Strategies to Lose Weight and Improve Self Image

Strategies to Lose Weight and Improve Self Image

Lose weight is one of the greatest health needs and pressing nowadays messy personal care, where the intake of saturated fats, processed ​​food, junk food and sedentary lifestyle in combination with stress wreak havoc on all the world’s populations.

To lose weight you have to keep in mind first of all that health is one of the most precious goods that has the people and the care which must aim and continuously, avoiding the excesses in food and ongoing abuses in food and beverages to prevent catastrophic terminal ills.

The World Health Organization (WHO) today reveals that one in ten people worldwide are obese or have weight gain problems.This statistic is very alarming and dangerous because it amounts to saying that seven million people suffer from this difficult problem, if we consider that the planet earth is now seven billion people and all this population is likely in the short term to suffer diseases and limiting causing obesity.

Health as we have said in other articles is one of the greatest assets of human beings, and is not negotiable, or bought with no money. As has been seen even in the history of big capitalists who could not save or prolong their lives suffering from a terminal illness, even with all the money they had.

Then it should be clear at the outset that health is a serious matter of life and death and abuse, neglect and omissions regarding management and preventive health care concerns are because of shortened life form and accelerated conditions and limitations that will produce a life of suffering and pain continued leading in most cases to an early death.

Losing weight before being a social or personal vanity is a dire need for those unaware that they go through life acting in a flooded enjoy meals and drinks without moderate their appetite, with a low level of physical activity or inactivity, nighters and in many cases with a high consumption of psychoactive substances such as alcohol and social drugs such as snuff.

Although all cases of overweight are not induced, namely caused by neglect and excesses of the people, in some cases respond to endocrine disorders such as thyroid gland that helps regulate cell metabolism and that in case of abnormal operation , unchains an increased adipose tissue or fat tissue whose main function is to retain power in waiting for the body to use it if necessary. Which does not happen and the person remains permanently obese still consuming a frugal diet in calories and saturated fat.

But as these cases are isolated and require strict control of a specialist, in this article we talk common case of overweight produced by neglect and abuse food, low physical activity and unhealthy lifestyles.

Being fit, lean and healthy is a culture that must acquire and practice by yourself and to have a quality life, youth, maturity and old age. And not as in the case for example of some showbiz celebrities and people trying to solve their unhealthy lifestyles with expensive investments in visits to the operating room to have the same or worse after relapse.

Although there are accelerated methods, proven weight loss as we will show in our recommended resources and these serve to reduce size initially, but thereafter each person must develop a method of personal control to avoid falling back into obesity and the consequences this entails for the stability of the health and life.

Overweight is a direct cause of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, arthritis, colon cancer, etc., Which can easily end or shorten a person’s life significantly.

On the other hand the obese person is more prone to depression, as its same state leads to greater social introversion and isolation, which can lead in some cases to discrimination against their environment.

This is necessary primarily to strengthen the self-esteem of obese patients and create in him or her through certain tools a sense of dignity and self-respect (a) to discipline habits into your mind and body and create a figure consistent with such ideals.

These are some tips to maintain a healthy weight and create a quality life:

 Physical level:

1. Take every day from six to eight glasses of water and of preference two to three glasses in the average morning hour before to have breakfast because the water acts like descontaminante organically to begin the day.

2. Avoid excessive consumption of calories present in processed meals, sweets and soft drinks and black. Moderate also use sugar.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol the most, especially those that are made with anise and sugar.

4. Avoid eating at odd times and avoid junk food.

5. Eating a daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

6. Legumes such as beans, lentils and are highly recommended chickpea by the amount of fiber they contain.

The fiber usually is installed in the small intestine and nutrients necessary filtering evacuating waste materials that are not used continuously providing healthy excretion of faeces.

7.Ingerir to whole foods and breakfast cereals provide fiber to the beginning of the day to act on the digestive system on meals.

8. Eating foods that fight abdominal fat (see recommended resource).

9. Daily exercise such as walking for twenty to thirty minutes a day or run and weekends to practice a high performance sports such as athletics, swimming, cycling, skating, etc..

Mental and emotional level :

1. Create a vivid mental picture of the ideal state of regular weight is desired.

2. Read books that teach self improvement set goals and master emotions through practical exercises.

3. Keep in mind that food is necessary to keep the body but not their excesses.

4. Avoid places that constitute a temptation to taste because everyone is vulnerable under pressure.

5. Practicing meditation or conscious rest method (see article) to combat stress and sleep seven to eight hours a day.

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