The Importance of an Adequate Mental Diet


Mind like body needs food often but this requires appropriate information that strengthen, nurture and develop to live and to produce abundant fruit, which is known as adequate mental diet.

In our society the concept of mental suitable diet does not exist as such and the persons are left to choose in agreement to their level of education, expectations before life and free will that information serves or does not serve them to develop in a positive, mediocre or negative way as human beings.

The food of the mind is the information coming to it through different channels: pictures, sounds and even sensory impressions such as taste, touch and emotion.

The information problem is that the effect that it provides is more than 95% through subconscious thoughts, intense emotions and repeated acts developing Read more

The Power of Dreams

The Power of Dreams

Dreams are the foundation for anyone in this world can be successful at any level and at any chosen occupation.

But dreams or better yet the power of dream is the best antidote to a medium adverse, conformist and following the social inertia environment.

Dreams from a realistic point provide the power to step in and keep in it. But becoming a trained dreamer, namely an individual who creates mental and emotional models of the goals and then takes action to achieve them is not easy.

Many people want to accomplish things on a deeper level or one more superficial as money, goods, securities, social status, health, life in the beyond, family, stable relationship, etc. But after a while of thinking about it and take some action do not see tangible results, then despair, leave and return to their normal state that are Read more

The Price of Success

The Price of Success

We defined success over several articles such as “the progressive realization of a dream or a goal that is worth,” meaning that while there is steady progress towards achieving something, it is successful. This definition implies a continuous movement in a process of continuous improvement that leads to a specific goal.

But once you achieve the proposed objective you should pursue a new motivation and a new process to run successfully to develop a new dream. This vision of the success proposed and used by big millionaires who have developed very successful business in different professions and human fields of action, particularly for the great businessman of the direct sale multilevel marketer Dexter R. Yager S. who was his first bidder and who has influenced to million lives in the whole world, contrasts Read more

The Importance of Investing in Practice Education

The Importance of Investing in Practice Education

Education in general stands for the human being as the door of knowledge and progress.

However, education is at this time two great currents that guide the whole society.

There are the traditional education, which is what is implemented in the social strucuture since the industrial revolution (late eighteenth and early nineteenth century) and practical education that starts formally from the digital revolution era, when at the end of twentieth century was created the global information network Internet. And with it began to spread throughout cyberspace workshops on subjects that are not taught or not taught at an accelerated way in the traditional cloisters: colleges and universities.

Among the diverse contributions and new materials that are scattered in the network include: information technology and electronic commerce, languages, health, improvement, coaching, NLP, practical finance, business and investment, Read more

Filters for Knowledge and Success

Filters for Knowledge and Success

For human beings there are a number of barriers from natural selection and other imposed and self-imposed known as filters for knowledge and success, or technical way are called filters of perception.

By nature the brain selects primarily of all information received to date, the resources mental and physical enable man to survive in their environment.

We are talking about the mental level of the behaviors and attitudes, and a physical level of material goods a person can buy and get to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and an environment that Protect from inclement time.Namely that we all act in our daily lives with a certain convenience in our thoughts and emotions to get the media and keep them. Read more

The Partnership a Vital Principle for Success

The Partnership a Vital Principle for Success

Partnering with people that lead to success at all levels, is one of the most important principles to consider and adopt any leader in any field where they play: personal, family, social or labor.

It is so important and vital this principle that responsible parents usually have practiced and practiced often with their children, to see what kind of friends are they and what kind of people frequent, or particular and who meet regularly. To avoid bad influences that block or destroy the future of their children.

Today more than ever it is important to become aware of this vital principle not only for children but for ourselves because to spend time with people we stopped on the goals and wear us mentally and emotionally to be the price to pay to regain a healthy life and production is very high. Read more

Use of statements, as Tools to Overcome

Use statements, as Tools to Overcome

Statements are a very important part of human development and improvement.

But like any tool of continuous improvement to provide better quality of life from its frequent use in the human mind, affirmations or declarations need to be properly understood and used.

A statement or objective statement is a sentence that mentally or verbally are said in present tense for a desired event in the life of its user.

Statements reinforce the power of intention in alliance with the universal forces and both will produce a desired result.

However, the vast majority of people underestimate this power because they believe this falls into a land of speculation as to what his many senses detect is real, not otherwise exist or is better not mess with something unknown. Read more

Action the Habit of Winners

Action the Habit of Winners

Action is the key bridge linking the goals proposed in any field of life with reality, and without it no one has ever achieved something worthwhile. The action arises mostly from a strong desire to have a definite goal, but to do so to comply with an obligation not to suffer one or several unfortunate consequences. Yet sustained action follows a comprehensive process as discussed in this article.

Every day we are confronted with situations of various sorts in our personal, social work or test our ability to act and perform the action at the right time and often with resources limited or incomplete for a needed or desired result .

Of course, the constant action is proof of a will that has been trained by conditioned stimuli that can be repeated thoughts and / or intense emotions, so that having clearly Read more

Abundance a Natural Right but a Personal Choice

Abundance a Natural Right but a Personal Choice

Abundance is a universal characteristic constant and unlimited outstanding. The universe in all its manifestations continuously shows: amount of water, electricity, humans, plants, animals, foods, fruits, vegetables, crops, time, space, stars, molecules, atoms, particles, etc.. They are testing a total abundance that knows no bounds.

And on a purely human wealth, we have plenty of talent and intelligence that every person has power and can deliver delivery or to increase their quality of life and help others achieve.

In the human body there are only about 100 trillion cells and every time you look at the cosmos in detail the amounts and elements of life are countless.

In this sense our universe knows no restrictions and always renewing himself, creating the hand of the creator of life and limitless wealth. Read more