The Labour Safety one Myth in the Age of Information

The Occupational Safety one Myth in the Age of Information

The labour safety has stopped being in this epoch of the age of the information a great aspiration to turn into a great worry.

Current employees already cannot aspire to the job safety since it was happening in previous epochs where the longing of many was to have long-term employments because in this epoch the majority of labor contracts are to a definite term or of free removal and appointment, since it does not suit for a company to accumulate in his employees a great based load.

On the other hand since it began the great expansion of Internet at the beginning of the nineties, the pension funds received great force and began to invest on markets of variable revenue the voluntary contributions of the workers in the different sectors of the economy that they were aspiring to withdraw in the age of pension agreed by the legislative Read more

The Subconscious Mind as a Center of Self-Esteem

The Subconscious Mind as a Center of Self-Esteem

We wish all and probably better we gasp to feel well with us themselves and with our environment. It is to say we look for a level of personal and permanent satisfaction. And the mental place that can produce such a condition is lodged into our subconscious mind, where one finds the so called self esteem center.

Self-esteem as such is a common feature of all beings endowed with reason and emotions as humans, as less evolved beings as animals have government actions only through its instincts and survival mechanisms.

But in the case of human self-esteem determines the significance of actions in time and the purpose of life for everyone.

Self-esteem as these concepts are defined as mental and emotional perception everyone has of himself and of his personal mission in life. Read more