Conditions to Have a Successful Multilevel Business

As we have said in different articles, multilevel businesses are the fastest, most effective and economic way to create wealth and economic freedom. Understanding economic freedom in having a constant passive income and not having to rely on a job or a slave business to live and even more to achieve a different lifestyle to which one are accustomed.

However in multilevel businesses there are a number of very important conditions that should not be overlooked in order to create a lasting business over time, and that guarantee the launch of the networker and its team before starting work or efforts, not to have to face disastrous losses of time and money when these conditions are omitted voluntarily or involuntarily. Read more

Multilevel Business and Compassionate Capitalism

Compassionate Capitalism

Compassionate capitalism is the synthesis of the ideals of communism where the correct distribution of wealth was intended but under the principles of work, taking opportunities and fair economic reward.

Not to give away markets or commodities for family baskets in order to favor a particular electorate as they have mistakenly made great communist dictatorships in the world who keep their people in poverty and mental misery, while their leaders squander wealth, resources and assets that belong to the people and must be placed at their service.

And multilevel business are the ideal vehicle where compassionate capitalism was founded on four principles outlined below and that have changed, change Read more

Leadership in MLM

Liderazgo en el Multinivel

MLM is definitely the XXI century business and leadership is its finest exponent, as in any other activity one is object of influence on so many people to change their lifestyles both economically and personally.

But the leadership in MLM  is a process that goes time, training, experience and practice. And this does that it is not so simple for many new Networkers to be outlined in their business and to create an organization that works of a synchronized way  with the sight and the work in a common aim and because of it in many cases this turns into groups of persons divided and isolated that are kept working to their way with economic scanty results.

First of all leadership as we said in previous articles is defined as the process of identifying opportunities and based on them to guide, nurture and support a group of people through the example in order to produce a combined result Read more

Leadership for Success

Leadership for Success

Leadership is defined as the process of identifying opportunities and based on them to guide, nurture and support a group of people through the example in order to produce an outcome set short, medium and long term in a particular project.

All the human activities where a long-term project is involved there need leaders who are the managers of teaching, promoting, and to duplicate the leadership.

For this reason the leadership touches and affects the most varied activities of man in society. Starting with the family that is in the first instance where the father and mother must exercise responsible leadership in their children.

This process of taking responsibility as to make a home and develop a family life project is then expanded to the creation of social hubs that act as centers of development Read more

Excuses as Impediments to Success

Excuses as Impediments to Success

The excuses appear in the human beings as one of the principal forms of evasion to avoid positive changes in his life and it is one of the principal negative habits that prevent the personal growth and the utilization and development of the opportunities.

And yet, when it comes to making an extra effort to just survive with what they do because although the vast majority of people are willing to do what it takes to make a living with a job or a profession, but very few actually are willing and open physically, mentally and emotionally to meet what is known as the “extra mile” which is to give an extraordinary effort to change your life especially in the economic aspect.

That discomfort caused by the conflict between the need for change,the fear and the autoconformity for other one are born the excuses as dissuasive elements that they ruin, blind and prevent a world of new possibilities to achieve a better Read more

Self Discipline the Habit for Success

Self Discipline the Habit for Success

Discipline is defined as the mental, emotional and physical capacity to fulfill a particular goal or objective. And it is in itself a guarantee of human conquest of all goals.

Every day we are led in ordinary or extraordinary circumstances where discipline is required and testing us to maintain a standard of living or overcome, and meet the personal demands, work, family and social.

The discipline is inculcated and taught to humans from their earliest years. Usually this has to do with getting up in the early hours of the morning, bathing, dressing, eating and going to meet academic activities for a number of hours, come home eat and advance academic duties.

This routine that can last 14 years or more, is the first method that teaches Read more

Making Decisions for Success

Making Decisions for Success

Making decisions requires one of the most important processes and conflicts experienced by human beings throughout their lives. And without this cerebral process it is not possible in any way that the man could live.

Every day the brain is stimulated to make decisions either voluntarily or by pressure for humans to survive and evolve. From so vital or routine actions such as: breathing, eating, sleeping, changing clothes,to wake up at certain times, tying shoes, bathe, get out, take the bus or the car, talking on the phone, exercising, kindle the computer, etc. ., need a well planned decision like whether consciously or unconsciously.

And in major scale processes like them of taking the decisions of a company for a manager or owner or a meeting of partners, of a working place for an employee, of deciding a career or professional activity, to compromise with a stable pair to form a home, Read more

The Subconscious Mind as a Center of Self-Esteem

The Subconscious Mind as a Center of Self-Esteem

We wish all and probably better we gasp to feel well with us themselves and with our environment. It is to say we look for a level of personal and permanent satisfaction. And the mental place that can produce such a condition is lodged into our subconscious mind, where one finds the so called self esteem center.

Self-esteem as such is a common feature of all beings endowed with reason and emotions as humans, as less evolved beings as animals have government actions only through its instincts and survival mechanisms.

But in the case of human self-esteem determines the significance of actions in time and the purpose of life for everyone.

Self-esteem as these concepts are defined as mental and emotional perception everyone has of himself and of his personal mission in life. Read more

Memory an Allied Undisputed for Succeeding

Memory an Allied Undisputed for Success

The memory is largely mental and physical performance in humans. It is defined as the brain’s ability to remember and store events, data, images, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes and textures.

Every day we have a lot of situations that we face and demand a good use of memory.

Remembering names, addresses, messages, locations, dates, reasons or events, etc.. is almost constant evaluation presented in the personal, family, social and work.

The report is part of a complex brain system that associates the hippocampus (area of ​​the cerebral cortex, which is located inside the temporal lobe) with the function to remember recent events where they keep short-term memory, and then send those memories to the cerebral cortex where they are stored in long term memory in a place called the Read more