The Importance of Believing in What We do not See


Believe in what we can not see has always been a challenge to the human nervous system, which is determined to show that what it is detected with the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell is the total reality of what exists. But nothing is further from a logical and objective reality.

The total reality is an infinite number of sense impressions and our brain and nervous system are far from having such power of perception and although we can filter a lot of information both consciously and subconsciously, it is still a very simple approach to the myriad of information and interacting elements in the universe both in time and in space.

Believing in what is unseen is not a dreamer, fanatic, naive, ignorant or fetishistic Read more

The Value of Perseverance

The Value of Perseverance

The perseverance is the foundation that joins an intention firm and defined with a tangible and awaited reality.

So perseverance is defined as continuity or continuous exercise of a particular activity to achieve a goal or a clearly defined goal.

For some perseverance is understood and assimilated to a heavy duty made buy some people struggling with strong will to achieve a goal which is not completely secure or at least partially convinced.

In others  perseverance makes key with discipline leading people to achieve goals and dreams beyond any expected outcome.

The difference between both cases is in the form in which they do the trip toward the achievement of aims. Some that strain voluntarily and heavily due to the managing of the doubt and uncertainty, without knowing if what they are Read more

Excuses as Impediments to Success

Excuses as Impediments to Success

The excuses appear in the human beings as one of the principal forms of evasion to avoid positive changes in his life and it is one of the principal negative habits that prevent the personal growth and the utilization and development of the opportunities.

And yet, when it comes to making an extra effort to just survive with what they do because although the vast majority of people are willing to do what it takes to make a living with a job or a profession, but very few actually are willing and open physically, mentally and emotionally to meet what is known as the “extra mile” which is to give an extraordinary effort to change your life especially in the economic aspect.

That discomfort caused by the conflict between the need for change,the fear and the autoconformity for other one are born the excuses as dissuasive elements that they ruin, blind and prevent a world of new possibilities to achieve a better Read more

Self Discipline the Habit for Success

Self Discipline the Habit for Success

Discipline is defined as the mental, emotional and physical capacity to fulfill a particular goal or objective. And it is in itself a guarantee of human conquest of all goals.

Every day we are led in ordinary or extraordinary circumstances where discipline is required and testing us to maintain a standard of living or overcome, and meet the personal demands, work, family and social.

The discipline is inculcated and taught to humans from their earliest years. Usually this has to do with getting up in the early hours of the morning, bathing, dressing, eating and going to meet academic activities for a number of hours, come home eat and advance academic duties.

This routine that can last 14 years or more, is the first method that teaches Read more

Achievement or Waste of Opportunities for Success

Achievement or Waste of Opportunities for Success

The vast majority of people in this world want to have success and access to opportunities to progress in life, personal, family and social and especially in the economic field. However the use or waste of opportunities is an exciting fact for some, but tragic and disastrous for others.

Unfortunately for many opportunities in different fields of human and economic action go unnoticed and if they present, the vast majority of them do it in a way that is only visible to those whose minds are trained and prepared to recognize.

The opportunities are not normally the way you expect or desire, or according to our rules and require training and mental effort to recognize and seize them, and not waste them.Additionally always have a share of risk involved and so many people let them go even if they recognize them, because they are afraid to face uncertainty and not having control Read more

Resistance to Change and Adaptability

Resistance to Change and Adaptability

We arrived at one of the most crucial, decisive and delicate topics in the pursuit of success for everyone and perhaps better for the survival of the human race in the physical and biological world of this planet, and the world of work in modern society: Resistance to change and  adaptability .

All living beings that inhabit the earth with us: animals and plants must adapt to constant changes in the environment, many of them demanding and aggressive change for the preservation of life.

However, in both animals and plants change adaptation mainly occurs spontaneously, as organisms internally develop adaptive responses to hostile environments and as a result the species survives and successfully adapt to a new way of life. Otherwise perishe and die.

From this test give proof numerous species of both animals and plants that live in remote sites as deserts, tundra or glacial Read more

The Winning Attitude with Past Wrongs

The Winning Attitude with Past Wrongs

One of the most important and complex issues that have human development is to provide efficient and effective methods for handling the errors of the past, those who make a person at different times throughout his life.

Many people are mentally and emotionally blocked for various situations in his past in which intentionally or unintentionally made mistakes and acted as not expected. Whether for a group that waited another result, for another person or themselves.

The situations that lead to this conflict can range from the most diverse classes as a disappointment in love, an academic frustration, loss of opportunities for advancement, have spent much time trying to help someone who did not let, the loss of a business, not being able to help someone in need, etc. Read more

Faith as a Key Element for Success

Faith as a key to success

Faith means many things to different people. Generally associated with religious beliefs, omens and fetishes, but its global significance is much broader as to limit it to certain specific categories.

The Bible in the quote from Hebrews 11 defines faith as best as possible: “The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”.

Unfortunately faith and meaning results in a number of proposals, faith and its meaning gives place to the whole series of offers, some serious as its royal and effective use in a religious beliefs, in the treatment of diseases and in the achievement of aims and goals, but also in superstitions of charlatans who use ignorance and naivety of many people to profit economically and permanently.

Faith  in general is part of what lies beyond our consciousness threshold and perceptiveness. Read more

Coherence and Integrity Basic Values ​​for Success

Coherence and Integrity Basic Values ​​for Success

A vast majority of people in the world like success and would like to have it or achieve it.We have referred in previous articles to success as the progressive realization of a dream or a goal worth. But not everyone understands that true success should be based on non-marketable securities as coherence and integrity and seek in vain to get his way or under its own principles, ignoring or violating these fundamental values ​​better, then having to deal with serious or fatal consequences in its life.

Coherence is the direct relationship of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions, which leads to the definition of integrity that is the exact measure of the correspondence between our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

A child for example has a very direct level of coherence for his thoughts, emotions, words and actions are very similar Read more

Commitment and Focus Necessary Elements for Success

Commitment and Focus Necessary Elements for Success

One of the most outstanding characteristics people who have continued success is that apart from having created so to speak their level of wealth and favorable events, have developed a high level of commitment to achieving their goals and approach necessary for success, does not get distracted with other proposals to get them out of the reach of their goals.

The human being for nature is inclined to relax with the imagination and to be more a friend of the desires and fantasies without foundation and action, that of the landed goals monitored and achieved by means of an action plan that does not give place to premature abandons or retirement.

This happens especially with much of people around the world who seek to be employed or independent alternative ways to achieve revenue, but discovered after his initial enthusiasm that there is need to commit themselves Read more

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