Strategies to Increase Creativity

La creatividad

Creativity is definitely the main quality and condition to break habitual patterns in life that limit the results and the right that every human being has to live a quality life and make significant contributions to society.

Creativity requires above all the willingness to innovate, either to improve what already works to bring it to new levels of performance or invent new processes, products or services to meet personal and social needs unmet.

Unfortunately, our modern society has such a level of distractions, established routines and obligations for a normal person’s that creativity is a difficult mental condition to practice and implement frequently.

Every day there are situations that require us to be creative and break established patterns. From simple situations such as crossing a busy street, helping a child with a task, solve challenges at work, to more complex situations such as attending an unknown problem in its entirety at home, business or community, etc.

The problems themselves are like mental fitness machines that stimulate the brain to produce new solutions to complex or trivial problems but  their use or waste depends on the attitude and subconscious mental programming that we have to do.

Although Traditional Education trains the mind for over 12 years with different knowledge in sciences, social sciences and humanities, this places greater emphasis on logical and rational thinking to individual who in turn focused on the left hemisphere of the brain and not in creating new options, as clearly seen  in the thickness of the population who to labor level for example goes out of finishing secondary or professional studies with the zeal to find the safety of an employment first and to promote for a corporate stairs that in establishing his own business and achieving the Economic Independence.

Creativity tends to be associated more with a stand on issues and recognition of the traditional educational system: being a brilliant mathematician, lawyer, engineer, doctor, scientist, etc., or cultural activities such as: artist, writer, etc., but although certainly these are manifestations of creative thinking, this has a broader spectrum and is therefore defined as the way to find new ideas and concrete solutions to common problems trivial or complex in life, and does not apply only to new and revolutionary solutions in the academic or artistic aspect. Accordingly creativity is used daily by simple processes such as finding a new route to get to work and more complex solutions such as finding a new way to produce income for personal or family finances because the current economic needs and desires demand it.

Facing the development of creativity and creative thinking as there are major limitations:

The lack of openness to a new knowledge:

And this occurs mainly in people who merely look at life and all its experiences to filter only according to what they were taught at a time or in accordance with their knowledge and expertise.

Establish a routine mental ideas and concepts:

Many people fall into this category also either voluntarily or involuntarily, since on not having integrated new information that helps them to solve new problems in their practical life it is believed that the solutions will arise only with what is known ignoring the new information that stimulates to seeing solutions across the blind current points of the thought and knowledge.

Require the brain developing new abilities:

It is scientifically proven that every time you learn a new skill set a new path of electrochemical signals through the connection of neurons involved in the process. Therefore when a person does not develop new skills and limits the information that should receive close the possibilities of making a difference through creativity in his life or that of others.

Paralysis by analysis:

This mental pathology is a serious disadvantage to be creative and is the trend in general of the great influence of the educational traditional thought centred on the logic and the analysis that avoids to traverse risks for small that are and to go to the sure things without proving new options.

Just as there are limitations to creativity there are proven methods to develop it and this is especially concerned with the development of the right hemisphere of the brain responsible so that imagination and ideas flow. Some of these methods are:

Find new sources of knowledge:

This involves finding resources to bring new ideas in all fields of interest. Many people think that creativity comes from reinventing the wheel, namely to invent again what is already working in a particular field. And that the only thing that occurs is the loss of time and skills, it is impossible to generate further progress when it cannot profit the leverage that brings the knowledge of previous generations .

Very rarely there can be created new and revolutionary ideas that they do not need from any previous already invented or spread knowledge or that do not need of any mechanism that already works. Though it is true this it happened often in epochs as the renaissance or the beginning of the industrial age. Therefore in this epoch of the Age of Information the most practical thing is to integrate mentally the major quantity of possible information about the topics of interest to improve the flow of new ideas.

Now with technology resources is abundant the information that can be used in many different channels such as: videos, physical or digital books and audios to accelerate understanding of new information and its assimilation in the brain in record time.

However, none of these resources is successful if the user does not have a consistent method of work based on a specific desire or for a defined goal to obtain.

The information read be digital or physical is one of the most important for creativity because it encourages focus and concentration with more effort and less distraction, while exercising the imagination to mentally recreate scenes stories and new ideas. A particularly good reader has the capacity to produce as much and synthesize ideas and concepts faster than those not using this resource frequently. But reading should be done primarily with materials that stimulate ingenuity and positive emotions.

In this case this is found in the Practical Education as we have said throughout various articles is that it consists of information immediately applicable to troubleshoot and own needs and generally applies to issues of Human Development, Self Help and Improvement and Practices Finances. Because it is in these topics apart from the spiritual topics where focus the majority of problems and daily situations that need solution in the life of persons.

However with the advent of all technological resources that brings the digital revolution, many other subjects or academic subjects considered issues of traditional education have been adapted to the general public in Practice Education resources.

The development of an art like music, painting and writing allow and encourage creativity to unleash the imagination and free expression of the right hemisphere of the brain, but simultaneously giving form to a concrete idea that groups and synthesizes the artistic contribution and they liberate partly to the mind of the analytical and rational domain of the left hemisphere of the brain.

Strategy games that force the brain to find new solutions such as chess, billiards, electronic games, etc., also induce the development of creative thinking to meet the challenges of daily life and decisions always considering a greater number of possibilities.

To run calculated risks is also a way to stimulate creative thinking, because if you are familiar with a safe environment the brain makes use of programmed responses without stimulating the imagination and intuition needed to develop new solutions.

Exercise and rest are part of an adequate level of creativity, as a daily routine of exercise causes the heart to pump more blood through the entire body and with it the cells receive more oxygen which in the case of neurons or nerve cells helps transmit nerve impulses more rapidly and with it the flow of ideas increases.

Another benefit of exercise is that by producing endorphins which are hormones of the well-being, body and brain receive a controlled sensation of euphoria to counteract the negative effects of depression or bad mood that prevent the flow of creative ideas under the influence of an oppressive atmosphere.

Rest and relaxation will also do the same for the development and maintenance of creativity. The battery charging is essential for the flow of new ideas and especially not to force the brain to the intensive search of solutions for a complex problem.

For best results in practice and expand the knowledge presented in this article on “Strategies to Increase Creativity,” know and use the following:

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