The Importance of an Adequate Mental Diet


Mind like body needs food often but this requires appropriate information that strengthen, nurture and develop to live and to produce abundant fruit, which is known as adequate mental diet.

In our society the concept of mental suitable diet does not exist as such and the persons are left to choose in agreement to their level of education, expectations before life and free will that information serves or does not serve them to develop in a positive, mediocre or negative way as human beings.

The food of the mind is the information coming to it through different channels: pictures, sounds and even sensory impressions such as taste, touch and emotion.

The information problem is that the effect that it provides is more than 95% through subconscious thoughts, intense emotions and repeated acts developing Read more

Techniques for Developing and Sanitize Self Esteem

Techniques for Developing and Sanitize Self-Esteem

Self esteem plays a fundamental role in determining the life of every human being. And many of the thoughts and daily actions that we have and do are a reflection of it.

It might think that self esteem is merely an opinion you have of yourself, but the overall concept goes far beyond any mental concept one has of one’s own worth. It has to do necessarily with the development of the four areas of human influence: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Self esteem is primarily a dynamic concept and self-worth that is sustained in these four areas of support which runs our daily lives. And it cannot circumscribe a merely self mentally and/or emotionally concept.
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Belief and Influence for Success

Belief and Influence for Success

Among  the most important factors and that more determine a positive change in the life of a person and a level of increasing and constant success we find the belief and its highly positive effects to transform lives.

Everyone at some point in life we ​​believe in something or someone, and although the connotation that it is done can vary from positive to negative, the belief finally manifests sensory experiences and visible to every human being.

But belief involves defining both the role of thoughts of emotions as influencing in a very deep level the horizon of time and experiences in people.

Accordingly we say that belief is the sum of existing and repeated thoughts about a particular subject and is highly influenced by repeated acts and the more intense emotions are will become anchors purpose for creating events in the visible world.  Read more

The Subconscious Mind as a Center of Self-Esteem

The Subconscious Mind as a Center of Self-Esteem

We wish all and probably better we gasp to feel well with us themselves and with our environment. It is to say we look for a level of personal and permanent satisfaction. And the mental place that can produce such a condition is lodged into our subconscious mind, where one finds the so called self esteem center.

Self-esteem as such is a common feature of all beings endowed with reason and emotions as humans, as less evolved beings as animals have government actions only through its instincts and survival mechanisms.

But in the case of human self-esteem determines the significance of actions in time and the purpose of life for everyone.

Self-esteem as these concepts are defined as mental and emotional perception everyone has of himself and of his personal mission in life. Read more

The Partnership a Vital Principle for Success

The Partnership a Vital Principle for Success

Partnering with people that lead to success at all levels, is one of the most important principles to consider and adopt any leader in any field where they play: personal, family, social or labor.

It is so important and vital this principle that responsible parents usually have practiced and practiced often with their children, to see what kind of friends are they and what kind of people frequent, or particular and who meet regularly. To avoid bad influences that block or destroy the future of their children.

Today more than ever it is important to become aware of this vital principle not only for children but for ourselves because to spend time with people we stopped on the goals and wear us mentally and emotionally to be the price to pay to regain a healthy life and production is very high. Read more

Use of statements, as Tools to Overcome

Use statements, as Tools to Overcome

Statements are a very important part of human development and improvement.

But like any tool of continuous improvement to provide better quality of life from its frequent use in the human mind, affirmations or declarations need to be properly understood and used.

A statement or objective statement is a sentence that mentally or verbally are said in present tense for a desired event in the life of its user.

Statements reinforce the power of intention in alliance with the universal forces and both will produce a desired result.

However, the vast majority of people underestimate this power because they believe this falls into a land of speculation as to what his many senses detect is real, not otherwise exist or is better not mess with something unknown. Read more