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Fort Ad Pays stands today in the business niche of PTC (Pay To Click) or pay per click as the company with the opportunity more solid and profitable and of the fastest growing within this vast market of online advertising business. Read more

Investment with Commodities

Investment with Comodities

The investment with derivatives or commodities is a way of acquiring financial assets, which in turn depend on other buying and selling instruments denominated assets underlyings, represented by titles such as value stocks or other instruments as currencies, stock indices, commodities such as oil, metals, wheat, different interest rates, and other additional procedures.

Unlike the daily operations that occur in the commercial market exchange of goods and services where a buyer and seller agree on the exact amount to pay and get at that time, this market stock market investment in derivatives poses trade agreements or terms also immediate, but the transaction itself and the future price will be made or on a different date to the terms of the agreement. Read more

Tips for Choosing a Good Forex Broker

Tips for Choosing a Good Forex Broker

If you want to become a trader in the foreign exchange market or Forex market, it is essential to have an account open and in a company certified and recognized in the medium that provides the operating platform with which it works in real time.

In this article we will look at some important tools that should be considered when selecting a good broker to invest and work in the forex market.

There control agencies that regulate the operation of recognized brokers, for example if you have chosen a broker located in North America, more specifically in the U.S. have the NFA (National Futures Association) mediating on customer complaints investors with regulated firms and Future Trading Commission CFTC regulating trade exchanges and futures market. Read more

Learn to Trade The Forex Market with The Best Membership

Learn to Trade The Forex Market with The Best Membership

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world and involves large banks, central banks, private financial groups, multinationals and governments worldwide.

Daily moves in the Forex market an average of 2.5 trillion, making it the market with greater liquidity worldwide and operates 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

It can be operated in pairs of currencies, commodities, stock indices and shares in companies.

The great advantage of this market is that it operates on the concept of two-way, meaning that at any state of the economy, the trader can win or lose and that means that everything depends on the strategy you use to invest or sell in different pairs currency. Read more