Strategies for Handling Risk

Strategies for Handling Risk

Risk is implicit in almost all human activity, profession or vocation and daily life represents a real risk to our body and our brain to survive.

Risk is defined as the set of all variables that cannot be known or expected in a given event and for which either there is a probability and a strategy to confront and successfully overcome it, or it will have to face a material or personnel loss that will teach a new lesson through an unknown experience.

Often risk is so big in some situations in life especially unexpected, there is not even a certain way of responding to it and have to rely on intuition, the capacity for abstraction of ideas, spiritual help and experience of a similar event to recognize the road and find a solution.

Risk is part of all the events that occur with physical bodies in space and it is not unique to humans, animals are also exposed to risk and act to survive, plants must also confront it to adapt to changes and even inanimate bodies like rocks , stones, etc . , and celestial bodies are lead to risks according to events that may occur and that affects its stability and evolution according to the physical laws that govern them.

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Basically risk does exist because there are a limited or unlimited number of events that may occur in a given universal situation.

Life itself involves a constant risk because there is always the possibility of damage , alter  and finish it as it may show the accidents that occur daily throughout the world and those who are deliberate or caused by those who do not want the life they lead .

From the point of view of the Improvement and Human Development, the risk is an incredible opportunity to grow and develop as long as the actions taken are not to harm to others or himself.

The risk has a huge influence on human beings as can be mentioned in almost all activities, from going outside and return safely to home, to live another day , interact appropriately and successfully with others to achieve the goals set, etc.

Mainly the risk is implicit in human life in what has to do with the health and preservation of life , human relations and personal and professional activities .

With the health because exist the risks of contracting mortal, incurable and degenerative diseases for action or omission. For example a sedentary person, that is charmed with the flours, eats disorderly, stay up late, consumes alcoholic drinks and smokes, traverses the great risk of dying rapidly and cannot be surprised of that his life expectancy shorten of radical form when diseases appear intensively in his organism as: cancer, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s evil, gout disease, etc.

With human relationships because they represent a challenge and a risk when it comes to establish links of transcendence as establish and maintain a relationship , make a home , lead a harmonious coexistence with family , neighbors , build a business partner with someone, etc.

For example bad relationships and influences always represent a high risk of failure because corrupt healthy habits quickly lead to anarchy and destruction of values and ethical and moral principles and thus ending the life of those who who looked and accepted them .

In personal activities because risk depends largely on knowing how to handle the responsibilities and obligations, and in the professionals because in the economic development of any work activity the risk is is in being able to handle many variables that affect the proper performance of a person as an employee or independent .

As we see the risk is present in varied forms in our lives and we cannot escape of it, rather we should use to win and know how to manage and / or learn new ways of doing things.

Unfortunately for many people there is a desire for perfection which cannot be wrong and when they make the wrong decision on any aspect of their life is a source of deep pain, rejection and guilty conscience rather than learn from mistakes and move towards new goals.

Unfortunately traditional education system teach to fear risks, blunders, and mistakes and instead always seek perfection represented in a particular note .

To some extent find a good performance is fine to increase competitiveness but taken to the extreme causes immense frustration in practical life because things do not happen the same way as in the classrooms of colleges and universities.

In practical life experience usually comes first and then we do not know the lesson , whereupon many are confused and helpless to unexpected changes. And this can happen in any aspect of life, from the loss of a love, a business, a negative action of someone that was not expected, a prolonged delay in delivery, a personal failure, bad weather , etc.

Opposite to the risk there are several behaviors well defined in human beings of agreement with the received education, the social relations that they frequent and their temperament opposite to life.

The aggressive and enterprising persons are less capable to flee of the risk and on the contrary generally they look and accept it to develop as leaders in their field and to increase their skills. This one is the case of all the economic and social leaders about the world that continue always in their way of conquering challenges and of leaving a legacy for the posterity.

The adverse or fearful persons to the risk that flee of it or accept it unwillingly and try to know in advance and to dominate all the variables of a situation to accept it and to take advantage of it, with which they never manage to conquer or to overcome their own borders though they realize that others are doing it.

