Resistance to Change and Adaptability

Resistance to Change and Adaptability

We arrived at one of the most crucial, decisive and delicate topics in the pursuit of success for everyone and perhaps better for the survival of the human race in the physical and biological world of this planet, and the world of work in modern society: Resistance to change and  adaptability .

All living beings that inhabit the earth with us: animals and plants must adapt to constant changes in the environment, many of them demanding and aggressive change for the preservation of life.

However, in both animals and plants change adaptation mainly occurs spontaneously, as organisms internally develop adaptive responses to hostile environments and as a result the species survives and successfully adapt to a new way of life. Otherwise perishe and die.

From this test give proof numerous species of both animals and plants that live in remote sites as deserts, tundra or glacial regions under the most demanding weather conditions and food and still survive thanks to the continuous adaptation of organisms over time.

Instead, in what has to do with human beings the problem of resistance to change and adaptability to new circumstances to survive or live better is a highly complex issue due to it being the most evolved species endowed with reason,  paradigms or permanent models of thought are formed which leads to developing habits that do that these paradigms tend to perpetuate and to resist and eliminate any type of new mental offer in the measure in which the need to change is not anything obligatory or imperious.

Although our body and organism like in the animals it adapts internally of rapid form to the changes of the way: rain, lack of food, cold, heat, etc., it does not happen this way with our brain that it gets use easily to the routines and refuses to change to what already knows, partly for the dread that it causes not to be able to handle well the uncertainty of the unknown thing.

Many persons in fact have problems of adjustment to the change in their daily way to survive, at least we are speaking of trying to live better. And this can be demonstrated in the stress that produce the circumstances of their routine life as: a chief’s change in his work if they are used, to begin an opportunity of business, a simple accident of a son, a traffic jam, certain brand of food does not find the supermarket, an unexpected downpour, a call of a dear being who did not take place in time, etc.

The resistance change is defined as the measure of the ability of negative response to environmental changes and adaptability is the measure of the ability of positive response.

Incredibly adaptability to change is inversely proportional to the age of an individual, while the resistance change varies directly. This means that the older a person is more rigid in their thinking and behavior as a result of many years repeating the same patterns of thought and action learned and / or spoiled, developing habits that in many cases are not the best for survive and even to shape the circumstances in search of a better future.

This is influenced by four factors that influence course responsiveness of people to resistance to change and the management of adaptability:

  1. The traditional education that across its systems of evaluation where the mistakes are penalized develops in the pupils the search of perfection in the practical life, which is a reason of an enormous frustration because in real-life circumstances though probable in many cases, they cannot be predicted by accuracy and if that less to adjust to an obligatory result that does not gives course for changes in the process or at the last moment.
  2. The education of parents and tutors where also in many cases rigid models of thought are taught and it is not allowed try the search of a different result. At this point I do not mean teaching good manners and morals and values ​​so important to the stability of our society, but in cases such as where a father or a mother tells a child, “it is better to play safe and not take risks in life to avoid wasting time and money, money does not grow on trees, if you want things done do it all yourself , you cannot rely upon other people, etc.
  3. The influence of evil companions and friends where the person often does not realize the danger of a deadly poison to their aspirations because of the wiles and jealousy that other people have of someone who does not think like them achieve a worthy and different goal.
  4. The neglect of the majority of people that many of them have a high intellectual or technical training,  have not been formed in the development of a progressive thought of forefront that comes given by the impulse and constant exercise of the brain and the emotions on the part of the courses, books, audios and seminars of Personal Development, Self-help and Overcoming.

In general the education in an individual must include and to spread to more wide, transcendental and important fields that that for regular formation, professional and a half environmental has a person and not to expect to solve all the challenges and situations of the life with information or a majority approach of a specific area of knowledge as: engineering, right, medicine, economy, odontolgy, architecture, master, etc.

It is demonstrated that the human brain tries to solve the new situations that appear to it in agreement with the thoughts and actions realized and relative to a similar topic that one presents in a concrete moment of life, and is here where the specialization of the academic traditional thought does that the persons believe that to solve major problems or challenges into his life in general must go deeply and penetrate increasingly inside his area of particular knowledge.

Of course this is true in part, it what has to do with the rise of a corporate ladder of a company or an academic chair. But inclusive to aspire to major charges as the executives in case of being used, there is needed of a widespread thought that it is capable of taking in consideration social and personal areas  additional to the academic and professional strictly to the benefit of the sustained growth of a company.

For this reason many senior executives and entrepreneurs in this age are enrolled in Human Development courses, listen to leaders of strategic thinking for success, attend retreats or gatherings with people with similar aspirations, read recommended improvement books to reach new achievement levels and understand the need to make decisions together with input from sharp minds who know during the process and that provide fresh material to solve problems and make important decisions in their company and practical life. Principle latter known in the business world as “The Master Mind”.

In addition and according to all the evidence, we will say that in the human resistance to change is inversely proportional to their personal development since the challenges are consciously and unconsciously transformed into opportunities, keeping the focus on what serves a difficult situation or temporary problem adjusting and leverage new resources acquired mental and emotional in order to conquer new and greater heights in the goals.

The following are some tips to become aware of the need to adapt to change without combat but also to see the change as a coach for personal and professional growth:

  • Assume the change as a fact of life that must be used to improve vital areas of development. Especially overflowing emotions that often hinder the willingness to take on the challenges and common problems.
  • Adaptability in response to resistance to change does not mean grudgingly tolerate a bad environment or circumstances tortuous painful for definite or indefinite time. Adaptability is a temporary adjustment to the evidence or circumstances of a changing environment and this enables us to develop and grow in life for better living qualities as patience, perseverance, focus, creativity, loyalty, integrity, etc. .
  • When a difficult event presents in your life whether good or bad  that unbalances your general physical, mental and emotional stability, do not put resistance and repeat mentally this affirmation:: ” All change comes into my life to develop my potential and in that sense I agree and I take it “.
  • Keep your mind focused on the big goals that give you energy for life and do not pay much attention to little things that hinder your good mood as: a traffic jam, an unexpected downpour, someone who did not meet a commitment, etc.
  • Practice a sport of high performance hopefully, because this will increase your resistance to not adapt and make your body, mind and emotions come together to pursue a big goal at all costs.
  • Get train to seize the opportunities that change brings and train your brain with practical education material on topics of personal development as online resources, books, audios, videos and live events, and invest in your mind at least once a frequency of a month in one of these, because these materials will give you the best strategies to successfully face new and unfamiliar situations and recognize the opportunities presented by the changes that life brings, drawing on the experience of winners who have triumphed over adversity.
  • Do not forget that a mind careless and put at the mercy of the oppressive internal and external forces it will increase in you the resistance to change and will not take you to any wished place if what you wish is to conquer new courses or to have a different life to which you have had. Before well, they will produce a high wear in your health in general: mental, physical and emotional.
  • Learn from successful leaders in your particular field of action and mimic the process of adapting to changes, which allowed them to overcome limiting situations and overcome them.
  • Partner with broad minded people who have important goals in life, who are trained and who strive to perform them.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article about the resistance to change and adaptability, know and use the following:

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