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Time and Money Two Critical Elements for Life Quality

Time and Money Two Critical Elements for a Quality of Life/

Time and money are narrowly related in the life of every human being who lives in a modern society across the mutual exchange of his time with products and / or services for money or in a higher degree when already his money obtains for him quality of time, which is the one that a person enjoys to do what he wishes in legal, moral and ethical terms without having to work for earning a living.

It is clear that other beings that inhabit the universe with us, both animate and inanimate like animals, vegetables do not need money as an instrument of exchange of goods and services as they obey other natural order to live. However they are affected by the passage of time so as ourselves they born, grow, reproduce and die. Read more

Financial Education and a Life Without Economic Hardships


Financial education is a strategic weapon and protection in this time of great change at all levels and especially in economic matters to make money an ally and a reliable worker to provide comfort and tranquility.

Although this we has been said before in a desire of many, have enough financial education to make money a strategic weapon to live a life without economic hardships, in practice very few do it or they get  it along life. And so it is regrettable to see how many people waste their money little or a lot and get to the elderly without enough money to live for at least the commodity basket and almost without health, time and mental faculties to fend for themselves.

The statistic on the economic performance of those between twenty-five and sixty-five years is not at all encouraging: from a hundred people men and women who start working at twenty-five and reach the age of sixty five we have than: Read more

Financial Education and Financial Intelligence

Financial Education and Financial Intelligence

Financial education is a central part of economic survival and progress of everyone. And is the initiation and continuation of sustainable economic mental development known as financial intelligence.

Unfortunately our society gives more importance to the production and excessive consumption of money that financial education and its outcome or skill in practice that is financial intelligence.

Handle or manage money properly is not an easy skill with so many temptations for bad debt, and we refer here to the concept of bad debt as a highly dangerous habit that many people have spending money they do not have, especially with the use of credit cards to purchase items or goods that do not make any return on investment and then end up paying them for a long time to other people or companies. Read more

Financial Education and Techniques to Eliminate Debts

Financial Education and Techniques to Eliminate Debts

Debts are a touchy subject for many painful and reserved, but crucial towards or away from financial freedom and wealth, or at least a decent life and quieter, without anguish of having creditors and collectors that bother and torment our privacy .

The situation today is globally highly worrisome, because a large percentage of people between twenty and sixty years have solvency problems, poor money management and high debt in what is known as level finance debt bad .

Because we live in a consumer society and the actual money is not backed by any assets of value such as happened before when the currencies of the countries were backed by gold, after the administration of U.S. President Richard Nixon in the seventies, money lost its value supported by a pattern of low volatility such as gold and became an Read more