Strategies for Overcoming Addictions


Overcoming addictions is an ideal for every human being, unfortunately, it is not so easy to do as the mind control that governs and manages them is not a conscious but subconscious or a unconscious process.

Overcoming addictions begins by recognizing although in a conscious manner that it is addicted to any of them, among which there are several examples: alcohol, snuff or cigarette, hallucinogenic drugs, to medical drugs, gambling, sex, food addiction, workaholism, compulsive shopping, pornography, lying, theft, depression, etc.

These are the most common addictions, however any continued behavior that demeans or enslave the human being and affects or affect other becomes an addiction and should be treated before it is too late.

An addiction reflects primarily the loss of the will of a person against an enslaving and destructive behavior. In practical psychology there is a popular saying that says: “there is nothing like a well-suited slave”. However it is very difficult for an addict recognize that he has an addiction problem and they do because they usually have a highly dissatisfied inner desire, need or necessity, which makes always justified to act in a destructive way and he do either against himself or against others.

Addictions are primarily pathological behaviors, and self-destructive habits enslaving either in a short, medium or long term and although start as a matter of adventure, go forward until completely devour its owner. And sooner or later they end up with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of anyone. Addicts if they not receive treatment sooner or later may end in a cemetery, deprived of freedom in a prison, in a mental hospital, in the street as homeless or bedridden suffering from a terminal illness slow or fast.

Therefore addictions are a non-negotiable topic and are very serious issue that can destroy a human life in a matter of time, and as in the case of cancer rehabilitation it can do better if it is diagnose in time. Moreover there are also incentives for contracting a serious addiction and is on the one hand be subject to a continuous insulation, which generates pathological behaviors at psychiatric level and being associated to environments with people who have developed an addiction or frequent symptoms.

The most common cases are associated with: alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, groups of organized criminals, swindlers, gamblers, prostitutes, etc. We must be clear that everyone is vulnerable under pressure and all these addictions usually start because a naive or inexperienced person, teenager or young adult want to impress others entering to the dark world of any addiction and he is associated with sick people: mentally, emotionally and physically thus beginning so a process of support and influence under pressure to initiate a consumption, continue it and executing an antisocial or self-destructive behavior that can lead to a fatal outcome to the new addict who has paid dearly for his daring or naive curiosity.

In mature and older adults the process is not the same as they are much more affirmed in principles and values, if they have, so many are clear that environment and people attend and which to avoid for not getting regrettable consequences.

Now let´s analize the addictive process as happen is a mental and emotional level:

The human mind as it is known is divided into two main parts that are:

Conscious part: that across five senses sight, ear, tact, taste and smell takes recognition of the world and questions or elaborates models and reasonings. His principal function is “to think” and controls the behavior in 5 %.

Subconscious or unconscious part defined as “program of events, thoughts and / or intense emotions that execute actions and force anyone to follow them doing”. Its main function is “to decide” the actions of a person and once you receive a particular program requires to continue the behavior thus generating a serious addiction. The Subconscious for being a program does not question the nature of the acts or thoughts, so it is known as the “Gross Boss” because it does not think but forces.

And it controls the human behavior in 95 % and for this reason it is so difficult that an addiction disappears anytime, because it has turned into an unconscious process and it is necessary from another similar process but in inverse sense to change the mental programming of the affected one and rehabilitate him.

Emotions in general are powerful anchors to fix unconscious behaviors, like for example if a person who has suffered a loving disillusion and it does not have or receives moral support, the surest thing is that appeals or develops an addictive process with the drugs or the alcohol. As well as a person who was deprived of fondness and appreciation in her more tender infancy can develop a such resentment against others that it leads her to committing criminal acts.

This does not mean that everyone who has been subjected to the same circumstances have to operate so, but emotions usually blind the understanding of the vast majority of people in times of great psychological pressure and develop negative unconscious habits that later many have to regret.

The addiction to the game for example is one of the most aggressive where the addict or gambler loses sooner or later everything what him obtained already be small or much, and it goes away to the economic bankruptcy, sacrificing savings, salaries, allowances or business. And this is caused by an emotion of winning taken to the extreme that does not measure consequences because it is implanted in the brain of unconscious form and generates then a compulsion to bet everything he has and not stop.

The addiction to drugs and alcohol can come so much for the negative effect of bad companies as well as of traumas and lacks of affection that the persons have suffered across the life, this without telling that in addition a genetic predisposition should exist.

Of course in addictions which involves chemicals, the effect is accelerated and consolidated as a result of chemical and organic action of the components, as in the case of nicotine for smokers, alcohol for alcoholics and both hallucinogenic drugs as for medical and dependent drug addicts.

Next a series of useful recommendations to treat the addictions in general:

  • Addictions are unconscious processes that cannot finish from one day to another . Rehabilitation and mental reprogramming of the subconscious or unconscious part of the mind is necessary.
  • If there are painful recollections and emotions that generate the conduct there will be necessary to change the interpretation of the facts into the brain. But it is not possible to eliminate them.
  • If you suffer from an addiction you must first of all accept that you have a serious problem that you have to face and seek professional help before it’s too late. See recommended resources.
  • Begin to imagine and visualize a life free of addictions is: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, games, sex, etc. And look at your being as a perfect machine that does not need such external stimuli to feel better. Seek spiritual help.
  • Although we have spoken about the formation and the advance of an addictive pathology to level of the nervous and organic system, also in the addictions remain very committed the need of a spiritual healing with the power of our being  creator  God.
  • A complete treatment for addictions needs to attend four specific parts: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical separately. Learn how to do it through our recommended resources.
  • You must be aware of your immediate environment. What kind of people you frequent and what kind of habits and customs have them ?, if they are sick and are enslaved to any form of addiction are companies that are not going to help. Search association with people who have healthy lifestyles and customs.
  • Do not negotiate your health and your life. Addictions generate very painful consequences and may end your life slowly or quickly. Repeat this step several times mentally: “My life is too valuable to lose miserably” before falling asleep at night and wake up in the morning.
  • If you have problems with the memories of a painful past you must accept it and you can do it through the power of the statements. See recommended resources.
  • In case you are not who suffer an addiction and be a relative since it happens often: children, parents, friends, etc., you can help him or her with professional tools and offering moral support in order that he or she recovers the confidence and believes that he can do it.
  • In the streets of the world there are many poor people who are terminal addicts and who could not recover of their addiction because in their homes they were indicated, judged and despised. And this does not work, it is necessary to accompany the addict in the process and support him. Obviously if already the problem is very advanced it is necessary to isolate him but also it is necessary to accompany him so that he feels that it is not alone and that can do it.
  • One might think that addictions only happen to a few unfortunates who fall into them. But the truth is that anyone who is exposed to the risk factors and does not care about protecting spiritually, mentally and emotionally may fall into the same terrible consequences.
  • The repetition of spoken or written messages is very important for mental reprogramming of anyone and especially for an addict of any kind. So read recommended books and make use of resources that now gives you practical education.
  • There are professional methods to reconnect positive emotions that make the addict to take control of their anxieties and avoid the chances for relapse.

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