Service Culture

Cultura de Servicio

Today as never before in all environments where humans interact with other service culture is necessary. And with this we mean a real sense of delivering the best that is had as a person to help others in a given environment.

The service culture is generally understood as a term relating to a company’s sales and customer service. And although the concept has its origin in the business areas of a company, its meaning and application needs goes far beyond its commercial value for a company’s revenues.

To start in a company for instance service culture should be present in all processes where human resources are involved because it affects the organizational climate and corporate image of the company both internally and externally.

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The service culture is defined as the use of the best strategies of human, technical and technological resources that enables an adequate and growing relationship and integration between all involved stakeholders: individuals, companies and communities. And it parts of four fundamental principles:

1. Doing things the best way possible.

2. To provide a better service than expected.

3. Be consistent between in what one think, say and do and not pretend attitudes or behaviors.

4. Sincerely interested by people to help them.

According to recent studies more than 90% of companies infringed at least three of these premises and more than 98% of people currently violates three or four in their personal and working lives.

For humans in general it is not easy to stay in any of these conditions because it involves regularly moods so according to how a person feels on any given day acts with others and may violate any of these premises.

Nevertheless the most important thing though the perfection does not exist in anybody is better to do the best effort in supporting a balance and aspiring to fulfill these conditions, because not only they make the life more bearable and agreeable in all the aspects but they improve dramatically the communication with the whole environment and creates quality human relationships

Then let´s analyze each of these conditions for the Service Culture:

1. Doing things the best way possible

Aim for continuous improvement as a human being in all aspects is a worthy goal to discover unsuspected inner resources, so the invitation is to do any work or task thinking of developing a skill with it because every labor leaves its fruits, for boring or foreign it be to any particular interest.

This does not imply demanding perfection of itself and others as perfection focuses more on details and not fail, however continuous improvement cares about getting better trying to master any activity.

One of the best recipes when doing things under a continuous improvement approach is to tie the work it´s being done as a step to reach a desired goal. For example a receptionist in a company answers with joy and interest the phone because her goal is that customers, suppliers or contractors obtain information, confidence and security through its service to present and future businesses with the company.

On another level a parent family strives to set a good example to their children in many ways because he wants to give good people who later develop values ​​and contribute to a community or society.

2. To provide a better service than expected

Many people have the habit of giving in according with how they receive in any context or worse give less to win more, which always brings problems and frustrations.

The attitude that have some workers in companies “I do the necessary thing in order that they pay and if they want more then pay more” does not carry very far in terms of trust and promotions.

A responsible chief estimates the sincere effort of a worker and almost all the companies are willing or have methods to compensate the additional efforts that their good employees do. But they will not make it like with whom they go behind the economic rewards without giving a good service.

For customers, suppliers and contractors for example it is very frustrating and exhausting meet employees or managers of a company that does not care for them, do not answer them emails, denied the telephone, delay payments to them, tell them lies, break the commitments, etc.

Such attitudes about want to kneel or manipulate people have a very negative impact on the corporate image of a company that for lack of a better service of their employees lose credit in the market, giving more opportunities for competition and losing sooner or later a considerable participation in the same market.

This is clearly know by big tech companies like Google that have a better quality of customer service expected and which ourselves have seen directly.

Unfortunately not all large companies are aware of this and many, both official and private provide a very poor bureaucratic, uncomfortable and bored service to its customers, contractors and suppliers finally ending its corporate image that once damaged prevents any purpose of growth and expansion.

As for small and medium enterprises this is an aspect that should not be neglected because there is no better recommendation for social objective that serves better than expected.

3. Be consistent between what one think, say and does not pretend attitudes or behaviors

Effective communication as we saw in previous articles is the key to developing human relations based on trust and respect. But this depends upon the level of consistency among what people think, say and do.

Many people understand the concept of consistency and did not apply or no effort to apply it. And as a result their relationships and communication with others is full of contradictory messages that cause mistrust, doubt and hermetic. So these attitudes and behaviors thrown back potential business agreements or commitments and cause social isolation and resistance.

For example we Create Global Future´s team doing outside consulting to companies, we have seen cases of executives of major companies who know of memory an word the mission of their company but at one point they stay badly the whole business showing with bad attitudes to their employees like he attends a client, a supplier or contractor.

Many sellers also for lack of coherence reveal an economic interest before clients without worries about them or attending and solving really their needs, which the client perceives in some moment with a high level of distrust, giving to the fret or finishing with them the commercial relationship.

In personal terms the coherence is the base of any stable relation with itself and with the environment. There is no need to look for the acceptance of other persons proving to be social different, thinking, saying or doing something with what one does not agree.

The coherence departs first from the fact of being accepted to itself and not to sham attitudes or behaviors before others. If the persons, specially those who have healthy values and customs perceive you as someone unworthy and incoherent of confidence they will move away from you and your company will avoid with little probabilities of recovering them. This applies to all the areas of life.

Within the service culture today also influence the processes and technology that can accelerate much, maintain and optimize communication between different areas of operation and management in a company.

Therefore, the best suggestion is to select the best human and technical resources that are directed or aligned toward a common mission, because if there are radical differences among members of the equipment the communication is damaged, processes are slowed or stopped and the result is the failure of the entire organization.

Technology is a very important mean to facilitate the process but if the team fails, it does not use as much to generate credibility and loyalty.

4. Really care about the people to help them

This we might say it is the heart of the service culture and implies leaving of the own thoughts to center in helping others, which is not also easy because in 95 % of the time the brain lives in its own world, challenges and situations. But by means of certain technologies a high place can be done in the way to help others.

Without really care about the others service culture is as simple makeup thar clearly reveals that the main interest is focused on itself and therefore as other people may be thinking the same way nobody gets benefited and whether move away.

The following are some tips to apply the service culture:

  • Be aware that the service culture is part of any successful relationship. It is not get left with nothing to help others and of getting worn out in the process. But to deliver the better thing that is had in order that they all work out benefited.
  • Aspires to continuous improvement and in this sense do the things best to serve others, with the ultimate hope that the other party receives what you want and better than expected.
  • Coherence is absolutely essential in the culture of service. If the personal interests are just great motivators to provide a “good service” counterparty will realize this fallacy and distrust and leave or respond similarly.
  • Apply what you preach and especially when dealing with a company that has a defined mission and its employees or owners take actions contrary against the market.
  • Not to fulfill the commitments is one of the worst letters of introduction of a person or company and shows a terrible culture of service. In case of a person it loses his image and his credibility and a company loses a lot of money in legal battles and damages its corporate image with permanent consequences. Because of it insure yourself of accomplishing with all your commitments.
  • Be curious about others listening sincerely and for this always you are helping someone in your work, family, etc., ask yourself if that person actually received at least what he or she expected and more within a framework of respect and trust.
  • Unfortunately there are people in this world who do not let themselves help for different reasons and negative factors that have occurred in their lives. The idea is to help everyone, but if the service is not valued and instead is rejected simply serve to those are willing to receive it.
  • In your work seek to solve needs that have people in your target market and especially if you work in a commercial area or sales focus your efforts on customer service and satisfaction. Thus all will be benefit personal, economic and material.
  • The service culture is not unique to the different religions in the world. In fact in a material plane and of the world to give to receive is an excellent strategy that multiplies and produces benefits in any sense.

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