Stiffness and Comfort Zone in Adults


The human brain evolves with time and especially after its formative stages until age 25 develops unconsciously stiffness and comfort zone in adults.

The stiffness is defined as the measure of resistance that has an adult to change their paradigms or models of habituated thought that has built through repetition of acts and thoughts, tastes, preferences and vivid emotions. And the comfort zone is the mental limit of every person for life events occured according to their mental models developed and acquired.

It is notable the fact that the inflexibility accents or grows in the person in accordance with the years, so that to major age more resistance to change the old ideas or to modify them and yes to preserve and sticking to old patterns of thinking and actions although bad or limited provide an apparent security in accordance with the results of their experiences.

The subconscious mind that we have defined along several items as “Program of acts and thoughts that performs actions on anyone and that requires follow doing” plays a central role in the development of the rigidity of thought of human beings and the establishment of the comfort zone because it controls human behavior in more than 95% so people inadvertently strongly resist certain types of information and events in their life while they give welcome to others.

However both stiffness and comfort zone are useful when trying to establish good habits and mental models that build and develop the individual. And to protect the individual from risks and dangers in his life.

For example, the principles and moral and ethical values are essential for a society progress and develop and to protect people from the unfortunate consequences that produces a wayward life. Values like: God, family, honest work, education, discipline, honesty, integrity, good relationships, healthy environment, regular physical activity, healthy lifestyle, etc, are not negotiable and must be part of the unconscious structure from an early age so that moral decay does not happen as in so many human beings who are flexible in these core areas of life, change or do not respect them and sooner or later end up in a life mired in personal and family disgrace.

However, in what has to do with mental models of personal and economic development, stiffness and comfort zone often must be questioned and modify as needed, because many times act as unconscious brake before the opportunities that life offers us.

For instance, many persons in the world in full Age of the Information 21st century still bet all their economic future on an employment, a profession and an old-age pension when these old rules of game belong to the Industrial Age that has created and creates the economic stagnation in many lives and families that become attached desperate to these limited models of personal and social development opposite to a changeable and aggressive world in economic terms and that change demands in the mental models to face critical problems as the unemployment, the overcrowding, the social problems, the poverty, the financial illiteracy, etc.

In this case the stiffness is to think that it is the profession and the employment the only and best ways to achieve a better economic future and the comfort zone of  is that one that only admits information that should support these ideas, otherwise it is rejected and rejected.

Another common case of stiffness and comfort zone is when people receive an economic proposal to change their lifestyle and then instead of acting, many resist and debated for a long time in an emotional mental struggle between stiffness and comfort zone, where unfortunately in most cases overcomes the routine work with low income and fear of the unknown that dare to conquer a new economic future for a person or family.

The issue of association with people who drive, stagnate, or destroy is another example of the effect of stiffness and comfort zone in the minds of people. For example people who have similar values prefer attract people who share their way of living and approve their actions and habits.

This is how people who choose a style of healthy and productive life avoid bad influences or do not associate with people that negatively affect their lives. But in turn, those who are not on the side of good and order do the opposite, so anti-socials are associated with each other and create bands of misfits and criminals, addicts relate to others who are the same or worse than them, loafers attract like-minded people, etc.

To change the effects in life comfort zone, the first thing to do is expand the mental and emotional limits that have become unconscious, that is feeding the mind with new information to modify and change the mental models or paradigms it has, as long as these models produce staff stagnation or moral disorder, which is almost always what produces a dissatisfaction with life problems that seem to have no solution.

And for this the most important materials that help make this change aside of the spiritual, are the Human Development, Self Help and Improvement, used on a regular basis of time, because this is the same way as the subconscious mind was programmed to produce unwanted results in the person that although is dissatisfied with their current achievements, is “comfortable” with limited present and resists or becomes increasingly rigid to accommodate new options if the new information it receives do not purge and change with time patterns of thinking that produced stagnation and dissatisfaction.

Over the years it is inevitable that the stiffness does not develop into an adult because his behavior and thoughts are increasingly governed by habits created by his subconscious mind and the answers happen almost automatically severely limiting for any type of progress and new and unknown opportunities.

So that in the measure in which we are opened always for new positive information that constructs and builds us as human beings, so they will be the opportunities we discover and the results that we harvest in a world that keeps the better things for those who develop new eyes to see and to interpret the new secret realities hidden for others.

The following are some important recommendations to prevent stiffness and expand the comfort zone:

  • Become aware that follow the rules imposed by society and the traditional education is good in some respects but not so good in others. As in the case of the old economic ideas that no longer work.
  • Retain stiffness to protect the values and institutions is the task of every responsible person who wants to live in a better world and bequeath the best to other generations.
  • The fundamental values like: God, family, honest work, education, discipline, honesty, integrity, good relationships, healthy environment, regular physical activity, healthy lifestyle, etc, are not negotiable and change them, offers a catastrophic price as seen in many cases of unhappy and destroyed daily lives.
  • If you want to change your financial future and you do not have the materials results you want, you must attack with vigor your old paradigms that have led you to get the lifestyle you do not want.
  • Paradigms as placing all the economic hopes in an employment and a pension without alternating with a part-time activity as a business that can be of multilevel, electronic commerce or others not only it is a conscious or unconscious very risky decision if your work is ended, you have an accident, etc., but sentences your life to many lacks and limitations of having to live with scanty time to enjoy the good things of the life, to work more and not being able to access to material things that at some time you wished for you and your family.
  • Nurture your mind and study daily at least fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Not only knowledge of your profession or regulate economic activity are important, as this causes stiffness, it is necessary to expand the comfort zone with new and exciting information that gives you practical education through recommended topics of Human Development , Finances, Human Relationships, expanding the capabilities and gifts, etc.
  • As we are in the Information Age that officially began in the early nineties of the twentieth century to have a mind with all the answers and closed to opportunities and new rules that require flexibility and adaptability is the safest way to live full of gaps and limitations for a frustrated life.
  • Always expand your comfort zone giving to the brain daily food that rejuvenates and strengthens it, the same way as it is done with the body, giving good food to live and not die. But this information should be positive and that builds, nurture and develop you as a human being.
  • This way your stiffness will decrease more and can embrace change and opportunities with full adaptation reaping results that you ever thought impossible.
  • In this way your stiffness will diminish increasingly and you will be able to receive the change and the opportunities with full adjustment harvesting results that at some time seemed to you be impossible.

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