Solution of PPC Petitions Complaints and Claims

Within the Customer Service area of the companies, there is a division in charge of dealing with the Petitions, Complaints and Claims of the customers and is responsible for generating in large part the loyalty of the target market, causing sales to generate added value by connecting the buyer closely with the products and services offered by the company.

From our own experience, many companies have yielded important positions in the market due to an negelct in this division of the Customer Service area and know that these faults committed with their buyers represent very valuable human and economic losses.

We will start from a series of basic premises that define the importance of taking care of the PPC Petitions, Complaints and Claims of the clients as they represent Read more

Uncertainty Management for Success

Uncertainty Management for Success

The uncertainty forms a part of the human life of a habitual way because we have a limited radius of action, and our mental and physical capacities also it are.

To understand the topic of the uncertainty and his influence in the life of the human being we must send ourselves to exposed in previous articles where we said that according to studies done in USA it is known that  the conscious part of human being, that is to say that one that across five senses: sight, ear, taste, smell and tact catches the stimuli of the way. But that nevertheless only has the aptitude to attend or process seven variables or chunks of information at the same time.

Which means that at any given time can only serve a maximum of seven simultaneous events that are happening around us. How when driving a car, that while talking to someone, you hear music, etc. Read more

The Law of Attraction From a Real and Objective Point of View

The Law of Attraction from a real and objective

Recently there has been much speculation’re on the subject of the law of attraction.

Today there are many self-styled “gurus” of this inner power “law of attraction” to voice their expertise and advice for everyone to exploit and develop this innate ability in all human beings.

But the fact is that this power can be used by anyone with some simple and practical methods and has already had some scientific research that show. And we mean science first as more critical and objective authority not speculative or esoteric because the attraction is predominantly physical phenomenon.

To begin with we will say that everything in our universe is subject to the forces of attraction, from macroscopic bodies, atoms and molecules and even subatomic particles in the microscopic level. Read more