The New Concept of Business in the Information Age

Negocios en la Era de la Información

Businesses in general have experienced a radical change in the age of information mainly due to the unprecedented expansion of the global information network Internet that has broken boundaries literally everywhere and approached cultures and societies as never before in the history of mankind.

This expansion has had enormous consequences in: businesses, technological development, education, culture, recreation, social relationships, etc. We can say without doubt that thanks to this technological breakthrough the Internet and the use of computers and increasingly sophisticated and powerful communications equipments, the world becomes one virtual society in the Information Age.

Recalling that the Information Age officially starts in the early nineties of the Read more

Practice Education vs. Traditional Education

Practice Education vs. Traditional Education

Education in general is one of the most powerful assets, important and representative for every human being at any level at which they play in society.

Humanity now lives an information overload because knowledge is increasingly leveraged by resource technology, including the information superhighway Internet and plays an invaluable role in the spread of education.

Therefore, if the mid-nineties knowledge information doubled every four years, today we are talking about less than twenty months to find a comparison in the speed with which it handles information these days.

In the industrial era, which officially began between the second half of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, Read more