The too much calmed or indifferent persons who are those that do not recognize the opportunity in the risk and are happy with having a socially accepted performance and live in a personal inertia.

However there is also an extreme addiction to risk in other people that can cause great material , personal damage or can even lead to death losses.

People addicted to gambling cannot see the risk involved losing everything they have or what they have earned in a given time, so that waste or lose everything they win economically sooner or later.

In a risky sport plane many athletes or common people have lost their lives to seek ever greater emotions in high-risk sports such as: skydiving , paragliding , hang-glide , mountaineering , speed, jumping, etc.

The addicts to drugs and the alcohol are we would say the most expert at ignoring the risks of damaging and not to recover, and they happen almost from sequential or automatic form looking for major emotions, hallucinations and sensations going on from the alcohol to the inhaled, injected drugs, tablets, fungi, etc., with which they destroy of irreversible form their powers, their life and their health.

There is another group that while calculate the risk of losing a lot at a certain point , too much risk in not being able to get the prize . For example addicts to buy a cheap lottery ticket steadily knowing there is a chance in 20 million of winning the prize continue with the illusion that one of these days all will change thanks to this attitude.

In case of the aspirants to business entrepreneurs occurs a high risk of desertion for the lack of mental and emotional maturity that have many of them before the challenges and opportunities since they try to win at the first attempt and if this does not result because they presented faults and though the idea works and it is necessary return to begin they remain knocked out and do not return to raise or do not continue insisting.

As we see it is not easy to weigh the risks and act accordingly . This is a very precious skill that can bring man good time on how to interpret the experiences and above all to increase their personal development

Companies by their part possess better tools that persons to face the risks because the majority of them shape an interdisciplinary trained and dynamic equipment that design solutions to traverse controlled risks in the search of new solutions for their target market or to penetrate on another unknown market, but lessening the consequences that  could present on having failed in the attempt. And for this use efficient resources as the studies of risk that involve simulation of events and other tools as market researches, evaluations of satisfaction, etc.

Here are some specific guidelines for managing the risk and continue the path towards the goals and targets :

  • Clearly define what you want of life and it involves four aspects of development or the four areas of action of every human being : spiritual , mental , emotional and physical . Do not do this only using imagination but writing because memory is not a good ally in the long run.
  • Become aware that risk is inherent in the very life and the universe and without it you cannot grow and progress in any aspect of life.
  • One of the best ways to cope and manage the risk is steps ahead of what may happen in situations of daily life through the experiences of others and this you will find it reading and putting into practice information from books or resources of Practice Education and Self Help Improvement and Financial Education.
  • Partnering with entrepreneurs and successful people is critical when achieve new goals in life. Frequent the company of fearful, disorganized , undisciplined and vicious people is the best way of taking a serious risk of failure in many ways. This does not mean that are despised because they are valuable human beings but while they continue in this pattern affect anyone who approaches them
  • Cultivate the spiritual part is highly important for a successful life and especially to manage risks . Constant communication with God is vital to take the risks that our goals and actions require us.
  • In what it has to see with the commercial and business entrepreneurships it is necessary to have or create exits and plans of contingency if things do not go out well. It is not a sensible attitude throw away the towel and to give up because the things did not go out well to the first or second time of trying a project or a business. Search the failures that occurred, learn from them and continue on the road to the proposed objectives.
  • It is healthy to have a tolerance for risk, design strategies and act when we get lead to it, but it is also a harmful and uncontrolled addiction look for more and greater risks. So if this is your case you should seek professional help. Remember that to increase the risks of over-excited form leads to a personal or economic loss that can be permanent or fatal.
  • To take calculated risks you should consider four major variables: knowledge, ability , skill and attitude. And time is important to reinforce with each of these variables before entering the consistent and persistent action to achieve the goals . But in case you cannot for lack of time you should use the bases you have, intuition and common sense while strengthen each of these variables.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “Strategies for Handling Risk”, know and use the following:

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