Frequently Attitudes Before Defeats and Failures


For humans in dealing with the defeats and failures is generally not a simple or easy matter. Despite all the work that positive thinking can develop in the minds and hearts of those who are tested on their projects and ambitions.

This is mainly due to losses and failures are part of a series of tests in a sometimes uncertain universe since it has an unknown number of possible variants which show weaknesses in people or sudden and unknown changes that seem to stifle the good intentions that they have at any given time.

But those who make an anchor of positive thinking to solve the hard times are far better equipped than those who do not use it because this approach provides greater tranquility and less wear during the process. Read more

Uncertainty Management for Success

Uncertainty Management for Success

The uncertainty forms a part of the human life of a habitual way because we have a limited radius of action, and our mental and physical capacities also it are.

To understand the topic of the uncertainty and his influence in the life of the human being we must send ourselves to exposed in previous articles where we said that according to studies done in USA it is known that  the conscious part of human being, that is to say that one that across five senses: sight, ear, taste, smell and tact catches the stimuli of the way. But that nevertheless only has the aptitude to attend or process seven variables or chunks of information at the same time.

Which means that at any given time can only serve a maximum of seven simultaneous events that are happening around us. How when driving a car, that while talking to someone, you hear music, etc. Read more

Belief and Influence for Success

Belief and Influence for Success

Among  the most important factors and that more determine a positive change in the life of a person and a level of increasing and constant success we find the belief and its highly positive effects to transform lives.

Everyone at some point in life we ​​believe in something or someone, and although the connotation that it is done can vary from positive to negative, the belief finally manifests sensory experiences and visible to every human being.

But belief involves defining both the role of thoughts of emotions as influencing in a very deep level the horizon of time and experiences in people.

Accordingly we say that belief is the sum of existing and repeated thoughts about a particular subject and is highly influenced by repeated acts and the more intense emotions are will become anchors purpose for creating events in the visible world.  Read more

Action the Habit of Winners

Action the Habit of Winners

Action is the key bridge linking the goals proposed in any field of life with reality, and without it no one has ever achieved something worthwhile. The action arises mostly from a strong desire to have a definite goal, but to do so to comply with an obligation not to suffer one or several unfortunate consequences. Yet sustained action follows a comprehensive process as discussed in this article.

Every day we are confronted with situations of various sorts in our personal, social work or test our ability to act and perform the action at the right time and often with resources limited or incomplete for a needed or desired result .

Of course, the constant action is proof of a will that has been trained by conditioned stimuli that can be repeated thoughts and / or intense emotions, so that having clearly Read more

The Law of Attraction From a Real and Objective Point of View

The Law of Attraction from a real and objective

Recently there has been much speculation’re on the subject of the law of attraction.

Today there are many self-styled “gurus” of this inner power “law of attraction” to voice their expertise and advice for everyone to exploit and develop this innate ability in all human beings.

But the fact is that this power can be used by anyone with some simple and practical methods and has already had some scientific research that show. And we mean science first as more critical and objective authority not speculative or esoteric because the attraction is predominantly physical phenomenon.

To begin with we will say that everything in our universe is subject to the forces of attraction, from macroscopic bodies, atoms and molecules and even subatomic particles in the microscopic level. Read more