Effective Communication

La Comunicación Eficaz 1

Effective communication is the basis of successful human relations in any environment where man must interact with his peers. And although the term could be understood explicitly in what has to do with the spoken messages, effective communication involves a range of more complex elements.

Effective communication is defined as the correct and responsible use of all elements and channels of communication.This means not sending conflicting or ambiguous messages to a person or group of people who dismissed the image and respect of the issuer.

Effective communication involves four determinants in the transmission and proper assimilation of the messages we give: Read more

Learning Public Speaking for Success a key Requirement

Learning Public Speaking for Success A key requirement

Public speaking professionally is a vital requirement for anyone wishing to excel and advance in today’s world personal, work and social.

And further public speaking is the number one fear of people, even above death in various surveys that have been conducted worldwide.

Effective communication is not just based on using appropriate words or jargon, speak fluently, or believe that because a topic is known enough, then we can convey the message so that the public will interpret what we hear that almost within the same our intellectual framework.

One of the biggest challenges of an issuer or effective communicator who is in front of an audience, we use communication as a whole so that the message reaches the ears of elected receptor leading to cause suitable and desired response . Read more