Stiffness and Comfort Zone in Adults


The human brain evolves with time and especially after its formative stages until age 25 develops unconsciously stiffness and comfort zone in adults.

The stiffness is defined as the measure of resistance that has an adult to change their paradigms or models of habituated thought that has built through repetition of acts and thoughts, tastes, preferences and vivid emotions. And the comfort zone is the mental limit of every person for life events occured according to their mental models developed and acquired.

It is notable the fact that the inflexibility accents or grows in the person in accordance with the years, so that to major age more resistance to change the old ideas or to modify them and yes to preserve and sticking to old patterns of thinking and actions although bad or limited provide an apparent security in accordance with the results Read more

The Subconscious Mind as a Center of Self-Esteem

The Subconscious Mind as a Center of Self-Esteem

We wish all and probably better we gasp to feel well with us themselves and with our environment. It is to say we look for a level of personal and permanent satisfaction. And the mental place that can produce such a condition is lodged into our subconscious mind, where one finds the so called self esteem center.

Self-esteem as such is a common feature of all beings endowed with reason and emotions as humans, as less evolved beings as animals have government actions only through its instincts and survival mechanisms.

But in the case of human self-esteem determines the significance of actions in time and the purpose of life for everyone.

Self-esteem as these concepts are defined as mental and emotional perception everyone has of himself and of his personal mission in life. Read more

The Law of Attraction From a Real and Objective Point of View

The Law of Attraction from a real and objective

Recently there has been much speculation’re on the subject of the law of attraction.

Today there are many self-styled “gurus” of this inner power “law of attraction” to voice their expertise and advice for everyone to exploit and develop this innate ability in all human beings.

But the fact is that this power can be used by anyone with some simple and practical methods and has already had some scientific research that show. And we mean science first as more critical and objective authority not speculative or esoteric because the attraction is predominantly physical phenomenon.

To begin with we will say that everything in our universe is subject to the forces of attraction, from macroscopic bodies, atoms and molecules and even subatomic particles in the microscopic level. Read more

Aware Reprogramming

Aware Reprogramming

Life offers us every day a good deal of wear and events that require our mental and physical health.

A productive life is a reflection of a firm and adhered to the will of an individual.

Our daily perception of events indicates that the circumstances of men in this world are changing and always offer challenges and unforeseen situations.

Precisely due to this many persons happen for a temporary disorientation and instead of entrenching in a specific purpose in all those to goals and aims it refers, they allow that an apparent conspiracy of events ” should extract them of the game ” leaving those weak intentions that were directing them a certain place and they end up by leaving partially or totally the dreams and many of them are forces to suffer a serious depression
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