Strategies for Handling Risk

Strategies for Handling Risk

Risk is implicit in almost all human activity, profession or vocation and daily life represents a real risk to our body and our brain to survive.

Risk is defined as the set of all variables that cannot be known or expected in a given event and for which either there is a probability and a strategy to confront and successfully overcome it, or it will have to face a material or personnel loss that will teach a new lesson through an unknown experience.

Often risk is so big in some situations in life especially unexpected, there is not even a certain way of responding to it and have to rely on intuition, the capacity for abstraction of ideas, spiritual help and experience of a similar event to recognize the road and find a solution.

Risk is part of all the events that occur with physical bodies in space and it is not unique to humans, animals are also Read more

The Power of Dreams

The Power of Dreams

Dreams are the foundation for anyone in this world can be successful at any level and at any chosen occupation.

But dreams or better yet the power of dream is the best antidote to a medium adverse, conformist and following the social inertia environment.

Dreams from a realistic point provide the power to step in and keep in it. But becoming a trained dreamer, namely an individual who creates mental and emotional models of the goals and then takes action to achieve them is not easy.

Many people want to accomplish things on a deeper level or one more superficial as money, goods, securities, social status, health, life in the beyond, family, stable relationship, etc. But after a while of thinking about it and take some action do not see tangible results, then despair, leave and return to their normal state that are Read more

Patience and Persistence Two Essential Virtues for Success

Patience and Persistence Two Virtues Essential for Success

Patience is a fundamental virtue to achieve any conquest in this world and when coupled with persistence real feats are achieved. But patience is also one of the most difficult virtues to obtain and cultivate, so that almost every human being experiences pain and annoyance when circumstances force him to wait while they still allow him to continue to get the goals and objectives.

Unfortunately too many people confuse patience with complacency, because there are many people who are patient but do not insist on achieving something long enough to get it, but leave aside their goals and dreams because they see that there is a mandatory long-term effort, and then they install in a mental comfort zone settling for what they are accustomed. Read more

Common Sense for Success

Common Sense for Success

The common sense is defined as the practical intuition that the human being has to take rapid decisions from the basic information that contains a certain situation.

Common sense refers to three basic pillars that determine their usefulness: reason, ignorance and experience.

For stranger who looks  all we solve situations of daily life using this quality of mind. And the idea precisely with this mental faculty is to simplify the long and tedious analyses that the brain does on the variables that intervene in a situation and in a determined moment to produce an awaited result.

If common sense does not exist would not be possible to solve everyday situations with speed and agility, but solve simple problems would be quite an odyssey and always lose valuable time to move towards a certain goal, thinking Read more

Gratefulness as Abundance Multiplier

Gratefulness as Abundance Multiplier

The gratefulness for the human being in one of the main causes of a prosperous life and abundant. And the act of thanking is in perfect harmony with universal abundance and spiritual resources, mental, emotional and physical that all human beings have in normal conditions.

But in everyday life the majority of people overlook this healthy practice and unconsciously ignoring most of its gifts and blessings and instead of practicing gratitude at least once a day are dissatisfied with themselves and demand more and more of what they want to achieve and have, without departing from the fact that wealth is already part of their lives for the mere fact of being alive and having all tools spiritual, mental, emotional and physical in full development and also in power.

Thank is not conform for what you have, but of becoming aware of the immensity we have because the skills and gifts are Read more

The Labour Safety one Myth in the Age of Information

The Occupational Safety one Myth in the Age of Information

The labour safety has stopped being in this epoch of the age of the information a great aspiration to turn into a great worry.

Current employees already cannot aspire to the job safety since it was happening in previous epochs where the longing of many was to have long-term employments because in this epoch the majority of labor contracts are to a definite term or of free removal and appointment, since it does not suit for a company to accumulate in his employees a great based load.

On the other hand since it began the great expansion of Internet at the beginning of the nineties, the pension funds received great force and began to invest on markets of variable revenue the voluntary contributions of the workers in the different sectors of the economy that they were aspiring to withdraw in the age of pension agreed by the legislative Read more

Breaking Economic Paradigms in the Information Age

Breaking Economic Paradigms in the Information Age

We live in an epoch without precedents in the history of the humanity as for opportunities of wealth and technological resources it refers. Lamentably in the human beings the economic paradigms exist, as the principal barriers that they suspend, deform and slow down the progress in the persons without they themselves realize of what happens in their minds.

The economic paradigms are mental rigid models of the ideas and experiences repeated and cultivated by the persons where there are combined the effects of the Traditional Education based on economic models of production of the Industrial Age, the second half of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century. Whose consequences come to the present day.

The industrial age was the great causer of the specialization and the Read more

Keys for Developing a Successful MLM Business

Keys to Developing a Successful MLM Business

Mutinivel business are currently the best alternative to create economic independence, security and wealth in a relatively short time but much less than the traditional labor jobs and businesses offline.This owed principally to the multiplication of efforts produced by a group trained and focused in executing a work and a common effort, achieving real economic exploits and of personal and social recognition.

Thanks to the spectacular leverage that nowadays Internet offers with his more than three billion users in the world, number that goes in increase and of the creation of technological equipments increasingly advanced and powerful in computation, telephony, photography and filming, the traditional business of multilevel of buy and sale of physical products, services and massive consumption have had also a radical change in his form of market and contact to clients and members. Read more

The Value of Perseverance

The Value of Perseverance

The perseverance is the foundation that joins an intention firm and defined with a tangible and awaited reality.

So perseverance is defined as continuity or continuous exercise of a particular activity to achieve a goal or a clearly defined goal.

For some perseverance is understood and assimilated to a heavy duty made buy some people struggling with strong will to achieve a goal which is not completely secure or at least partially convinced.

In others  perseverance makes key with discipline leading people to achieve goals and dreams beyond any expected outcome.

The difference between both cases is in the form in which they do the trip toward the achievement of aims. Some that strain voluntarily and heavily due to the managing of the doubt and uncertainty, without knowing if what they are Read more

Achievement or Waste of Opportunities for Success

Achievement or Waste of Opportunities for Success

The vast majority of people in this world want to have success and access to opportunities to progress in life, personal, family and social and especially in the economic field. However the use or waste of opportunities is an exciting fact for some, but tragic and disastrous for others.

Unfortunately for many opportunities in different fields of human and economic action go unnoticed and if they present, the vast majority of them do it in a way that is only visible to those whose minds are trained and prepared to recognize.

The opportunities are not normally the way you expect or desire, or according to our rules and require training and mental effort to recognize and seize them, and not waste them.Additionally always have a share of risk involved and so many people let them go even if they recognize them, because they are afraid to face uncertainty and not having control Read more

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