Headache and Migraine Two Ills which can be Cured

Dolor de cabeza y migraña

Headache and migraine are both two ills or pathologies that more attack the human being and afflict almost continuously and wear physical and mental the health of a vast number of people.

An estimated eleven of every hundred people suffer from migraine or  severe headache continuously, youth and adults from fifteen to fifty-five years. And ninety-eight of every hundred people experience headaches or will experience this problem in their lives.

Medical reasons for this are many, beginning with the frequent consumption of a poor diet, including repeated intake of red meat, saturated fat and flour. And the absence in the diet of fruits and vegetables and a low level of hydration and in many cases with the use of drinks like coffee that are stimulants of the central nervous system but Read more

Strategies to Overcome Depression

Strategies to Overcome Depression

Depression is a disease of the modern world most widely distributed and produced in different societies and cultures.

Especially in the Western world where happiness is sought more from everything outside the human being obtaining: titles, honors, possessions, status, dependence on others, etc.., Depression settles more easily .

According to studies of the World Health Organization (WHO), in the world exist about near to twenty-one millions of persons who suffer this psychological critical problem where the patient loses the sense of live and if not receives help can end in serious vascular-brain diseases, in death or in suicide. For this reason for example, every forty seconds in the world a person takes the decision to take the life from him.

And there are people who use this serious mood to enter the world without return of addictions like: snuff, alcohol, drugs Read more

Aware Reprogramming

Aware Reprogramming

Life offers us every day a good deal of wear and events that require our mental and physical health.

A productive life is a reflection of a firm and adhered to the will of an individual.

Our daily perception of events indicates that the circumstances of men in this world are changing and always offer challenges and unforeseen situations.

Precisely due to this many persons happen for a temporary disorientation and instead of entrenching in a specific purpose in all those to goals and aims it refers, they allow that an apparent conspiracy of events ” should extract them of the game ” leaving those weak intentions that were directing them a certain place and they end up by leaving partially or totally the dreams and many of them are forces to suffer a serious depression
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