Overcome Fear a Necessary Condition for Success

Overcome Fear a Necessary Condition for SuccessFear or dread appears between the principal blockaders agents of overcoming and success in human beings. And his manifestation can take many forms that affect behavior and the attitudes of a person in his way towards the goals that he chooses.

Every day can occur and indeed often occur circumstances that take out the expected order to mind or at least a tolerable number of events that are not expected to change beyond what we usually have used. And fear suddenly appears when the order of things seems to crack either without notice or they begin to occur situations that show results in things not expected.

As mentioned fear can take many facets in the life of a normal adult and subtly hides behind attitudes as: anxiety, apathy, antipathy, rejection, anger, prevention, prejudice, etc.. It is the task of each learn to know it, locate and banish it their settlements because it is not a good friend or counselor and greatly limits the actions and achievements to be taken and get to live fully.

Fear covers great quantity of experience in mental and emotional world of human beings: fear of heights, fear of the unknown, fear of people, fear of public speaking, fear of men, fear of women, fear animals, fear of the future, fear of death, fear of having a happy relationship, fear of making a commitment, fear of independence, fear of leaving the security of a job, fear of traveling or living in another country, fear of living alone, fear of losing economic capital, fear of personal safety, fear of loneliness, etc..

Of course to feel fear is not all bad and it is for the human brain a survival strategy because otherwise people would do crazy things usually without measuring consequences in simple and logical actions as: crossing a high traffic street without looking at the cars coming, play with fire, leaping, eating food without hygienic habits etc., so ending one’s life and health would be very common.

The problem is that many times the brain does not differentiate between what is life-threatening and that it can be beneficial, but on the condition of accepting a risk and pass a test. And so we must learn to identify the real reasons for an elusive, aggressive behavior or prevented that can derail a conquest and an expected prize.

Fear is also due to the uncertainty of the unknown and this is one of the most common ways to host it on the mind and emotions. And mainly because in real life the man has not an enlarged view of the circumstances that await him and can only perceive small time intervals, so the large set of events that can occur before reaching a certain event or expected is a matter of deep fear that overwhelms the mind of many people.

The fact is that it is not necessary to have control of all the variables that can occur before reaching an expected goal. Since according to our conscious capacity that cannnot serve more than nine variables or pieces of information at a given time, it is impossible. However it is proved by many testimonies of people who have faced great challenges, the most important to take risks in life element is to be clear the goals and dreams when they are moral, legal and ethical. And great faith in the future to have strength in present.

But perhaps the most catastrophic effect that produces fear in people is the ability to produce paralysis in mind and avoid action because the sufferer enters into a state of mental, emotional and physical lethargy and lose intrinsic motivation to tackle the challenges and problems that arise from any angle.

However, the action itself is a great antidote to fear because it greatly reduces it, for fear if not attacked and banished, is nested in the mind and emotions which takes root and grows into the biggest obstacle that a person with a problem unresolved.

Fear is also produced by social pressure and social imitation largely because for many people venture into what most do not know or do not do it results in a whole contradiction that affects mental and emotionally paralyzing their chances to advance and create a new and different future.

It is important to understand that every new result in life comes originally from a different way of thinking, feeling and acting. And if it keep doing the same thing or follow the beaten track for many when the results are not what they are looking to get, is a very bad choice of change life, for fear that accompanies this state of self conformism to do something different as we said, paralyzes, enslaves, frustrated and spoiled all the positive changes and directions that can take life.

The fears and the dreads it is necessary to recognize, attack and to eradicate them because if they do not turn into personal complexes and mental monsters that debilitate and destroy the autoconfidence and the autoesteem generating apathy and depression.

Another great strategy for limiting fear and make a decision to launch the action is to preempt the situation and steps to take lessons and mistakes of others. For this it is advisable to maintain proper a mental diet through daily reading books of Overcoming Self-Help, investment in auto downloadable resources to help break down the barriers imposed or self-imposed and association with successful and extraordinary people who do not simply content to exist and do what the majority does: eat, sleep, work to survive, study, rest and play. But provide significant gains with their ideas, work, fruits and example for personal and social development.

Although fear is a whole obstacle when discussing the steps that lead to success and personal development, is also a useful barrier in cases where fearlessness can be very expensive, as in the case of crossing a depressed sector in the city ​​in which you live in high hours of the night and where thieves abound.

Then since we have said it is a question of establishing where the fear can turn out to be useful and where actually it constitutes a serious impediment to advance.

Here are some useful guides for you to apply in your life and banish the fear that has prevented you from moving forward and succeed:

  • Defines written exactly you want out of life in personal, work and family terms.
  • Accordingly establishes a timeline with these dreams and defines the weekly, monthly and annual goals to achieve.
  • Make a list of your fears to achieve these goals: from natural disasters, failure of people, an attack on your health, bad weather, uncertainty, bad past experiences, etc..
  • Now compare your goals achieved, ie the feeling of having achieved your goals with your fears and fears and decide if it really worth betting your future or give reason to fear and its imaginary misfortunes and bad omens.
  • If your dreams and goals are sufficiently big and important they will defeat any attempt of sabotage on the part of your fears and dreads. And they will keep you focused being employed at the obtaining of your achievements instead of being making it in wasting the time and be kept paralyzed imagining the whole series of catastrophic events that will never happen.
  • Whenever you face an obstacle you grow in wisdom and experience for harder that it is as experience. But focus in the good lessons that this incident left in your life limiting this way the impact of that one that was not agreeable.
  • This will allow that if a similar situation happens in the future you should not react paralyzing , shielding yourself and filling with anxiety before the new experiences that come to your life when the conclusion of the facts could be very different from what happened in the past.
  • No matter how painful it has been an experience in your past, you deserve to be happy and live new experiences of life with very different results than those that occurred in the past. So open your mind and your emotions to a positive life change and remember that the power of decision in your life belongs to your mind and emotions, not the events that occur or have occurred.
  • Practice the power of action in all your goals and businesses. Fear and fear are minimized when you walk in activity and you stay in it.
  • Give your brain a proper mental diet. Self-Help resources and Overcoming books and association with successful and extraordinary people is vital to transcend a dull, fearful and meaningless life.
  • Practice prayer and meditation. Communication with your creator to be “God” is vital to maintain a healthy mental and emotional balance in your life, avoid the fear of the unknown and surrender to a higher power that governs with perfect wisdom that you can not see and can not handle or understand .
  • Practice regular physical activity as an excellent tonic for maintaining a high level of motivation for life and progress. Do not forget that regular exercise produces organic effects highly recommended to develop and maintain a high level of energy in all your activities.

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