any field where we work and we cannot separate the risks of the opportunities, but rather learn to recognize them, study them and take advantage of them to reach the opportunities, knowing that any risk taken develops or reinforces a skill that leads to new possibilities and new opportunities.

Among the hidden enemies who try to avoid the risks and waste the opportunities are the following:

  • Bad mental programming made by bad media information where tragedies, robberies, murders, famines, etc. are the order of the day for the unprepared listeners, readers or viewers.
  • The bad association with people, whether in the immediate family or social nucleus, where fear, doubt and conformism are accepted and promoted, so that the opportunities that can be achieved are the same for all and those that are socially accepted and proven .
  • The fear, the doubts and dread produced by the mental shortage with which many look at the reality of their lives, where there is not enough for anyone and you have to protect what little you have to take no risks.
  • Blind obedience to Traditional Education provided in traditional teaching centers, where specialization, recognition and promotion through the corporate ladder of a company are seen as the highest professional achievements that a human being can aspire to.

In agreement with this, let’s look at a series of useful recommendations to run the risks and to take advantage of the opportunities:

  • First of all, it is necessary to fight energetically with the bad mental programming that has produced a life with limiting realities. And for this it is best to undertake a program of continuous improvement through the daily or frequent reading of books and resources recommended in personal development.
  • These continuous improvement programs change the dialogues, images, and internal emotions of fear, doubt, and frustration, and prepare the mind to recognize opportunities over obstacles and risks, and act to take advantage of them at the moment they arise.
  • It is good for the brain to get accustomed to take calculated risks although this does not imply having the total security of not making mistakes, because human capacities are limited and there is no perfection.
  • For this you can practice a sport where you have to overcome challenges and obstacles, and see opportunities accepting small risks in time and space such as: canoeing, guided mountaineering, chess, tennis, etc. Although high-risk sports are an option, they can become addictive, which is the opposite side of balancing opportunity and risk.
  • Start a part time Business Opportunity, not only to benefit your personal and family economy, but to take advantage of the immense economic opportunities that now brings the Information Age with low risk.

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